Ies la mola nerea y paula


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Ies la mola nerea y paula

  1. 1. IES LA MOLA Paula Penalva Soler Nerea Martínez Garrapiso
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION The high school La Mola is in Novelda(Alicante). It consists of three buildings A, B and C, gym, playing fields and playground. Here you can study Secondary Education, “Bachillerato”, Vocational Training courses and P.C.P.I.
  3. 3. BUILDING A It is the oldest building and it was built in 1967. On the ground floor there is the staff room, the library, the classrooms of 2nd ESO, the toilets, the Headmistress office, the secretary’s offices, the careers adviser room and one of the Computers rooms. On the first floor there are the classrooms of 1st ESO and 2nd ESO.
  4. 4. BUILDING B It was built in 1979. It has two entrances , both with ground floor and first floor. It has Science laboratory classroom and Chemistry and Physic laboratory. There are the classrooms for 3rd ESO, 4th ESO, 1st and 2nd of Humanities and Science Bachillerato and the classroom for Vocational Training studies.
  5. 5. BUILDING C It was built in the 95-96 course, when the centre was remodelled. On the ground floor there is the caretaker’s office, the so called “Aula Magna”, “Aula de Usos Múltiples”, two Technology classrooms and the Arts classroom. On the first floor there are two Computer classrooms, two Music classrooms, the other Arts classroom, some specific classrooms for smaller groups and the Diversification classroom. This building has a lift.
  6. 6. BUILDING D  This is the most recent building.  It was built about two years ago next to the gym.  It only has two little classrooms.
  7. 7. GREEN AREAS AND GYM Activities related with P.E., Audiovisual Communication, Environ mental Education, Gardening practices of P.C.PI. and many extra-curricular activities are carried out in the green areas The gym was built in the 95-96 course. At the same time the changing rooms were built and the sportsfields were remodelled.
  8. 8. NOWADAYS The students of “La Mola” are from Novelda (86%) and from La Romana (14%). There are also students from different schools and from a wider geographic area. In its totality, there are students from 17 different nationalities. Since the 04-05 course, the centre shares its facilities with the Official Languages School of Elda in evening time. They teach French, German and English.