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  • 1. IES LA MOLA
  • 2. Introduction The IES La Mola is inNovelda. The HighSchool has got threepavilions: A, B and C;the gym, Athleticstracks, and theplayground. Thepavilions B and C like
  • 3. Building A It’s the oldest and it was built in 1967. During that year, it was part of the high school “La Asunción”of Elche and in 1968 of the high school “Azorín” of Elda. In 1974 the high school ceased to belong to the high school “Azorín” and it became an independent centre: National Institute of Bachillerato. It had his first repairs in the 73-74 course.
  • 4. Building B It was built in 1979. Thepavilion has got two halls, bothwith ground floor and first floor.Nowadays there arelaboratories of Sciences andPhysics and Chemistry on theground floor and classrooms
  • 5. Building C It was built in the 95-96 course, whenthe complete renovation of the Centre wasdone. The pavilion has got ground floorand first floor. On the ground floor there isthe caretaker office, the so called “AulaMagna”, a multipurpose classroom,Technology workshop classrooms, an Artsclassroom and the departments ofTechnology, Arts and Drawing, English,and Maths. On the first floor there are two
  • 6. Gym It was built in the 95-96 course, like thepavilion C, next to theAthletics tracks, and theDressing rooms, whichwere already built.
  • 7. Parkland These spaces have got aneducational purpose.Activities related with somesubjects like: PE,Audiovisual Communication,Environmental Education,Gardening Practices of PCPI
  • 8. Its situation nowadays The IES la Mola is in Novelda. In thecentre there are students of Novelda(86%) and La Romana (14%). Theproportion of the other students isn’tsignificative. At Secondary Education the IES LaMola has got, students from three publicschools of Novelda: “Sánchez Albornoz”,“Jesús Navarro”, “Gómez Navarro” andthe school of La Romana “SagradosCorazones”. In total there are studentsof seventeen nacionalities. Students inThe bachelorship, Training courses andPCPI come from different schools and
  • 9. Educational offerEducational levels:• Secondary Education Timetable: (from 1st to 4th of It the morning, the ESO and two courses of PDC. timetable is divided in• Bachelorship. seven teaching periods of• Vocational Training 55 minutes, every day courses. (7:55-15:00) except on Intermediate degree Wednesdays, when the on commerce. Higher level degree on students of ESO and Business and second of Bachelorship Marketing. have got five teaching Elementary vocational training courses: PCPI periods, and the students • Operations and data of first of bachelorship,
  • 10. Head of departments SUBJECT TEACHER Music Josep LluísArts Concepción Almendros Sepulcre Martínez Vicente Religious Pedro GarcíaNatural Sciences Concepción Education Amorós Segura Candela Technology Manuel MontoyaPhysical Manuel López IzquierdoEducation Botella Information Ana María PeláezPhilosophy Raimundo Fenoll Tecnology Prieto Pellín Economy José Antonio SáezPhysics and Dorotea Martí RodríguezChemistry Botella Trade and Juan AntonioFrench Pilar Lluch Cruz Marketing Fernández MartínezGeography and Teresa Martínez English Mónica PalaciosHistory Uribelarrea MazuelaGreek Nélida Mas Valencian Carmen Torregrosa Sánchez
  • 11. COORDINAT ORSSecondary Enrique LinaresEducation GarcíaComputers Concepciónclassrooms Amorós DavóTIC Fº Manuel
  • 12. THEEND