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"Mobile JS Frameworks" presentation from C# Corner Istanbul's 'Tizen,Mobile Linux and JS Development Day' seminar on 16th of Feb

"Mobile JS Frameworks" presentation from C# Corner Istanbul's 'Tizen,Mobile Linux and JS Development Day' seminar on 16th of Feb



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Mobile JS Frameworks Mobile JS Frameworks Presentation Transcript

  • Agenda Introduction • Mobile Apps • Native vs Hybrid vs Mobile Web • Platforms/Stores • App Builders • PhoneGap JS Frameworks • Jquery Mobile • iUI JS Demo • jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller Smartface • Smartface Pros • Smartface Cons
  • What is a ‘Mobile App’ ? Mobile apps are software programs you can download and access directly using your phone or tablet « Mobile App -> Software that runs on your mobile device »
  • Native vs Hybrid vs Mobile Web  Native : Platform-based Programming Language,UI & libraries  Hybrid : Native-based HTML/JS mobile web apps.  Mobile Web : Websites that run responsive on mobile devices
  • Responsive Design
  • What is ‘Hybrid’ ?  What are mobile web applications? • Increasingly popular way to deliver content and business applications to mobile devices • Alternative to developing native mobile apps • Run on any OS, desktop, tablet, smartphone • Easy to develop using standard web technologies and frameworks • Advances in HTML, CSS and JavaScript allow for shifting more functionality to the browser, providing richer user experience and better performance • Easy to maintain and easy roll out of upgrades
  • Limitations of Hybrid  Browsers do not typically have access to advanced functions of a device, like GPS, camera, address book...  Web apps are often slower than native apps  Mobile web apps require permanent Internet connection  Using offline web application caching and platforms like PhoneGap, Titanium, etc. provides ways to address these limitations
  • Platforms & Marketplaces • iOS – iTunes Store • Android – Google Play • Blackberry – AppWorld • Windows Phone & Windows 8 – Windows Store • Tizen – Tizen Store
  • App Builders  Easy to use, No Coding skill required    TheAppBuilder  MobinCube  ShoutEm
  • PhoneGap  or Standalone  Apache Cordova  Packaging in the Cloud  Github Support
  • jQuery Mobile and iUI’s Cons jQuery Mobile iUI • Page Transitions • Documentation • Large JS Files • No Native Support • Canvas Animations
  • jQuery Mobile and iUI’s Pros jQuery Mobile • Familiarity with jQuery • Design & Layout iUI • iOS UI
  • jQuery Mobile • Touch-optimized JavaScript framework for smartphones & tablets • Built on jQuery and jQuery UI foundation • Unified user interface system across all popular mobile platforms • Responsive design techniques allow the same underlying codebase to automatically scale from smartphone to tablet and desktop-sized screens • AJAX-based navigation system to enable animated page transitions while maintaining back button
  • Differences between jQuery and jQuery Mobile • jQuery: Library that makes it easier to write JavaScript through selectors • jQuery Mobile: Framework built on top of jQuery Used by developers to build mobile interfaces Coding is done using plain HTML markup for the most part jQuery Mobile automatically applies styles and add functionality to widgets
  • ThemeRoller for jQuery Mobile • Customizable user interface • Built-in theming framework • ThemeRoller application
  • Supported Platforms 3-level graded platform support system, supported platforms include: • Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) • Android • Windows Phone • Blackberry
  • iUI – iOS User Interface
  • “ jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller Demo ”
  • Smartface
  • Smartface Pros             WYSIWYG design editor JavaScript code editor On Device Emulator Memory Management Network Components Wizards Ready to Use Libraries (Animation, Security…) Single Code Based Testing On Device Debugging Solving Device Specific Problems New OS Updates doesnt cause Fragmentation Problems Plug-In JavaScript Power  Customized JS Engine inside  Certified by Symantec  NATIVE and Cross-Platform
  • Smartface Cons  No game, no utilities  Some apps need more knowledge  Mac and Linux support  Dependency
  • Questions?
  • “ Thanks for coming! ”