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Greece Vocab Slideshow

  1. 1. Greece Vocabulary #1 Minoans- 1st Greeks, lived on Crete, trade economy & wrote in Linear B King Minos-King of Minoans Had a palace at Knossos
  2. 2. • Colonies-Greece creates colonies because of a lack of fertile land • Frescoes-paintings on wet plaster • Knossos Palace-built on a hill, had running water, on island of Crete • Bull Jumping-Athletic/Religious ritual of Minoan Men
  3. 3. • Mycenaeans-main land Greece, warlike people, tribe-chief : clan-warrior • Balkan Peninsula-Greece resides on Balkan Peninsula – includes Peloponnesus • Peloponnesus Peninsula-hand like, lower part of Greece – a Spartan Polis • Polis-city-state, fort+city+lands+small farms surrounding it • Agora – market &meeting place • Acropolis-hill on Greek polis. Fort+Temples at top
  4. 4. • Terracing-cutting layers into hills to create farmland • Monarchy-ruled by one leader like a king or queen • Aristocracy-ruled by “the best” or nobles • Oligarchy-ruled by the few • Tyranny-ruled by a leader who illegally takes power • Democracy-ruled by the people Athens stages = MAOTD
  5. 5. • Draco-harsh laws “Draconian Laws” Solon-no slavery for debt, -jury of peers • Cleisthenes-reforms Athens to gain more power -made Athens more democratic • Helots-peasants/slaves in Sparta-forced to Stay on land and work • Hoplites-standing armies that could afford their own weapons, foot soldier
  6. 6. • Myths-stories w/gods to help explain nature, human condition, unexplained • Oracles-ways in which gods converse with humans • Zeus- King of the gods-father • Hera-Queen of the gods-mother
  7. 7. • Athena-goddess of war – Athens • Artemis-goddess of hunting, moon • Apollo-god of music, poetry and light • Aphrodite-goddess of love
  8. 8. Homer-blind poet, 700s bce, 2 epics Iliad & Odyssey Iliad-Trojan war horse – Myceneans vs. Trojans Odyssey-Adventure of Odysseus to get home to wife Persian Wars – Persians vs. (Athens & Sparta)-Greeks win • Phalanx-Soldiers standing side by side w/ spear & shield – most powerful fighting formation in Ancient wars • Battle of Marathon-Greeks vs. Persians, Greeks win battle, Pheidippides runs 26 mi. from Marathon to Athens to tell news, Greece victorious – defend Athens: this battle gives Greeks hope of beating Persians • • • •
  9. 9. • Battle of Thermopylae-300 Spartans vs. Persians • Battle of Salamis-Persian ships had difficulty in the straits – Greeks defend the strait w/ships with battering rams-Greeks attacked and sank 1/3 Persian ships • Peloponnesian War-Sparta vs. Athens – Sparta wins • Delian League-Created by Athens - small city-states • Peloponnesian League-Sparta leads w/ small city states • Pericles-great leader of Athens during Golden Agedied of the plague in Athens during the Peloponnesian War • Golden Age – Great time of achievement & prosperity-Arts & Science
  10. 10. Greece Vocab #2 Columns • Doric Ionic Corinthian
  11. 11. • Parthenon-temple built on acropolis to honor Athena-built by Pericles w/Delian league $ • Phidias-sculptor - built statue of Athena, Zeus @temple of Olympia
  12. 12. Philosophy • Socrates-Socratic methodquestion everything-do what is right and consequences shouldn’t matter, put to death for corrupting youth & going against gods, drinking Hemlock • Plato-(student of Socrates) wrote down his teachings The Republic-describes a perfect society, founds the Acadamy • Aristotle-taught Alexander the Great, wrote Ethics & Poetics, starts his own school in Athens, categorizes things in science
  13. 13. Math • Pathagoras - Pathagorean Theroum A2+B2=C2 • Euclid-Father of Geometry, Elements-earliest known discussion of geometry Science • Archimedes-Calculate Pi, Water Screw (pump) used in irrigation, compound pulley • Hippocrates-Father of Medical Science – Hippocratic Oath-rules and practices doctors should follow
  14. 14. History • Herodotus – Father of History, traveled and wrote first hand accounts Primary vs. Secondary • Thucydides – writes “History of Peloponnesian War”-believes in circular history
  15. 15. Drama • Aeschyclus-Tragedies (80+ plays) Oresteiaabout Agamemnon’s family during Trojan war • Sophocles – Oedipus Rex (the King) – tragedy Considered the most influential writers in Greece. • Euripides tragedy – writes Trojan Women about heroes in a realistic way; shows ugly side of war. Medea about revenge
  16. 16. • Phillip II of Macedon-held captive in Thebes, goes back home. Takes over Greece except Sparta. • Alexander the Great – Phillip’s son – takes over & increases empire to Indus River – spreads Hellenism • Hellenism- Greek + Asian culture – spread throughout Alexander’s Empire