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Ielts listening



A short presentation on what to expect from the IELTS listening module, and how to get a good

A short presentation on what to expect from the IELTS listening module, and how to get a good



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Ielts listening Presentation Transcript

  • 1.
    The Listening Module
  • 2. The Exam Environment
    The exam room looks like this:
    ** Don’t worry, the examiners are very friendly, and they speak as if you are coming straight out of Mars.
  • 3. The Exam Paper
    The exam paper looks like this: (Scary, isn’t it?)
    Well, it’s just a stapler, not an alligator!
    Similarly, the exam just seems scary. It’s not really scary 
  • 4. 30 minutes to do it all….
    You will have 30 minutes to listen to conversations, and answer questions about them.
    There are four sections of the test. Each with a different conversation style!
  • 5. And 10 minutes to transfer your answers!
    You don’t get any marks if you fail to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. But this is a provision only available in the Listening Module. Be ready to submit your answers in the other three modules straight away, no extra time is given there!
  • 6. A small tape recorder…
    Yes, no individual head phones, don’t get your hopes up! A small audio player is placed in the front of the class and everyone listens from it.
  • 7. It’s a one way road
    There is no repetition to the conversation being played. If you miss the answer to a question, you miss it. Go ahead and listen for the next question’s answer!
  • 8. 30 seconds
    You get 30 seconds to look at questions and 30 seconds to review your answers. This happens for each section.
  • 9. This is how a section looks like
    But don’t be too hopeful, the first one is an example, you’ll have to do all the questions yourself!
  • 10. The Answer…
    The confusion…
    This is how it goes…
  • 11. Do’s and Don’ts
    If the answer is supposed to be ‘2’, just write 2.
    You can write Emily or EMILY, both are correct.
    You can write alternative answers separated by a ‘/’ (slash). For example, together/ jointly.
    If it says ‘No more than three words’, don’t use more than three words! While ‘Brown leather jacket’ is correct, ‘Jacket of brown leather’ is not!
    Just write the necessary word. For example, to complete ‘in the ….’, you just write ‘evening’, and not ‘in the evening’.
  • 12. More Do’s and Don’ts
    Both US and UK spellings are correct. You can use either.
    Correct spelling is required! You lose marks if you can’t spell your answer right. Names etc are usually spelled in the conversation.
    All formats for writing dates etc are acceptable.
    All standard abbreviations are acceptable. For example, ASAP.
  • 13. Need some help?