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Vb102 banking administration_synopsis


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  • 1. SYNOPSIS Banking AdministrationABOUT THE BANK The concerned bank serves in savings, current, fixed andrecurring deposits. With the increase of the customers andinvestments in the bank, the bank needs to be computerized toprovide better service to their customers.ABOUT THE PROJECT The bank offers the following four deposits: • Savings Account • Current Account • Recurring Deposit We aim at automating the transactions and maintaining of therelated informations of the four deposits and we also aim atintroducing ATM facility for the bank for providing better service to thecustomers.SAVINGS ACCOUNT Under this module the savings account of the customers arehandled. Interest will be calculated and the board of directors decidesthe rate. The tasks implemented here are: • Create new accounts for customers
  • 2. • Enter the deposit, withdrawal i.e., transaction and retrieval information • Edit any customer information • Calculated interest • Generate daily reports, particular account number’s report, report of transaction between the two dates etc.CURRENT ACCOUNT Under this model current accounting is handled. No interest isawarded here. The tasks implemented here are: • Create new accounts for customers • Enter the deposit, withdraw i.e., transaction and retrieval information • Edit new customer information • Generate daily reports, particular account the two dates etc.RECURRING DEPOSIT Under this module only recurring deposit comes. There will beinterest for which the board of directors will decide the rate. In thisthe customer for which he/she didn’t pay the installments correctlyshould pay a penalty. The board of directors will fix this penalty rate. In this interface the user in charge will be able to: • Create new recurring deposits • Enter the information of customer, the deposit • Edit any customer information • Calculate interest
  • 3. Hardware RequirementsProcessor : Pentium IV Intel Dual Core 2.0GHz and AboveMemory : 1GB RAMDisplay Unit : 15” Color MonitorKeyboard : IBM PC CompatibleMouse : IBM PC CompatibleSoftware RequirementsOperating System : Windows XP with service pack 2 or above Windows VistaDeveloping Tool : Visual Basic 2005 Express edition or above With Sql Server compact edition Visual Basic 2008 Express edition or above With Sql Server compact editionDatabase : Microsoft Sql Server
  • 4. Synopsis Project : Apartment Management SystemDescription : The main aim of the project is to provide utility tomaintain day to day operations of apartments. This software help themto store all transactions electronically in a system, which in turn saveslot time, money and energy.Background : This project is developed for a reputed constructioncompany in the city. This company built many apartments in this cityand they have a plan to construct many other apartments in the city.Presently they maintain all records manually, to keep track of sales,receipts, installments, maintenance etc., The company is constructingmany apartments every year, now it is very difficult to manage all thedata manually, also if some information is required urgently then toobtain this is very difficult. To solve this problem now they are lookingfor better alternative solution.Proposed System : To manage all the transactions we proposedherewith a software solution which will take care all the necessarytransactions. On implementation of this software it will help them inmany ways. The present system will have the following modules. a. Apartment details b. Block Details c. Individual Apartment Details d. Apartment Owner Details
  • 5. e. Apartment Allotment Details f. Installment Receipts g. Monthly Maintenance expenses h. Monthly Maintenance bill generation i. Monthly Maintenance receipt j. ReportsScope : This project will help the builder to manage day to daytransactions very easily. By making it as a general project we can sellthis project to many builders.
  • 6. Hardware and Software requirementHardware RequirementProcessor : Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or moreRAM : 1 GB or MoreHarddisk : 80GB or moreMonitor : 15” CRT, or LCD monitorKeyboard : Normal or MultimediaMouse : Compatible mouseSoftware RequirementFront End : Visual Basic 2005 Express edition With Sql Server Compact Edition Microsoft SDK 2.0 Or Visual Basic 2008 Express edition With Sql Server Compact Edition Microsoft SDK 3.0Back End : MS Sql ServerOperation System : Windows XP with server pack 2 Or Windows Vista