Online classified buy_or_sell_synopsis


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Online classified buy_or_sell_synopsis

  1. 1. Online Classified Buy Or SellAbstractThis document fully and formally describes the requirements of the proposed saidproject system. It sets out the functional and non-functional requirements andincludes a description of the user interface and documentation and trainingrequirements.IntroductionOnline Buy or Sell system is to provide an option to customers to buy or sell theproduct online and to check the confirmation online. This system will help the peopleto sell or buy the products online. We know there thousand of items are laying withpeople without using it. This online site provide an option to sell their products online.Apart from this small segment manufacturer can also get the benefit from this onlinesite.
  2. 2. Existing SystemPeople depend on the print advertisement to sell their product. Print Advertising iscostly. Most of the time the product it self is not valued for that price. Thereforepeople can’t able to sell their products. They require easy media where they can selltheir products.Proposed SystemThe proposed system will available online. So anybody who are interested in sell orbuy the product can easily login to the site. And they can make transaction. It is placewhere buyer and seller can meet.
  3. 3. Hardware RequirementsPentium III 400MHz and Above128MB RAM15” Color MonitorKeyboardMouseSoftware RequirementsWindows 2000/XP Operating System.Visual InderdevAspMS AccessInternet ExplorerIIS 5.0
  4. 4. FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION: The problem under study is being divided into several modules/functionsdiscussed below to understand the approach to the solution in the broaderway:Main Page / Index Page : This is the first page of the site. This page havelinks to other html pages. The main linking pages are About us. How to Buy,How to Sell, Disclaimer etc., Apart from this login link is provided throughwhich customer can able to login.Customer Login Screen : From this screen customer can login. If he/she isnew customer then they can signup as new customer and complete signupform.Customer Option Main Page : after login customer comes to this pagewhere all the possible options with links must be give. The options are sellproduct, buy product, view orders etc.,New Product Registration – Sell Product : After login customer can selectthis option to sell his product. In this page customer enters all the details ofthe product with category. Main fields are category, Product name, Price Etc.,Register Item Result screen – Sell Product : After registering the newproduct this screen appears. If the registration is proper then it showsmessage that product registered properly. If they interested register anotherproduct using link they can do so.List registered products – Sell Product : It shows all the registeredproducts of the customer. The option must provide to delete the products.Place an order to the product – buy product : Here customer can searchfor the product. The search must provided based on the category. Firstcategory screen will appear when they selected this option.Product Listing Screen – buy product : After selecting the Productcategory. The complete registered products under this category will bedisplayed here. Proper column must be maintained for easy access.
  5. 5. Product Selected Result Screen – buy product : After Select the productthis shows the result that product selected. Again they can search the productsoption is provided here to search the products. The other option to view thecard also provided here.View Cart Screen – buy product : This screen shows all the productsselected for buying. Customer can have a choice to select or deselect theproducts. Confirm option is provided here to confirm.Confirm Order Screen – buy product : This screen gives the messagesaying that order is confirmed.Order Received Form : From this screen customer can see the products forwhich order is placed from the other buyers. An option is provided to see thebuyer details.Buyer Information Details screen : In this screen seller can see thecomplete address of the buyer, who placed the order for this seller.