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ICAP and Standards Implementation

ICAP and Standards Implementation



Presentation from SIEPON Seminar on 20 April in Czech Republic, sponsored by IEEE-SA & CAG. Opinions presented by the speakers in this presentation are their own, and not necessarily those of their ...

Presentation from SIEPON Seminar on 20 April in Czech Republic, sponsored by IEEE-SA & CAG. Opinions presented by the speakers in this presentation are their own, and not necessarily those of their employers or of IEEE.



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    ICAP and Standards Implementation ICAP and Standards Implementation Presentation Transcript

    • ICAP and Standards Implementation Peter Lefkin Director, ICAP IEEE P1904.1™ SIEPON Seminar Prague, Czech Republic 20 April 201220  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 1
    • Testing Videos…. • IKEA Product Testing - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP9PZYjVwU o&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PLB4 3793B19036AC8F • North Face Product Testing - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjZs1FlDypM 20  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 2
    • IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP) • Standard Development Organizations (SDOs) are typically primarily focused on the development of standards…NOT IEEE! – Once established, SDOs periodically review and update the standard based on need – Publication and/or sale of standard is typically the end of SDO involvement – Application and usage becomes a business decision of the end user community • Conformity assessment is the accepted way of demonstrating that a product adheres to a standard • Assessments may take various forms, ranging from self- declaration to independent third party testing • Demand drivers are needed for a successful program – Vendors wishing to demonstrate compliance, Service Providers (or large purchasers) demanding a certification in order to procure 20  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 3
    • About ICAPEncompass all aspects of Conformity Assessment – Self Declaration, 3rd Party Assessment/Testing, Interoperability (via events or plugfests, etc.)Understanding ICAP Global ServicesIEEE Conformity Assessment Turnkey CertificationProgram (ICAP) provides necessary Managementvenue for testing & conformity Trademark & Registry Authorityassessment programsCertification Authority focused Test Suite & Specificationon full testing spectrum for IEEE- Developerrelated standards Benchmarking & PerformanceNOT a TEST LAB… ICAP Testing Supportstrategically aligns with expert test Conformity Alliance Supportlabs to provide the best level ofconformance & certification support Self-Validation Suites20  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 4
    • ICAP Relationship with IEEE/IEEE-SA/IEEE-ISTO IEEE Industry Standard  IEEE & Technology  Organization (ISTO) IEEE  Affiliation IEEE Conformity  IEEE Computer  IEEE Standards  Communications  Assessment  Society Association Society Program (ICAP) Working Groups Future IEEE 1588 C37.118 P1904.1 Program Test Lab 1 Test Lab 2 Test Lab 3 Future Standards Standards Standards Test Lab 1 Test Lab 2 Test Lab 3 Future IEEE-ISTO: A not-for-profit membership organization that supports the development and proper implementation of industry standards and facilitates the activities required to drive their market acceptance ICAP: Provides programs and industry support that help bridge those standards development activities with the conformity assessment activities that accelerate market acceptance and enablement of new products and technologies20  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 5
    • ICAP Completes the IEEE‐SA Business/Standards Lifecycle 20  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 6
    • ICAP ActivitiesConformance and Interoperability Testing• Certification Authority• Trademark, Licensing & Legal Framework• Policy & Procedures Development• Test Lab Facilitation (Based on ISO/IEC 17025)• IEEE Certification Mark & Product Registry• Program Development and Design• Marketing and Brand Awareness20  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 7
    • Certification Program Roles and Responsibilities Program Participants Purpose Working  k •Drive the test specs & documentation Group/Alliance  •Support standard testing & Regulatory  •Support market development Authorities •Certification Body • Accredit Labs and Process Administrator  Certification Testing ICAP •Operational Support • Product Registry Host •Marketing/Brand Awareness Test Labs ‐ Global /  •Conduct Product Tests as requested Regional  •Maintain testing integrity per entity 20  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 8
    • Conformity Assessment Deliverables• Four deliverables awarded to successful Certificate vendors 1588 Certification Official statement of certification, serves as proof of compliance• Designed to promote in product sheets, Certification Logo presentations, websites, press releases, product launches Instant recognition of certified companies and products• Allows vendors to respond to RFPs with Test Report certified compliant products Full description of test parameters, procedures and results• Provides assurance of compliance Certification Registry On-line listing of certified companies and products 20  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 9
    • Average Timeline – 2 to 3 years:Standard – > Test Specs - > Program Launch 1 – 2 Years 6 months – 1 Year 6 months+ Conformity  Assessment  Test  Program  Specifications  Launch Developed Standard  Approved Standard  Develops 20  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 10
    • Sample Engagement Process • Working group or an Alliance may develop testsStep 1 • Submits tests to the IEEE Conformity Assessment Program • ICAP pools resources and appropriate test labs & manages the testing processStep 2 • Vendors contact IEEE Conformity Assessment Program to receive certificationStep 3 • ICAP arranges testing with one or more of the geographically capable test labsStep 4 • Vendor delivers equipment to test labStep 5 • Test labs submits test results to ICAPStep 6 • ICAP  determines conformance & issues certificates based on test results; if collective test results are Step 7 inconclusive/ambiguous, ICAP issues a request to WG/Alliance to modify test spec to remove ambiguity 20  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 11
    • ICAP Engagement Models (Customizable)Working Group Certification Process1. IEEE Std. completed2. Test Specification submitted to ICAP3. ICAP distributes test spec to selected labs4. Vendor submits equipment to one of the selected labs for testing5. Lab submits test report to ICAP6. ICAP issues a certificate, grants logo usage rights, and adds device to a registry 20  April 2012 Piscataway, NJ 12 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 12
    • Alliance Model Mission Model Members • The IEEE 1588 Conformity  • Build Alliance around  Founding Members Alliance  currently focuses  Standard’s applications on providing the  • Driven by Industry as well as  several IEEE working group  telecommunication &  members power industries with a   • Industry recognized ‐ timing & sync product  Committee of Experts provides  certification mark.   additional level of integrity to  • The goal is to provide  test specs, documents and  Industry a forum to  overall certification Committee of Experts develop IEEE 1588  • Develop test requirement  certification tests and  documents, test case  templates, test setup  testing‐related profiles documents • Market demand will  • Formal review processes to  dictate the next vertical in  ensure highest integrity of test  the IEEE 1588 space that  suite ICAP will support. • End goal: Certification, Marking   & Marketing of conformant  products 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 13
    • Demand Drivers and One Size Does Not Fit All… • Programs are dependent upon technology, market, participants, etc. • Demand drivers are needed for successful program to be realized. • Vendors wishing to demonstrate compliance, Service Providers (or large purchasers) demanding a certification in order to procure, Government as a demand driver (regulations, or reference in RFPs, etc.) • Not all standards will be appropriate for testing/certification One Size Does Not Fit All… • Self-Assertion • Third-party Testing – With or without Test Suites • Interoperability Testing – With or without 3rd party verification (public/private) – To improve development • Reference Software (product and stds) – For Testing – For branding – To bootstrap Development 20  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 14
    • ICAP Goals to Support Standards Implementation • Establish self funded conformity assessment “programs” to complement IEEE Standards • Strengthen and expand IEEE’s role in “post- standards” activities. • Increase IEEE WG consideration of test and conformity assessment during development • Realize a future with thousands of “IEEE Certified” products in the marketplace – IEEE Certified Product Registry – Develop value in an IEEE Certification Mark 20  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 15
    • Contact Details Contact Us Peter Lefkin peter.lefkin@ieee‐isto.org Director, ICAP Ravi Subramaniam ravi.subramaniam@ieee‐isto.org Technical Director, ICAP Lloyd Green lloyd.green@ieee‐isto.org Marketing Director, ICAP 20  April 2012 IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 16