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Blbc Without

  1. 1. PRESENTATION TITLE Presentation Presented by Trevor Otts
  2. 2. Presentation Title
  3. 3. Presentation Title Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 Line 6
  4. 4. Presentation Title What Is Important About Having Good Credit? Equifax, Experian and TransUnion Understanding My Credit Welcome to Better Life Better Credit How do I use Better Life Better Credit
  5. 5. HAVING GOOD CREDIT TO ME? Presented by Person Name
  6. 6. Presentation Title They are 3 major credit reporting bureaus in the U.S. They are NOT Government agencies!. They are for PROFIT operations!
  7. 7. Presentation Title GATHERS information about how consumers use Credit COLLECTS Information about your financial activities. SELLS that Information!!!
  8. 8. Presentation Title
  9. 9. Presentation Title One “permissible” purpose is to SELL YOUR INFORMATION to companies looking to send out credit or other offers.
  10. 10. Presentation Title Let’s see an Classic example…
  11. 11. Presentation Title 1. A major credit card company wants to promote a new credit card.
  12. 12. Presentation Title 2. They contact the bureaus and deliver a profile of the kind of person they think will be interested.
  13. 13. Presentation Title This profile includes…
  14. 14. Presentation Title 3. The credit bureau then searches throuh their records who matches that profile.
  15. 15. Presentation Title An offer is mailed to you or someone calls you on the phone at diner time.
  16. 16. Presentation Title And YES it’s one of the ways credit bureaus thief make money.
  17. 17. MY CREDIT Presented by Person Name
  18. 18. Presentation Title Is a number lenders use to help decide if a borrower is credit worthy. Is a snapshot of your credit risk at a particular point in time.
  19. 19. Presentation Title Scores are calculated based on your credit record of on time repayment history. These scores are calculated and maintained by the three major credit reporting bureaus. Experian 330 – 830 Equifax 300 - 850 TransUnion 300 - 850
  20. 20. Presentation Title 475 to 600 • equals poor credit. 600 to 639 • equals below average credit. 640 to 720 • equals average credit. 720 to 800 • equals excellent credit.
  21. 21. Presentation Title Let US help YOU get the credit YOU DESERVE…
  22. 22. Presentation Title CREDIT SCORE CREDIT RATING Represents a picture of all the Is an evaluation of just one credit credit/trade lines you have in your line or trade line. credit profile. EXAMPLES Your Equifax Credit Score may be You may have a visa card from 640, this means that Equifax has your bank and the bureaus may evaluated all of the credit /trade rate just that one trade or credit lines on their report and they have line. created an overall score.
  23. 23. Presentation Title Uses a single letter single number marker to rate an individual’s credit/trade lines. The numbers used in the credit rating system range from 1-9.
  24. 24. Presentation Title The first letter of the credit rating system represents the following: M • represents a mortgage trade line which typically indicates a home loan • represents a revolving trade line meaning that the R monthly payment may change on the monthly basis depending on the amount of the credit used I • represents an installment trade line meaning that the monthly payment stays the same month. O • represents other/miscellaneous trade lines.
  25. 25. Presentation Title Is an account listed on a credit report. Each separate account is a different trade line. Is another term for a Line of Credit.
  26. 26. Presentation Title My Equifax Credit Score Is: __________ My Experian Credit Score Is: __________ My TransUnion Credit Score Is: __________
  27. 27. Presentation Title I need __________ points on my Equifax Credit Profile to obtain average credit and __________ points to get a great credit. I need __________ points on my Experian Credit Profile to obtain average credit and __________ points to get a great credit. I need __________ points on my TransUnion Credit Profile to obtain average credit and __________ points to get a great credit. I need a total of __________ points across the 3 credit reporting bureaus to obtain average credit and a total of __________ points to obtain great credit.
  28. 28. Presentation Title My goal is to have average credit in __________ to __________ months thus allowing me to be able to purchase a home or a car. My goal is to have great credit in __________ to __________ months allowing me not only to purchase a house or a car but allowing me to have a great interest rate and a LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT. This will allow me to qualify for high end high limits credit cards.
  29. 29. BETTER LIFE BETTER CREDIT Presented by Person Name
  30. 30. Presentation Title First, Go to
  31. 31. Presentation Title Second, Click inside the white box next to the word login and enter your first and last name with no spaces in all lower case letters.
  32. 32. Presentation Title Third, click inside the white box next to password and enter your social security number with no dashes as your password (213468725 and then click on the button that says submit.
  33. 33. Presentation Title Fourth, when you login you will see a page similar to the one below. Then double click on the word Result Tracker.
  34. 34. Presentation Title Equifax
  35. 35. BETTER LIFE BETTER CREDIT Presented by Person Name
  36. 36. Presentation Title
  37. 37. BETTER LIFE BETTER CREDIT Presented by Person Name
  38. 38. Presentation Title In order for us to effectively restore your credit, there will be a few things that you have to do to assist us throughout the process.
  39. 39. Presentation Title Driver’s License. Social Security Card or a proof of your social security number. Two bills with YOUR CURRENT Address Voided Check. Your Credit Report. We will furnish you with a BLBC receipt.
  40. 40. Presentation Title You will receive several letters in the mail from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax upon completion of your enrollment. We will need the ORIGINAL COPIES in order to effectively restore your credit. You have 72 hours from the day you receive these documents to bring them into our office. Failure to bring in these documents will hinder the effectiveness of your credit restoration.
  41. 41. Presentation Title There is a one time analysis fee of ONLY $250.00 to enroll into Better Life Better Credit. You will also be charged a monthly fee of $69.99 until your credit is restored. General completion time is three to eight months to restore challenged credit. RECEIPT OF INFORMATION: I, _________________________acknowledge that I have received the information necessary for me to enroll in the credit intervention program. Signature:__________________ Date:__________________ Signature:__________________
  42. 42. Presentation Title Let US help YOU have a Better Life…
  43. 43. Through having a BETTER CREDIT. Presented by Person Name