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  • 1. Pre-Production Planning
  • 2. Establishing Interview InterviewShot/panorama of teacher (one teacher (oneIsland School ( 45 minute) close minute)seconds to one up shot midshot (aminute) with music (background of differentplaying and possibly island school background ofmaybe even a voice visible- green island school-note narrating what screen) green screen)the project is about transition transition* Teachers will sit onchairs Story Board transition Interview teacher (one Credits ( 10 minute) seconds) Change to Put music another background via green screen Change back
  • 3. ResponsibilitiesTanya will edit the movieI will be the cinematographer and set up the set.
  • 4. LocationSince this video is for potential Island School students I decided that it would be a good idea to showcase the school a bit therefore there will be establishing shots of the green area, the swimming pool and the school as a whole. However, the interviewing will take place in a drama room.
  • 5. Locations to showcase
  • 6. In the previous slide you can see that mostly high angle-shots and panoramic shots are used. So, I think I will shoot the beginning (establishing shot) using high-angle shots, wide shots and panoramic shots. These shots positively showcases the school therefore are good shots to use in the video.
  • 7. However, the actual interviews have to take place in a room and in my opinion the best room/(s) to film the interviews would be the drama rooms. I think this because they have a good lighting system and they were obviously built to have performances taking place in them.
  • 8. ApprovalI have approval to shoot in a drama room, and around the school.
  • 9. Props and EquiptmentTripod- schoolVideo Camera- either mine or Tanya’sChair- schoolLighting- schoolExternal Microphone- I will bring one inGreen screen- school
  • 10. Contingency PlanningSince we have a lot of time; if the weather does not permit us to film on a certain day, we can film when the weather is good. (To showcase the school)Since we are filming the interviews indoors the weather should not be a problem, and we can carry on shooting! However, if the drama rooms are not free, we can film in a regular class room or even film after school if we cant during break time.