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What is New for Microsoft BI in 2013


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This presentation covers highlights of all the new BI enhancements across the Office 2013, SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server 2012 SP1 product releases. It also covers November 2012 announcements from …

This presentation covers highlights of all the new BI enhancements across the Office 2013, SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server 2012 SP1 product releases. It also covers November 2012 announcements from both the PASS Summit and SharePoint Conference.

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  • 1. What’s New for BI in Office 2013,SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server 2012 SP1By: Jen Underwood, Microsoft
  • 2. Agenda Recent Announcements Office 2013 BI and Office 365 SharePoint 2013 BI  Excel Services  Visio Services  PerformancePoint Services SQL Server 2012 SP1 BI  Reporting Services  Power View  Analysis Services
  • 3. PASS and SharePoint Conference 2012BI Announcements Released  Office, Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 RTM  SQL Server SP1 RTM released Coming Soon  HDInsight (Big Data, Unstructured Data) CTP  100% Apache compatible Hadoop distribution, supported by Microsoft  Available on Windows Server or as an Windows Azure service  DAXMD Power View on SSAS multidimensional CTP  Mobile BI Native Apps for iPad and Windows 8 Private CTP  GeoFlow Data Visualization CTP  Visual Studio 2012 SQL Server Data Tools for BI RTM
  • 4. PASS and SharePoint Conference 2012BI Announcements Other Futures and vNext  Hekaton in-memory OLTP on existing databases offers 10-50x performance improvements  Update-able column store index  PDW v2 arriving in H1 CY2013  Polybase distributed queries across big data (unstructured) with structured data as a SQL statement without moving the data  MPP with database scale up to 5 Petabytes  Columnstore index
  • 5. Excel
  • 6. Excel 2013 Access• • Share Clean • • •• Visualize Mash-up• Explore•
  • 7. Excel 2013 Excel Data Model (PowerPivot 3.0)  xVelocity in-memory engine is now natively integrated  Advanced PowerPivot add-in is optional  Model automatically gets created behind the scenes Excel and PowerPivot now have a single Field List Recommends charts, pivot tables and other tasks
  • 8. Excel 2013 Optional PowerPivot add-in for advanced modeling  Filter data when importing  Rename tables and columns as you import data in PowerPivot  Manage the model and create relationships with Diagram View  Apply formatting for Power View and PivotTable reports  Define calculated fields and advanced DAX calculations  Define key performance indicators (KPIs)  Create user-defined hierarchies  Define perspectives New Data Discovery with Suggested Related Data
  • 9. Excel 2013Data Discovery withSuggested Related Data
  • 10. Excel 2013 Power View natively integrated External and cloud data sources  Easy web services, data feed, and XML data imports  OData, REST and JSON (mash ups) Quick Analysis and data cleansing with Flash Fill Quick Explore for slice/dice data analysis
  • 11. Excel 2013Mobile supportWindows, iOS, Android, andother mobile devicesQuick ExploreEnhanced visual, browser baseddata explorationEdit Pivot ChartNew pivot chart browser editingshows pivot field lists and allowschanging reports
  • 12. Excel 2013Free Excel Interactive View available at
  • 13. Excel 2013 New Excel controls for self-service BI governance, controls and monitoring Discovery and Risk Assessment Spreadsheet Inquire Spreadsheet Compare Database Compare
  • 14. Office Apps “Agaves” iFrames within an Office app Client JavaScript libraries for Office Manifest + JS + Office App = App for Office Deployment options  File Share  App Catalog via SharePoint or Office 365  Marketplace
  • 15. Office Apps “Agaves”
  • 16. Office Apps “Agaves”
  • 17. Excel 2013GeoFlow add-in for data visualization
  • 18. A lot of Excel demos…
  • 19. Office 365 (O365) New Excel PowerPivot and Power View in O365  No longer limited to basic Excel and pivot table reports  Currently limited to files up to 10MB  No data refresh or on premise data connectivity  BCS, oData and web service data sources supported Mobile device web browser friendly  Excel Services and Visio Service “touch optimized across Windows, iOS and Android Native SharePoint “lightweight” mobile app  Displays SharePoint social and feeds  Followed doc libraries, people and conversations
  • 20. SharePoint 2013 BI PerformancePoint Services  Filter Search  Themes and branding  EffectiveUserName improvements with Analysis Services  Improved deployment packaging Excel Services  Mobile “touch” friendly across Windows, iPad and Android  No longer “static”, Quick Explore and Show Field list allow Excel Services reports to be interactive and edited in web browser  EffectiveUserName improvements with Analysis Services  Named Object View (NOV) publishing
  • 21. SharePoint 2013 BIVisio ServicesMobile “touch” friendly acrossWindows, iPadand AndroidNo more Silverlight, data drivendiagrams and strategy maps are nowmobile friendlyAnnotations, co-editing andCommentingAdditional data sources includingBCS and SQL Azure
  • 22. SQL Server 2012 SP1 BI Reporting Services  New mobile viewing on Windows and iOS iPad tablets  Report Manager features are not available on iOS  Report editing is not supported on mobile devices
  • 23. Mobile BI Native Apps Native iPad and Windows Tablet Apps Excel and Power View (v1) Additional details coming in H1 CY13
  • 24. Mobile BI Native Apps
  • 25. Power View
  • 26. Power View New Power View features with SQL Server 2012 SP1  Geospatial mapping  Pie and cross filtered Charts  Hierarchies  KPIs  Branding and themes  Background images
  • 27. DAXMD Power View on Multidimensional Not in SQL Server 2012 SP1 Public CTP coming soon SSAS Multidimensional  Exposes Tabular metadata  Supports DAX queries natively  URL attribute for images for Power View display  Not supported: named sets, actions and cell level security
  • 28. More demos…
  • 29. Resources Microsoft BI Official Blog Microsoft BI Official Web Site Data Platform Insider SSAS and PowerPivot My Website and Blog