Unlimited Data Visualizations


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This session covers how to develop unlimited data-driven, data visualizations with Visio 2010, Visio Services and SharePoint 2010. It digs into the basics and also how to use the Visio Web Part connectivity features for interactive visualizations.

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Unlimited Data Visualizations

  1. 1. Unlimited Data Visualizations Visio Services in SharePoint 2010 Jen Underwood Data Platform Technology Specialist
  2. 2. Information Overload Spreadsheets Scorecards IM/chat Newspapers Financial reports Meetings Documents Email Portals Slide decks Business books Webcasts RSS feeds Presentations Project plans Intranet Blogs Dashboards Magazines Analytic Television reports applications Internet Charts and graphs2
  3. 3. A HISTORY OF DIAGRAMMING Storing Moving Copying Sharing Creating Real-time 15K BC 4K BC 1843 & 1975Diagrams on Diagrams Diagrams sent over 2010 big rocks on paper distances Hmm…. You are here! 8K BC 1450 1990s+ Diagrams on Easy Diagrams small rocks copying made easy!
  4. 4. Data + Diagram helps to solve the problem ofinformation overload Data + Diagram helps: • Put information in context making it more meaningful • Identify trends and Data overlaid exceptions at a glance on diagram • Make quick and better decisions!Visio 2010 diagrams can be connected to multiple data sources including Microsoft® Excel®, Access®, SQL Server®, SharePoint® Services, or any OLEDB (Object Linking and Embedding Database) or ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) data source4
  5. 5. Visio BI InspirationsVisio can be used to provide valuable business insights for Finance, Operations, Sales, and HR scenarios Finance Operations HR Sales
  6. 6. Visio BI InspirationsVisio can be used to provide valuable business insights for various industry scenarios Healthcare Retail Hospitality Insurance
  7. 7. Visio BI InspirationsVisio can be used to provide valuable business insights for IT scenarios Real-time network Visio add-in for System Center monitoring Operations Manager R2 Visio add-in for System Center Workflow Visualization Operations Manager R2
  8. 8. REQUEST #1 Central location Never leave the browser No more dialogs!
  9. 9. REQUEST #2 (1 hour later) Not just a snapshot in time Diagram only created once View existing data in context
  10. 10. REQUEST #3 Free-form vector diagrams on your web pages Diagrams in context with other relevant data.
  11. 11. Demo: Inspirations11
  12. 12. VISIO SERVICESShare Diagrams in SharePoint Build Data-Driven Visualizations Integrate with SharePoint Applications
  13. 13. Visio BI Maturity Model • Requires Visio Professional 2010 or Premium 2010 for Using custom data publishing, SharePoint providers VisioHigh Server 2010 eCAL for Services can connect viewing published to data sources such ® diagrams as Microsoft System • Custom code required Center Users can create Mash- Ups where Visio Services • Requires Visio Professional 2010 or can interact with other Premium 2010 for publishing, SharePoint SharePoint web parts to Server 2010 eCAL for viewing published create rich interactive diagramsVisio BI Maturity dashboards • Community BI, browser based experience • JavaScript code for Mash-Ups Visio 2010 data-driven diagrams ® can be published to SharePoint • Requires Visio Professional 2010 or Premium 2010 for Server 2010 and can be shared publishing, SharePoint Server 2010 eCAL for viewing with users who can navigate and published diagrams refresh the diagrams in real-time • Community BI, browser based experience using their browser • No coding required Visio 2010 diagrams can be connected to data • Requires Visio Professional 2010 or Premium 2010 from multiple sources • Self service and Personal BI on the desktop and data graphics can • No coding required display real time KPI’s Low Low Solution Complexity High 13
  14. 14. VISIO SERVICES FEATURES• Rendering • Browser-agnostic • Full Fidelity rendering using Silverlight OR PNG image• Visual Refresh of Data Diagrams • Refresh diagrams connected to: • Supports Kerberos, SSO & Unattended Authentication • Automatic refresh • Excellent white paper on data connections and authentication “Plan for External Data Connections Using Visio 2010” • http://visio.microsoft.com/en-us/Get_Started/WhitePapers/Pages/Plan-for- External-Data-Connections-Using-Visio-2010.aspx
  15. 15. VISIO SERVICES FEATURES• SharePoint Integration • Visio Web Access web part • JavaScript Mash-Up API • Supports web part connections• Administration • Visio Services is a Shared Service • Customizable in Central Admin & PowerShell • Can tune performance to your hardware
  17. 17. DATA GRAPHICS•• Icon Sets•• Text Callouts Label Value Value Label Label Value Value • Dar Bars • 50 30 20 57 • 32 15 32 Color By Value Windows Server 2008 Datacenter CPU (MHz) 3 Memory (MB) 2048 IP Address sql-sales-01
  18. 18. Data-Driven Diagrams on the Desktop Putting data on diagrams makes the information meaningful and helps in identifying trends and exceptions at a glance Data Graphic - Suppliers Lamp Lens Assembly 2 1 Time(M)Importproductiondata from 2an Lamp LensExcel or Data Graphic - ShippingAccess file Truckor Origination DetriotDatabase Destination Omaha Time(D) 2 Link the data to Visio shapes and display 2 the data using Data Graphics Data Graphics show the context of data 18
  19. 19. Dynamic Data-Driven Diagrams in the Browser Publish Visio Diagram to SharePoint Consumer requests updates Server 2010 The server returns a PNG or XAML representation of refreshed Data Graphics SharePoint® Server 2010 Consumer Consumers can navigate, refresh & access the diagram in a browser Creator Create Data-driven diagram just as in Visio 2007 Database19
  20. 20. Visio Services provides web-based user experience,navigation and extensible API• Open diagram in Visio 2010• Manually refresh by clicking • Panning refresh button or • Zooming automatically refresh by • Shape Data setting interval time Window Note: Administrator sets interval time for auto refresh• Pre-defined Data Graphics: Text, Icon Set, Data Bar, Color by Value Legend for Data• Data Graphics updated by importing latest data Graphics conditions 20
  21. 21. Demo: Data-Driven Diagram21
  22. 22. Data-Driven Diagram22
  23. 23. Data-Driven Diagram23
  24. 24. Data Refresh in SharePoint• Covered in detail within white paper “Plan for External Data Connections Using Visio 2010” • http://visio.microsoft.com/en-us/Get_Started/WhitePapers/Pages/Plan-for- External-Data-Connections-Using-Visio-2010.aspx• You can configure Visio Services Global Settings to optimize external data refresh• To configure these settings follow the steps below: • Requires Farm administrative rights • Open the "Central Administration" • In the "Application Management" section, click "Manage service applications" • Click the Visio Graphics Service service application that you want to configure24
  25. 25. Data Refresh in SharePoint Setting Valid Values Description Minimum Cache Age Between 0 to 34560 minutes. The number of minutes after which cached web drawings are purged. Larger values decrease file I/O and CPU load but increase memory usage on the server. Maximum Cache Age Between "Minimum Cache Age" The minimum number of minutes that a web drawing is cached in and 34560 minutes. memory. Smaller values allow more frequent data refresh operations for users but increase CPU and memory usage on the server. Max Recalc Duration 1 to 120 seconds The number of seconds before a refresh operation times out. Larger values enable Visio Services to render more complex web drawings but may increases CPU usage as well as decrease general availability of the service. Max Diagram Size 1 to 50MB The maximum size in MB of a web drawing that can be rendered. A larger size limit may lead to slower performance if the server is under heavy load, while a smaller limit may prevent more complicated web drawings from being rendered. Unattended Service The name of a valid target The target application ID in the registered Secure Store Service that is Account application ID in a Secure Store used to reference Unattended Service Account credentials. The Service running in the farm Unattended Service Account is a single account that all documents can use to refresh data. It is required when connecting to data sources external to SharePoint, such as SQL.25
  26. 26. Data Refresh Authentication• Depends on the type of the underlying data source• For data sources that support more than one authentication method, data connections must specify which one to use when creating connectionsData Source Authentication methodWSS Lists SharePoint user permissionsExcel Workbooks SharePoint user permissionsSQL Server One of:  Windows NT authentication (a.k.a integrated security) o using "Kerberos delegation" o using "Mapped" authentication o using "None" authentication  SQL Server Authentication (a.k.a standard security)OLEDB/ODBC Varies per data source, typically a username and password pair stored in the connection string.Custom Data Sources This topic is outside purview of this session and is covered at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff394595(office.14).aspx .26
  27. 27. Data Refresh Authentication SQL requires the credentials Contosofoo to retrieve data on behalf of the end-user – they are however not available on the back-end and can’t be sent to the data source. Contosofoo get Visio Services passed to Visio The connection fails. Services Front End Web Drawing Viewer (Contosfoo) wants Front End Back End SQL to refresh a diagram Double hop security measures stop Visio Services from passing Contosofoo to back-end There are ways however to configure Visio Services to get around the double hop problem securely. The method to choose depends on various factors; choose the one that best suits your scenario.27
  28. 28. Data Refresh Authentication Authentication Kerberos Delegation Mapped "None" Method Description Using constrained Using the Secure Store Service, Using the Secure Store Kerberos delegation, the the viewers Windows Service, all viewers are viewers Windows credentials are mapped to mapped to a unique set of credentials are sent to the another set of credentials credentials called the data source directly. determined by the administrator “unattended account” stored by using target applications. in a specially configured target application. Different incoming user credentials can be mapped to All incoming user credentials either the same or different are mapped to the same target credentials. credentials, those of the “unattended account”. Data connection The Windows credentials The mapped credentials of the The credentials of the run using... of the web drawing web drawing viewer. unattended account. viewer. http://visio.microsoft.com/en-us/Get_Started/WhitePapers/Pages/Plan-for-External-Data-Connections-Using-Visio-2010.aspx is Advantages  Kerberos is an  The Secure Store Service is  “None” authentication industry standard in a lightweight and secure the easiest authentication credentials solution for managing method to deploy and Advantages and disadvantages of each management. credentials in SharePoint. setup. described in white SharePoint is  “None” authentication  Kerberos ties nicely into existing Active  installed with paper! does not require much The Secure Store Service Directory and is easier to configure administrative overhead. infrastructure. than Kerberos.28
  29. 29. Data Refresh Authentication• Choose Kerberos Delegation for secure and fast authentication to enterprise-scale relational data sources that support Windows NT Authentication.• Choose Mapped for secure and fast authentication to enterprise- scale relational data sources that may or may not support Windows NT Authentication. Mapped authentication is also useful in scenarios in which you want to control user credential mappings.• Choose None when connecting to small ad-hoc deployments in which security is less important and for which speed of deployment is essential.29
  30. 30. Integrating Visio diagrams into SharePoint AppsVisio Services embed both static and dynamic Visio Web Drawings intoSharePoint applications Integration method Scenario enabled Skill set required Embed Visio diagrams into SharePoint How to create a web part page inVisio Web Access web part pages. SharePoint. Enable limited interactivity between the Visio Web Access web part and another on the page, without code. For How to create a web part page inWeb Part to Web Part example, clicking a shape in a Visio web SharePoint and how to set-upConnections part to trigger another web part to Web Part Connections. show additional relevant information about that shape. Enable rich interactivity on web part page by programmatically manipulating the different Visio web How to code simple JavaScriptVisio Services Mash-Up API diagram objects, for example, to show and/or ASPX pages. custom visual overlays when the user hovers the pointer over a shape. 30
  31. 31. Visio Web Part Connections31
  32. 32. Visio Services Mash-Up• Visio Services JavaScript Mashup API enables developers to access and manipulate the Visio web drawing, its pages and shapes• All 4 web parts are connected to each other and retrieve business data from LOB applications Detailed view ofFloor layout of a specific shelfsupermarket with KPIshows salestrends andstock levelsbased on KPIsExcel chart for Hyperlink todetailed sales open relevantinformation documents 32
  33. 33. Visio Services Mash-Up33
  34. 34. Visio Services Mash-Uphttp://visio.microsoft.com/en-us/Samples_and_Downloads/BI-Mash-Ups/Pages/Visio-Weather-Mash-Up-Demo.aspx34
  35. 35. Visio Services Mash-Up API• JavaScript based programmatic access to a shape’s • Shape Data • Hyperlinks • Bounding Box Coordinates • Highlight shapes • Place overlays on the diagram • Respond to Mouse events • Change the viewport’s Pan and Zoom properties• SharePoint 2010 SDK samples • http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=12323• Visio Web Access Web Part filtering and connections • http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff394649.aspx
  36. 36. Visio Services Mash-Up APIEvents in the diagram trigger changes on page.OnClick(){ for (var j = 0; j < data.length; j++) { if (data[j].label == "Step") { document.getElementById(StepData).src= "http://localhost:8080/details.aspx?ID=" + "" + data[j].value+ ""; return; }}} // NOTE: this is pseudo code.
  37. 37. Visio Services Mash-Up API37
  38. 38. Visio Services Mash-Up API38
  39. 39. Visio Services Mash-Up APIAdd JavaScript code to SharePoint page using HTML content editor web part39
  40. 40. Demo: Reverse Engineer Mash-Ups40
  41. 41. Other Ideas• SQL Server Data Mining Add-In for Office • Connect to SQL Server Data Mining models • Clustering, Dependency Net, Decision Tree• PerformancePoint Scorecard and Strategy Maps • Filter by Condition • How to Link http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/performancepoint-server/link-a-scorecard-kpi-to-an-analytic- chart-or-grid-using-dashboard-designer-HA010252493.aspx
  42. 42. ResourcesThe following is a list of resources that are available on TechNet foradministrators planning to deploy Visio Services:• Visio Services Planning Guide• Visio Services Operations GuideThe following is a list of posts on this blog that contain more informationabout Visio Services:• Introducing Visio Services• Publishing Diagrams to Visio Services• Embedding a Web Drawing in a SharePoint Page• Installing and Configuring Visio Services• SharePoint Workflow Authoring in Visio Premium 2010 (Part 1)• SharePoint Workflow Authoring in Visio Premium 2010 (Part 2)• No Code Mashups with Visio Services and Web Part Connections• The Visio Services JavaScript Mashup API42
  43. 43. © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may beregistered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date ofthis presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be acommitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date ofthis presentation.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.
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