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SQL Server 2014 BI from the CTP Product Guide
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SQL Server 2014 BI from the CTP Product Guide


Overview of BI in SQL Server 2014 from the CTP Product Guide

Overview of BI in SQL Server 2014 from the CTP Product Guide

Published in Technology
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  • 1. SQL Server 2014and the Data Platform(Level 300 Deck)
  • 2. Enable self-service data discovery, query, transformation and mashup experiences for InformationWorkers, via Excel and PowerPivotDiscovery and connectivity to a wide range of data sources, spanning volume as well asvariety of data.Highly interactive and intuitive experience for rapidly and iteratively building queries overany data source, any size.Consistency of experience, and parity of query capabilities over all data sources.Joins across different data sources; ability to create custom views over data that can then beshared with team/department.
  • 3. Discover, combine, and refine Big Data, small data, and any data with DataExplorer for Excel.
  • 4. SWindows AzureMarketplaceWindows ActiveDirectoryAzure SQLDatabaseAzure HDInsight
  • 5. Internet of thingsAudio / VideoLog FilesText/ImageSocial SentimentData Market FeedseGov FeedsWeatherWikis / BlogsClick StreamSensors / RFID / DevicesSpatial & GPS CoordinatesWEB 2.0MobileAdvertising CollaborationeCommerceDigital MarketingSearch MarketingWeb LogsRecommendationsERP / CRMSales PipelinePayablesPayrollInventoryContactsDeal TrackingTerabytes(10E12)Gigabytes(10E9)Exabytes(10E18)Petabytes(10E15)Velocity - Variety - variabilityVolume1980190,000$20100.07$19909,000$200015$Storage/GBERP / CRM WEB2.0Internet of things
  • 6. Distributed Storage(HDFS)Query(Hive)Distributed Processing(MapReduce)ODBCLegendRed = CoreHadoopBlue = DataprocessingGray= Microsoftintegrationpoints andvalue addsOrange = DataMovementGreen =Packages
  • 7. RecordreaderMap CombinerPartitionerShuffleand sortReduceOutputformat
  • 8. • Analogous to GROUP BY in SQL• Usually combiners can be an effective way tominimize network IO• Based on the dataset opportunity to use a custompartitioner to balance the reducers
  • 9. Hive, Pig, Mahout, Cascading, Scalding, Scoobi, Pegasus…C#, F# Map/Reduce, LINQ to Hive, Microsoft .NETmanagement clientsJavaScript Map/Reduce, browser hosted console, Node.jsmanagement clientsPowerShell, cross-platform CLI tools
  • 10. Authoring Jobs App IntegrationAuthoring frameworks and languagesConnectivityProgrammabilitySecurityLoosely coupledLightweightLow cost to extendScenario orientedInnovation flowsupwardNew compute modelsPerformanceenhancementsExtend breadth & depthEnable new scenariosIntegrate with current toolchains
  • 11. Insights to all users by activating new types of data
  • 12. 26DBHDFSSQL Server PDW querying HDFS data, in-situ=
  • 13. 27HadoopHDFS DB(a) PDW query in, results outHadoopHDFS DB(b) PDW query in, results stored in HDFS
  • 14. Sensor& RFIDWebAppsUnstructured data Structured dataTraditional schema-based DW applicationsRDBMSHadoopSocialAppsMobileAppsHow to overcome the“impedance mismatch”Increasingly massive amounts ofunstructured data driven by newsourcesAt the same time, vast amounts ofcorporate data and data sources,and the bulk of their data analysisPolybase addresses this challenge for advanced data analytics by allowing native query acrossPDW and Hadoop, integrating structured and unstructured dataIntroducing Polybase
  • 15. • Querying data in Hadoop from PDW using regular SQL queries, including• Full SQL query access to data stored in HDFS, represented as ‘external tables’ inPDW• Basic statistics support for data coming from HDFS• Querying across PDW and Hadoop tables (joining ‘on the fly’)• Fully parallelized, high performance import of data from HDFS files into PDW tables• Fully parallelized, high performance export of data in PDW tables into HDFS files• Integration with various Hadoop distributions: Hadoop on Windows Server,Hortonwork and Cloudera.• Supporting Hadoop 1.0 and 2.0Polybase Features in SQL Server PDW
  • 16. Creating “External Tables”• Internal representation of data residing in Hadoop/HDFS (delimited text files only)• High-level permissions required for creating external tables• ADMINISTER BULK OPERATIONS & ALTER SCHEMA• Different than ‘regular SQL tables’: essentially read only (no DML support)CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE table_name ({<column_definition>} [,...n ]){WITH (LOCATION =‘<URI>’,[FORMAT_OPTIONS = (<VALUES>)])}[;]Indicates“External” Table1Required location ofHadoop cluster and file2Optional Format Options associatedwith data import from HDFS3
  • 17. Querying Unstructured Data1. Querying data in HDFS and displaying results in table form (using external tables)2. Joining data from HDFS with relational PDW dataExample – Creating external table ‘ClickStream’:CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE ClickStream(url varchar(50), event_date date, user_IPvarchar(50)), WITH (LOCATION =‘hdfs://MyHadoop:5000/tpch1GB/employee.tbl’,FORMAT_OPTIONS (FIELD_TERMINATOR = |));Text file in HDFS with | as field delimiterSELECT top 10 (url) FROM ClickStream where user_IP = ‘’ Filter query against data inHDFSSELECT url.description FROM ClickStream cs, Url_Description urlWHERE cs.url = and cs.url=’’;Join data coming from files inHDFS(Url_Description is a second text file in HDFS)Query Examples12SELECT user_name FROM ClickStream cs, Users u WHEREcs.user_IP = u.user_IP and cs.url=’’;3 Join data from HDFSwith relational PDW table(Users is a distributed PDW table)
  • 18. Parallel Data Import from HDFS into PDWPersistently storing data from HDFS in PDW tablesFully parallelized via CREATE TABLE AS SELECT (CTAS) with external tables as source table and PDW tables (either distributedor replicated) as destinationCREATE TABLE ClickStream_PDW WITH DISTRIBUTION = HASH(url)AS SELECT url, event_date, user_IP FROM ClickStreamRetrieval of data in HDFS “on-the-fly”EnhancedPDW queryengineCTAS ResultsExternal TableDMSReader1DMSReaderN…HDFS bridgeParallelHDFS ReadsParallelImportingSensor& RFIDWebAppsUnstructured dataHadoopSocialAppsMobileAppsStructured dataTraditional DWapplicationsPDW
  • 19. Sensor& RFIDWebAppsUnstructured dataSocialAppsMobileAppsHDFS data nodesParallel Data Export from PDW into HDFS• Fully parallelized via CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE AS SELECT (CETAS) with external tables asdestination table and PDW tables as source• ‘Round-trip of data’ possible with first importing data from HDFS, joining it with relationaldata, and then exporting results back to HDFSCREATE EXTERNAL TABLE ClickStream (url, event_date, user_IP)WITH (LOCATION =‘hdfs://MyHadoop:5000/users/outputDir’, FORMAT_OPTIONS(FIELD_TERMINATOR = |)) AS SELECT url, event_date, user_IP FROM ClickStream_PDWEnhancedPDW queryengineCETAS ResultsExternal TableDMSWriter1DMSWriterN…HDFS bridgeParallelHDFS WritesParallelReadingStructured dataTraditional DWapplicationsPDW
  • 20. Interactive Analytics over “Big Data”34• SQL Server Analysis Services scaled out to verylarge data volumes• Sourced from “Big Data” sources, e.g.• Hadoop, Isotope, etc.• Enterprise data sources (SQL Server, Oracle, SAP,etc.)• Built upon the xVelocity analytics engine• In-memory, column-store, 10x compression• Deployment vehicles: Box, Appliance, Cloud• Potential customers:• Skype, Klout, Halo 4, UBS, AdCenter, WindowsUpdateXMLAWeb servicesExternalData SourcesGWMgmtDeployMonitorASInstanceASInstanceASInstanceReliable Persistent StorageExcel, PV3rd party apps,tools, etc.
  • 21. Code-name “GeoFlow” for Microsoft Excel enables information workers to discover and share newinsights from geographical and temporal data through three-dimensional storytelling.
  • 22. Map data Discover insights Share stories
  • 23. 3D GeospatialTemporalGuided Tours
  • 24. • Sales performance• Distribution of crime data• Disease control• Weather patterns• Seasonality analysis• Voting trends• Real estate assessment
  • 25. Transform data into fluid, three-dimensionalstories to unlock new insights for everyone
  • 26. Excel Add-in to Enhance Data Visualization
  • 27. Engage customers with smart,contextual mobile experiencesBoost agility with real-time access toapps and data from anywhereVirtually Anytime, Anywhere
  • 28. Deliver Immersive, Connected Customer ExperiencesOptimize fordiscovery andreachConnect withsocial apps andnetworksReal time contentand updatesBeautifulexperiences +security andperformance
  • 29. Deliver Familiar, Connected Experiences to a Mobile Workforce…while ensuring enterprise security, manageability, and compliance
  • 30. Browser-based corporateBI solutions on iOS,Android and Windows:• SharePoint Mobile enhancements• PerformancePoint Services• Excel Services• SQL Server Reporting Services“Ultimately, the new Microsoft mobile BI solution leads to more revenue for Recalland gives us deeper customer insight, helping us stay ahead of our competitors.”Recall Records Management Company Gets Real-Time BI, Boosts Sales with Mobile Solution case study. Full Case study.
  • 31. Mobile BrowserSupport acrossdifferent mobiledevices, includingtouch for tablets andphoneNative AppsRich native appsexperience to businesssocial interactions andcollaborationOffice HubA hub to all your docstorage services and Officerich editing experienceLearn more:
  • 32. Never be withoutthe tools you need.Access and share withconfidence.
  • 33. Quick Explore
  • 34. Managing Streaming Data In-Memory•••Customer benefits••••53EventOutputstreamInputstream
  • 35. StreamInsight on Windows Azure54StreamInsight on Azure is a cloud scale service forcomplex event-processingIdeal for analyzing streaming data either born on thecloud, or globally distributedCustomer benefits• Insights from data in motion• Elastic scale out in the cloud• Simplified management via built-in connectivity• Low TCO of cloud service
  • 36. Third-partyapplicationsReporting Services(Power View) Excel PowerPivotDatabases LOB Applications Files OData Feeds Cloud ServicesSharePointInsights
  • 37. BISM-MD Object Tabular ObjectCube ModelCube Dimension TableAttributes (Key(s), Name) ColumnsMeasure Group TableMeasure MeasureMeasure without MeasureGroup Within Table called “Measures”MeasuregroupCube Dimension relationship RelationshipPerspective PerspectiveKPI KPIUser/Parent-Child Hierarchies Hierarchies
  • 38. Types Additional constraintsChildren of all with a singlereal memberCalculated members onuser hierarchiesAttribute may have anoptional unknown memberAttribute cannot be keyunless it’s the only attributeNot a parent-childattribute
  • 39. • Power View on Analysis Services via BISM• Native support for DAX in Analysis Services• Better flexibility: Choice of DAX on Tabular or Multidimensional (cubes)
  • 40. Call to actionDownload SQL Server 2014 CTP1Stay tuned for
  • 41. © 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or othercountries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respondto changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the dateof this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION