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Microsoft Power BI
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Microsoft Power BI


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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Published in: Technology
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  • SQL Server 2014’s mission is to deliver for our customers mission critical performance for the most demanding database applications, hitting on all aspects of mission critical criteria from performance to security, scalability and high availability along with the mission critical support. When it comes to business intelligence our mission is to deliver faster insights into any data big data, small data, all data and most importantly deliver BI in a consumable manner for business users through familiar tools.Finally last but not least, we continue to hear from customers on how cloud is helping them innovation new solutions and business models and how important a hybrid cloud approach is particularly for our enterprise customers who are faced with ever growing regulations and mandates. With SQL Server 2014 we will enable new unique hybrid cloud solutions that can positively impact your bottom line and allow you to create new innovative hybrid cloud solutions for your database applications.
  • Easily access internal and externaldata from a wide variety of sources. With Data Explorer, you have an intuitive and consistent experience for discovering, combining, and refining any data, including relational, structured and semi-structured, OData, Web, Hadoop, Azure Marketplace, and more. Data Explorer also provides you with the ability to search for public data from sources such as Wikipedia. (Data Explorer)Gain new insights from data of any type or size, whether structured or unstructured through HDInsight, available both on Windows Server or as an Windows Azure service. The Windows Azure HDInsight Service makes Apache Hadoop available as a service in the cloud, providing a software framework designed to manage, analyze and report on Big Data. As a cloud-based service, it makes these resources available in a simpler, more scalable, and cost efficient environment.As a part of Microsoft’s overall Big Data strategy, SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse includes PolyBase, a new breakthrough technology that dramatically simplifies combining non-relational data and traditional relational data for analysis. PolyBase seamlessly provides the benefits of “Big Data” without the complexities. Normally, organization would need to burden IT with pre-populating the data warehouse with Hadoop data, or undergo extensive training on MapReduce in order to query non-relational data. With PolyBase, this is made easy, enabling you to rapidly query massive data sets by combining MPP data warehousing performance with Hadoop. (PDW and Polybase)
  • After the intro of MD model.
  • This is the existing architecture for SQL 2012 SP1
  • Key Points:Microsoft can help businesses: Connect people in real time, streamlining workflows and cutting down on the time to deliver end value.Enable smart, engaging experiences for mobile users through richer, more context-aware, cloud-enabled applications. From a customer-facing perspective, our focus is on engaging customers with smart, contextual mobile experiences:Excite and engage users with an immersive, connected mobile experience. By tapping into information about the users’ context (such as their location) and enabling them to socialize your app through other apps, contacts, and social networks, you can delight your customers with rich, immersive mobile experiences.Embrace a growing, global, always-on mobile community. The cloud can help you meet the challenge of delivering content to users around the globe on a variety of devices without having to worry about scalability. With performance policies, you can distribute rich media to users by guiding them to the “best instance” for their device and bandwidth. 
  • Microsoft all-up focus on mobile, different aspects, always first and best on Windows 8Key Points:Delivering immersive, modern-style mobile applications can provide your customers with a rich, engaging, and social experience of your brand. Windows 8 provides a no-compromise approach to delivering both a beautiful user experience and the security, stability, and performance that you require. And through the Windows Marketplace, you can tap into a much broader potential market for your apps. 
  • Key Points:At Microsoft, we believe three things are key to helping your mobile workers to stay productive on the go: Integrate your communications – making it easy to access presence information, IM, and live conferencing from any connected device.Work together in real time using consistent productivity tools across devices.Simplify mobile access to business information. Script:So what does the proliferation of business-capable mobile devices mean for productivity? We believe it creates new opportunities to drive your business faster and further with real-time communication and collaboration. As 21st-century business needs evolve, the demand for productivity solutions on a broader range of mobile devices continues to increase. Workers want and need access to email and documents, from wherever they are, on their device of choice. In addition, workers need to be able to easily connect with coworkers, clients, and corporate resources. Plus, many companies have employees that sit on the front line of customer service and sales or have large numbers of "in-the-field" workers or partners that are vital to keeping critical business processes and decisions moving in real time, and these “deskless” workers (without PCs) have been underserved by modern productivity solutions. This has led to the persistence of scores of manual procedures that are implemented at high cost, take staff away from their primary tasks, hamper the agility of the organization, cannot be readily tracked and audited, and result in poor customer focus. With the advent of cloud-based productivity solutions that can be accessed from mobile devices, both mobile and “deskless” workers can benefit from the advantages of modern productivity solutions that help save time, save money, increase knowledge, and accelerate the speed of modern business.At Microsoft, we believe three things are key to helping your mobile workers to stay productive on the go: integrating your communications, providing the tools to work together in real time, and simplifying mobile access to business information. Integrating your communicationsEnterprise-ready real-time communications tools can enable immediate, informal connections, providing a familiar Skype-like experience that your users will be comfortable with while meeting the security and compliance requirements of your business. At Microsoft, we strive to deliver technology that works well together, integrating social, mobile, and personal experiences with everyday work tools. For example: Real-time communications capabilities in Lync can help people to find and communicate with each other when they need to, efficiently and effectively, with a single familiar tool across PC, tablet, phone, and browser. Your users can see who’s available at any given time and then initiate an instant messaging (IM) chat or a voice or video call. And as people increasingly rely on smartphones for work on the go, the value of real-time communications extends there too. You can enable full access to presence, IM, and real-time conferencing capabilities from users’ smartphones with the Lync clients for Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android devices.  Working together in real timeYou can maximize ease of use and efficiency by supporting familiar, trusted productivity applications that span desktop and mobile.The new Office provides anywhere access to familiar Office applications, email, calendar, video conferencing, enterprise social networking and most up-to-date documents, all optimized to give workers the best experience across devices—from PCs to smartphones to tablets. Documents are saved to SkyDrive by default, so that they roam across your devices. Personalized settings, templates, documents, and custom dictionaries also travel with you, even if you log in from a different machine. The new Office is cloud first and introduces an exciting "Office as a service" model. We've designed it for touch, pen, and keyboard, so there is a beautiful fluid experience with no compromise for whatever device your workers are using. And we've added new Windows 8–style apps, starting with Lync and Microsoft OneNote, for key communications, mobile, and note-taking scenarios. With the new Office, you have access to enterprise-grade tools that give you more power to manage, monitor, and help protect your company’s data, as well as flexible deployment options that let you run it on-premises, as a hosted service or as a hybrid of both. Finally, you can run the new Office side-by-side with an older version that is compatible with legacy LOB applications.  Simplifying mobile access to business informationToday people think nothing of signing in to Facebook or sharing photos from their mobile phones. There’s no reason why they can’t have the same kind of mobile freedom at work as they have at home. A key focus for us here at Microsoft is to provide tools that let people stay productive and connected to business information from virtually anywhere. Some examples:Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 smartphones have a built-in Office hub, helping users communicate and contribute on the go by accessing email with Outlook Mobile and viewing and making basic edits to Microsoft Office documents. For users of OneNote, the OneNote experience extends to the smartphone, including Windows Phone–, iOS-, and Android-based devices. With on-premises, hybrid, or pure cloud-based storage services, information can be easily shared and synchronized across devices. There are two options here:SkyDrive Pro provides a highly secure, enterprise-grade alternative to consumer cloud storage services. Optimized for business and managed by your company or organization, SkyDrive Pro provides a hub for work documents: one place to find, store, and share work files. It has the same ease of use of the consumer product, with enterprise-grade security. It also has built-in social features, allowing users to follow people and documents, surfacing the things they care most about.SharePoint has never been easier to use for mobile scenarios. With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft is bringing the breadth of our experiences to virtually all devices and places. We’ll be delivering mobile applications initially on Windows Phone 7 and iOS devices, with a great mobile browsing experience for other platforms. DirectAccess enables mobile users to connect to the corporate network without delay or hassle while helping IT ensure that connecting devices are compliant and meet security requirements. Unlike with a virtual private network (VPN) connection, users don’t have to initiate a remote connection to an intranet—DirectAccess automatically connects using advanced encryption, authentication, and authorization technologies that enable all points on a network to exchange information and data over the Internet—without compromising security. With Windows 8 and Windows 8 Server we made deployment of DirectAccess much easier, for example customers do not have to implement IPv6 but can rely on Windows Server 8 Direct Access Server for IP address translation.Mobile Broadband. Built-in mobile broadband features in Windows 8 natively supports 3G and 4G telecommunication, which enables mobile workers to get connected to the Internet immediately. Windows 8 mobile broadband support can help businesses keep data usage costs low with built-in mobile broadband metering. Users can easily see the data they are consuming, giving them an opportunity to budget in advance for overages. As mobile workers move between locations, Windows 8 automatically uses Wi-Fi hotspots if they're available. This saves costs and improves bandwidth. Imagine if you could pack-up your entire managed corporate desktop and bring it along on a small bootable USB drive with you wherever you go. With Windows 8, you can. IT departments can provision Windows To Go, a fully managed corporate Windows 8 desktop on an external USB Drive that a user can boot from any PC available at work, at home or any location, with or without connectivity. It’s like having your secure corporate PC in your pocket. Windows 8 also delivers improvements on the capabilities we first had with Windows 7: DirectAccess and Mobile Broadband.  Additional Information:The New SharePoint: http://SPMarketing“Introducing SkyDrive Pro”: FAQ for Mobile: http://infopedia/docstore/Repository/Forms/Enterprise%20Domain/docsethomepage.aspx?ID=170867&FolderCTID=0x0120D52000403C14DA1D9FF442B7C29555C245F26B020200E0D06ED1C064CB47B3C13D655E56522A&List=550fa7ff-8358-498c-9a1c-2598575c83dd&RootFolder=%2Fdocstore%2FRepository%2Frp%2FMOD%2FPreview%2FSharePoint%20Technical%20PresentationsDirectAccess:
  • Get Access to your work documents, notify people about it, be about to view and edit in a browser inside or outside the firewallOut-of-the-box support for documents, lists, calendars, searches, workflow and alerts
  • You can grab the deck from my “SP-Mobile Overview” TR16 session; just remove the internal slides. And please add the link to the post as a follow-up resource for them to review. And please read my latest blog on same: "Out and about: New SharePoint mobile offering": It’s fairly easy to demo if you have a Windows Phone and an iPad:Show a few key sites on Surface in modern IE10: newsfeed, SkyDrive Pro (web), team site w/embedded PowerPoint Web App, ...Show a team site on WP8Show same site in “mobile view” on WP8Show same site on iPadDemo the SP-Newsfeed app on WP8 and iPad (links to download in above post).Demo SkyDrive Pro (only under NDA at this time). If you need to do this and it’s under NDA, I can get you started with being able to install on your iPad.
  • Access your Office documents and share them with anyone over the web through browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. View, edit, and work together on Office documents with anyone using any device with a supported browser. With Office Web Apps, you know your documents will have the design, format, and structure you intended, and data will be maintained – even as multiple people view, edit, and work together on your documents online. Share the finished product with anybody, whether they have Office or not, all they need is a browser to view and edit documents.
  • For 2010For 2013Gallery ViewTouch ImprovementSupport for Mobile Browsers-Many companies leveraging PowerPivot with iPad today!PowerPivot on SharePoint and O365 can be consumed via Windows, iOS and Android in the web browserPowerPivot Gallery, Theater, Carousel view don’t work since SilverlightEasy work around setting Default View to “All Documents” or using the Excel Web Access Web Part to display published Excel workbooks
  • SQL Server 2014 deliver the consistent platform you are looking and excels at the tables steaks you expect for mission critical workloads as we have shown you today, provides faster insights into any data with familiar tools and also giving you a great platform for hybrid cloud.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Working with Microsoft Power BI tools (Level 300 Deck)
    • 2. SQL Server 2014 and the data platform
    • 3. Easy access to data, big and small
    • 4. Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 Self-service BI with the familiarity of Office and the power of the cloud One billion Office users Discover Analyze 1 in 4 enterprise customers on Office 365 Visualize Share Find Q&A Scalable | Manageable | Trusted Mobile
    • 5. Power Query
    • 6. Powerful self-service BI with Excel 2013
    • 7. Power Query Enable self-service data discovery, query, transformation and mashup experiences for Information Workers, via Excel and PowerPivot Discovery and connectivity to a wide range of data sources, spanning volume as well as variety of data. Highly interactive and intuitive experience for rapidly and iteratively building queries over any data source, any size. Consistency of experience, and parity of query capabilities over all data sources. Joins across different data sources; ability to create custom views over data that can then be shared with team/department.
    • 8. Power Query Discover, combine, and refine Big Data, small data, and any data with Data Explorer for Excel • • Excel add-in to enhance self-service BI Identify and import external data: • • • • • • • • • Relational dB Excel Text XML OData Web pages Hadoop HDFS Discover relevant data by using search Combine and transform multiple data sources
    • 9. Data sources Azure SQL Database Windows Azure Marketplace Windows Active Directory S Azure HDInsight
    • 10. PowerPivot
    • 11. Powerful self-service BI with Excel 2013
    • 12. Introducing PowerPivot • PowerPivot empowers business users to create self-service BI data models in Excel ‐ Achieved with a client-side version of SQL Server Analysis Services, known as the In-Memory Analytics Engine ‐ Can efficiently store data volumes far greater than what Excel worksheets can achieve • A separate window can be used to load, explore, relate, and enrich data with calculations • Can import and relate data from corporate, local, and ad hoc data stores • In Excel 2013 Professional Plus edition, PowerPivot is installed, but not enabled
    • 13. PowerPivot for SharePoint • PowerPivot for SharePoint extends SharePoint 2013 and Excel Services to add server-side processing, collaboration, and document management support for the PowerPivot workbooks published to SharePoint • The PowerPivot Gallery, a special type of document library, is provided to browse published PowerPivot workbooks and to configure automatic data refresh • The PowerPivot Service deploys the embedded data model to an Analysis Service instance within the SharePoint farm, and Excel Services is used to query the deployed data model • Data connections can be defined to query the PowerPivot data model by using the document URL
    • 14. Power View
    • 15. Powerful self-service BI with Excel 2013
    • 16. Introducing Power View • Power View is an interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation experience ‐ Highly visual design experience ‐ Rich meta-driven interactivity ‐ Presentation-ready at all times • It delivers intuitive ad-hoc reporting for business users • Reports can be based on tabular data models, including PowerPivot data models • It is now also available in Excel 2013, and with new features:
    • 17. Power View in Excel Excel Database server Power View SQL RS ADOMD.NET SQL AS (PowerPivot) SQL AS (Tabular)
    • 18. Power View in SharePoint Browser SharePoint web server SharePoint app server Database server SQL AS (PowerPivot) Power View SQL AS (Tabular) SQL RS Add-In SQL RS
    • 19. Power View for multidimensional models • Power View on Analysis Services via BISM • Native support for DAX in Analysis Services • Better flexibility: Choice of DAX on Tabular or Multidimensional (cubes)
    • 20. Architecture SQL Server Data Tools SharePoint (2010 or 2013) Analysis Services 2 BI Semantic Model Tabular Internet Explorer 1 4 3 5 Reporting Services Analysis Services Power View 6 BI Semantic Model Multidimensional SQL Server Data Tools
    • 21. BI semantic model: Architecture Third-party applications Reporting Services (Power View) Excel SharePoint Insights PowerPivot BI Semantic Model Data model Multidimensional Tabular MDX DAX MDX/DAX MDX/DAX Business logic Queries Data access Databases ROLAP LOB Applications MOLAP Files VertiPaq OData Feeds Direct Query Cloud Services
    • 22. Multidimensional tabular mapping BISM-MD Object Tabular Object Cube Model Cube Dimension Table Attributes (Key(s), Name) Columns Measure Group Table Measure Measure Measure without MeasureGroup Within Table called “Measures” MeasuregroupCube Dimension relationship Relationship Perspective Perspective KPI KPI User/Parent-Child Hierarchies Hierarchies
    • 23. Query execution architecture Client Application DAX Query Query Parser 2 MDX MDX Formula Engine Measure 4 5 DISCOVER_CSDL_METADATA 2 1 9 3 Metadata Layer DAX Query Processor 3 Dimension Queries (Table Query) s FE Caches 6 s SE Caches Query Processor SE Evaluation Engine 7 8 Tabular Metadata Multidimensional Metadata Partition Data Query Storage Engine Analysis Services 1
    • 24. Power Map
    • 25. Powerful self-service BI with Excel 2013
    • 26. What is Power Map? Power Map for Microsoft Excel enables information workers to discover and share new insights from geographical and temporal data through three-dimensional storytelling.
    • 27. Power Map: Steps to 3-D insights Map Data Discover Insights Share Stories • Data in Excel • Geo-code • 3-D and 3 visuals • Play over time • Annotate points • Capture scenes • Cinematic effects • Interactive tours • Share workbook
    • 28. Map data • Geospatial and temporal data in Excel • Geo-code and themed maps with Bing • Visualize multiple layers at once • 3D columns, bubble/pies, heat maps
    • 29. Discover insights • Play your data over time • Make direct comparisons in 2D charts • Flat 2D map for comparison of 3D columns • Annotate insights with metadata • Can add images to annotations. • Capture “Scenes” like slides in a show
    • 30. Share stories • Weave scenes with cinematic effects • Interact and resume during presentation • Share broadly within the workbook • Export to video for viral!
    • 31. Power Map Excel add-in to enhance data visualization Map data, discover insight, and share stories
    • 32. Power BI Site
    • 33. Collaborate and stay connected with Office 365 Q&A
    • 34. Q&A
    • 35. Collaborate and stay connected with Office 365 Q&A
    • 36. Mobile BI
    • 37. Collaborate and stay connected with Office 365 Q&A
    • 38. Enable deep business and customer connections Virtually anytime, anywhere Boost agility with real-time access to apps and data from anywhere Engage customers with smart, contextual mobile experiences
    • 39. Excite and engage users Deliver immersive, connected customer experiences Beautiful experiences + security and performance Connect with social apps and networks Real time content and updates Optimize for discovery and reach
    • 40. Stay productive on the go Deliver familiar, connected experiences to a mobile workforce Integrate your communications Work together in real time Simplify mobile access to business information …while ensuring enterprise security, manageability, and compliance
    • 41. Mobile BI capabilities available today Browser-based corporate BI solutions on iOS, Android and Windows: • SharePoint Mobile enhancements • PerformancePoint Services • Excel Services • SQL Server Reporting Services “Ultimately, the new Microsoft mobile BI solution leads to more revenue for Recall and gives us deeper customer insight, helping us stay ahead of our competitors.” –Recall Records Management Company Gets Real-Time BI, Boosts Sales with Mobile Solution case study. Full Case study.
    • 42. SharePoint Mobile 2013 Mobile browser Native apps Support across different mobile devices, including touch for tablets and phone Rich native apps experience to business social interactions and collaboration Office hub A hub to all your doc storage services and Office rich editing experience Learn more:
    • 43. Tablet touch experience • Clean user experience • Large touch targets • Filtering and navigation is as simple as working on the desktop
    • 44. Office Web Apps Never be without the tools you need. Access and share with confidence.
    • 45. Excel Web App Excel reports, dashboards, pivot tables, charts in a browser • Gallery View: optimized for touch Excel Web App allows lightweight editing on Excel reports • High-fidelity viewing, interaction with advanced analysis views • External connections and refresh connections • Simultaneous coauthoring • Embedding and the Excel button
    • 46. Excel Web App Mobile support for Windows, iOS, Android, and other mobile devices Quick Explore • Enhanced visual, browser- based data exploration • Drill in and out • Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts 47
    • 47. Mobile-friendly apps for Office • Office Apps can be developed using standard web technologies such as HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, REST APIs • Office App APIs can read/write data, interact with Office client ‐ Office desktop clients and O365 Office Web Apps ‐ Mobile device, touch friendly • Get creative with open JavaScript libraries like D3 or InfoVis Toolkit • Get started with Office 365 • Developer account 48
    • 48. Extend with hybrid cloud solutions
    • 49. Extend with hybrid cloud solutions
    • 50. Extend with hybrid cloud solutions
    • 51. Complete and consistent data platform
    • 52. Call to action • Download SQL Server 2014 CTP2 •
    • 53. © 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION