Panda Cloud Protection - protectie maxima, costuri reduse
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Panda Cloud Protection - protectie maxima, costuri reduse



Prezentare sustinuta de Oliviu Talianu, din partea Panda Security, in cadrul evenimentului de Cloud Computing organizat de IDG Romania

Prezentare sustinuta de Oliviu Talianu, din partea Panda Security, in cadrul evenimentului de Cloud Computing organizat de IDG Romania



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  • Panda CSS: Panda’s corporate solutions adapt to all types of structures, as they are based on a layered protection model which protects all the corporate network levels of our clients. Each client has different needs regarding network systems and levels to be protected. These needs are not defined by the size of the company, but by its internal structure. Different corporate software packages provide an integrated solution to protect the network points in which malware is more likely to enter, regardless of the network topology. The software packages that makes the CSS solutions are aimed at providing a security solution regardless of the company size. Consequently, we will focus on three packages that will cover the needs clients have due to their corporate structure type. This way, current software solutions include: Panda Security for Business: The security solution for companies that need to protect their network assets, mainly workstations and file servers. It is centrally managed thanks to the AdminSecure administration console, which allows monitoring all the network assets, protecting them against all types of threats and optimizing productivity. Panda Security for Business with Exchange: The security solution for companies that in addition to protecting the workstations and file servers require another protection level for the Exchange servers on the network. It is centrally managed thanks to the AdminSecure administration console, which allows monitoring of all the network assets, protecting them against all types of threats and optimizing productivity. Panda Security for Enterprise: The security solution for companies whose network layers are more diverse and need global protection to include all the layers, from workstations and email systems to gateways and perimeter servers. Like the rest of the solutions, it is centrally managed thanks to the AdminSecure administration console, which allows monitoring of all network assets, protecting them against all types of threats and optimizing productivity.
  • Automatically Audit your network with Malware Radar: 6. Audits :Panda Security for Business includes a subscription to the in-depth audit solution Malware Radar. This solution allows administrators to perform periodical in-depth audits in order to locate and remove malware that has evaded protections and remains hidden in the network. It also warns about critical vulnerabilities related to the malware and checks the status of the security software This additional layer of protection is a key differentiator for Panda Security for Business to become the most complete solution for protecting small and medium-sized businesses by means of a combination of the best proactive protection and in-depth malware audits. From the main console (Adminsecure) you have direct access to Malware Radar Service just by entering your login data and password. Once inside, you will have access to malware disinfection and reports. Functionalities: Optimized detection ratio with relation to traditional software detection. Collective Intelligence technologies -unique to Panda- and sensitive heuristics allow Malware Radar to detect infections that slip past other security solutions. Collective Intelligence is a security platform which offers proactive and real-time protection to users. It leverages collective knowledge and automates analysis, correlation, classification and signature creation processes exponentially increasing the amount of malware detected every day. 2.- Compatible with other installed protection. Malware Radar does not need to uninstall other security systems as it is designed to complement them. 3.- No need for installation or infrastructure. Malware Radar does not have to be installed on workstations and file servers in order to analyze them. It doesn’t need specific hardware either to manage the audits. All that is required is a browser to access the console. 4.- Detailed audit reports . - Executive audit report: - Network situation - Main statistics - Most infected computers - Recommendations - Technical audit report, details of each computer: - Malware detected, description, effects, path - Protection status - Vulnerable points - Information about each computer: Operating system, browser, email, client, domain, IP, etc. 5.- Transparent process for your employees . Malware Radar will not interfere with employees work thanks to CPU control. This means that Malware Radar can be configured to use idle CPU cycles and carry out the scan respecting other processes on the system. It can also be configured in silent mode so as not to distract employees with any interface. 6.- Permanent updates and use of the latest technology . As this is a host service, users will always have the latest version of the product and the most up-to-date malware database with no need to worry about updates or upgrades. Next slide…now we will talk about the different modules included in CSS
  • Panda Cloud Protection can be managed anytime and from anywhere. Regardless of where administrators are located, he only needs a browser to manage protection, even in remote branch offices or mobile users which are not LAN connected. This slide shows how Panda Cloud Protection can be deployed to the whole network and also how the upgrades and updated are performed. Log on to the web console and deploy the protection to all your endpoints. You have two different options to do so: Option 1: Sending an email to your end-users . Each user should click on the link to install the protection . The protection agent will be installed in each workstation. Option 2: Pushing installation to all endpoints avoiding user’s intervention. Panda Cloud Protection provides a Distribution Tool to select the computers (by computer name, domain, IP address and IP range) and deploy the agent transparently. O ption 3: Can also create an installation package with the msi file and distribute it through logon-script, active directory, Tivoli, SMS, LanDesk, etc. From this moment on, users will receive automatic updates and upgrades directly from Panda and the administrator will be able to monitor the status of their network and apply the required security policies. Workstations will update or upgrade their protection by connecting P2P to the nearest computer minimizing bandwidth consumption . This way, all workstations in the same network can share the latest update or upgrade. Each workstation will firstly search for the update package inside its LAN. If the update package is not in the LAN, then it will get it from Panda through the Internet. This functionality keeps workstations from overusing bandwidth by avoiding Internet connections every time they need to get updated.
  • Panda Managed Email Protection acts as a protective shield for the company's email infrastructure. All inbound email traffic is scanned, filtered and verified in order to ensure delivery of virus-free email, with 100% effectiveness. Once mail reaches Panda Security's CPD, Panda Managed Email Protection scans exhaustively for malware, and applies a series of filters to eliminate mail cataloged as spam: IP filtering, by content, extensions, etc.. Once email traffic has been filtered for spam and is free from viruses, it is forwarded to the client's mail infrastructure, which therefore only receives legitimate mail, thereby optimizing bandwidth and productivity.
  • How it classifies messages Panda Managed Email Protection uses a three-tier verification process to determine whether email is spam or infected.   1.- Anti-malware filter : If a message contains malicious software, it is eliminated and users can consult a report with details about the contaminated message.   2.- Filtering by lists: If the sender is in the white list, the message is delivered to the recipient. If the sender is in the non-valid list, the message will be held back pending validation.   Panda Managed Email Protection has a mechanism for importing contacts in CSV format automatically. This format can be generated and exported by all the most common email readers, and can be used to add contacts to the list of valid senders.   3.- Anti-malware filter : Finally, for messages from senders that are not in either list, there are two modes of anti-spam filter. Current figures indicate that between 70% and 90% of all the email received by companies is spam, which can therefore consume up to 30% of a company's bandwidth if there is no email security solution in place. Panda Managed Email Protection ensures the client only receives legitimate email, optimizing bandwidth and minimizing the time that employees spend organizing email.
  • Perimeter Antivirus Automated filtering mode with no need for user intervention Guaranteed filter mode Complete backup of inbound mail Connection filters Filtering of Senders Heuristic, Bayesian and content filters. Proactive system with dynamic updates TLS encryption Profile-based Web administration console Real-time user management. SSL access. Email traffic activity reports. Multi-domain protection Simple, easily-managed customization Integration with LDAP for user registration (OpenLDAP, Active Directory and Domino). Automatic and transparent service updates 24x7x365 monitored service. Service continuity guaranteed in the event of incidents.
  • Infrastructure: -Corporate solutions: Initial investment to purchase dedicated servers, databases, operating systems, etc -Panda Cloud Protection: Zero infrastructure investment Maintenance: -Corporate solutions: Require dedicated staff to maintain the infrastructure -Panda Cloud Protection: Operating costs regarding infrastructure maintenance are zero Service availability: -Corporate solutions: Maintaining the on-site infrastructure causes service crashes that affect the day-to-day business -Panda Cloud Protection: 24x7 active service and does not interfere in the day-to-day business Installation & upgrades: -Corporate solutions: IT effort required. Long deployment / upgrade time -Panda Cloud Protection: No effort. Short deployment time. Always updated Management of distributed offices: -Corporate solutions: The solution must be implemented and maintained in each office -Panda Cloud Protection: Install & forget
  • SMBs understand full well that they face the same risks and regulations as large organizations. The increasing number of threats makes their protection needs more complex: There are more threats than ever (PandaLabs received more malware last year than in the previous 16 years combined) Malware is silent and more difficult to combat as long as it remains hidden , causing identity theft, financial and productivity losses and other malicious action. This malware landscape that organizations have to face requires a full set of maximized malware detection capabilities. When the SMBs implement a security solution, they have to choose one that provides adequate protection and that adapts to their specific needs . In many cases, their limited resources are not enough to obtain the security levels they require. Small and mid-sized businesses usually lack skilled resources for protecting and managing the security of their networks. They tend to invest all possible resources in their core business activities and this prevents them from assigning an adequate part of their budget to IT security. Most of them invest just enough to get by. They also need a continued monitoring system in order to reduce risk. Remote and branch offices are often geographically distributed and therefore need to be managed remotely from a centralized point. They also need to simplify security management as much as possible and have a continued monitoring service with reduced bandwidth consumption . Home Offices have nobody in charge of security management and they have no budget for security management.

Panda Cloud Protection - protectie maxima, costuri reduse Panda Cloud Protection - protectie maxima, costuri reduse Presentation Transcript

  • WHO WE ARE History 20 years innovating since our birth in 1990 Markets & Security products for business and domestic users Products Protection through integrated solutions Protection against malware: viruses, spam, phishing and other threats Locations Head offices in Spain (Madrid and Bilbao) Subsidiaries in US, Germany, Benelux, France, Austria, UK, Sweden, China and Japan Local offices in over 50 countries and sales in over 200 800 direct employees and 1.600 in total worldwide Country Partners Direct Presence
  • CORPORATE PRODUCTS: PANDA SECURITY CORPORATE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS PANDA SECURITY FOR BUSINESS Solid protection, complete modular control of workstations and file servers PANDA SECURITY FOR BUSINESS WITH EXCHANGE Solid protection, complete modular control of workstations, file servers and Exchange mail servers PANDA SECURITY FOR ENTERPRISE Integrated protection, complete control of all corporate network layers. Includes groupware and perimeter
  • PANDA OFFERS INTEGRATED SOLUTION FOR EVERY CUSTOMER… • Protection for workstatios • Protection for Exchange • Protection for Domino Servers • Protection for ISA Servers •Protection for workstatios • Protection for Exchange • Protection antivirus, antimalware, antis pam, firewall, parental control, backup 4
  • HARDWARE PRODUCTS : SOLUTIONS TO PROTECT WEB TRAFFIC Your first line of defense! Panda GateDefender is a family of appliances which protect the perimeter of any network against internet threats and content threats, which account for most of the attacks today It optimizes resources by freeing up servers and workstations It increases user productivity by eliminating unnecessary traffic on the network
  • “In particular, we like the malware MALWARE AUDITS radar as a technique to audit incumbent performance and test Panda’s effectiveness” Gartner Magic Quadrant for EPP, May 2009 Maximized detection capacity thanks to Collective Intelligence technologies Compatible with other installed protection No installation and no dedicated infrastructure Detailed audit reports Transparent process for employees Always up-to-date and using the latest versions of the technologies (Hosted Service)
  • THE CLOUD SECURITY COMPANY MISSION: to provide our customers with the simplest and most effective IT protection with the minimum impact Maximum Protection Minimum Impact Real Time... The Cloud Security Company
  • Security Concerns TIME Traditional antivirus require too much time and effort to install, configure and manage COSTS Additional hardware and software infrastructure is needed, implying extra capital investment. COMPLEXITY Complex installations and cumbersome management tasks require specialized personnel who won’t be focused on core business
  • Cloud Security From Cloud SaaS Security the Security model cloud  Security offered as a Service  Taking advantage of collective resources and information which can be accessed through the internet.  No investment on infrastructure, since all technology is hosted in the cloud.  The maintenance costs do not fall on the user, as maintenance is taken care of by the service provider.
  • Definition Panda Cloud Protection • Protects: • Endpoints • Email traffic • Internet-bound traffic • We provide this protection using Panda Security's Collective Intelligence. Signature files are constantly and automatically updated through internet. • Reduces risk, lowers cost, improves resource utilization and simplifies IT administration.
  • What is Panda Cloud Protection? LIGHT Optimizes resource consumption Doesn’t require infrastructure on the client side It is extremely light; all the work is done in the cloud SECURE Provides you with the fastest protection against the newest viruses and spam Everything is analyzed in PandaLabs’ servers EASY Truly easy to use The web console provides access to all network and email security information, anytime, anywhere Installation is effortless and can be done remotely
  • SECURITY CONCERNS Complexity and cost in managing antimalware and antispam in desktop and email traffic Database Admin servers Console Admins Web server Repository servers Email Servers 12
  • How does it work? Panda Cloud Protection Customer 2 Install option 1. Users receive e-mail with link and click to install protection Administrator Peer-to-Peer Updates/ upgrades from nearest desktops. Minimizes Administrator bandwidth consumption Office 2 Customer 1 Mobile users Install option 2. Push install via distribution tool Install option 3. Can also create an installation package with the msi file and distribute it through logon- script, active Office 1 Office 2 directory, Tivoli, SMS, LanDesk, etc. 13
  • How does it work? Malware scanning Content Filter IP reputation Guaranteed filter mode Filtering by extensions White lists and blacklists Training Panda Security CPD
  • How does it work? Message classification Anti- malware filter Filtering by lists Anti- spam filter
  • Functionalities ENDPOINTS: Panda Cloud Office Protection Peer-to-peer and automated Updates/Upgrades. Workstations and servers update or upgrade their protection from the nearest computer. Profile-based Protection by Groups Personal or managed firewall, protection for files, email, HTTP/FTP and instant messaging Delegated Administration Management. Create groups and assign privileges. Flexible Installation. Can be done remotely from a single point. Detailed, Summarized and Executive Reports . On-demand and scheduled scanning; results can be monitored real time Service provider console. Security management can be delegated to service providers, who can manage all clients centrally and effectively.
  • Functionalities EMAIL TRAFFIC: Panda Cloud Email Protection Perimetral Antivirus and Antispam. Connection filters, Filtering of Senders, Heuristic, Bayesian and content filters. Guaranteed filter mode ensures effective spam filtering, optimizing bandwidth and company resources Profile-based Web administration console. Settings at company, domain or user level. Management can be delegated. Webmail service for four days Email backup for 15 days Local email Notifier Email traffic activity reports
  • Functionalities WEB TRAFFIC: Panda Cloud Internet Protection Web Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and protection against Botnets, Phishing attacks, Cross Site Scripting and other advanced Web 2.0 attacks URL filtering, granular Web 2.0 app controls (see and control who is posting what, and where). Data Loss Protection (DLP) High-speed content filtering of all web traffic while ensuring that credit card, social security numbers or proprietary data does not escape your network. Ultra-Low Latency: minimal re-routing of traffic and negligible latency. Unified Reporting – global integrated and real-time web reporting
  • Why Panda Cloud Protection? Why Panda Cloud Protection and not Traditional Corporate Security Solutions? CORPORATE SECURITY PANDA CLOUD BENEFITS SOLUTIONS PROTECTION Infrastructure At customer site Hosted in the cloud No initial costs Console Installed Web-based Simplicity Needs dedicated Zero maintenance Maintenance Easy, low-cost staff costs Installation & Long deployment Short deployment Saves time upgrades and upgrade time time Management of Implementation in distributed Install & forget Trouble-free each office offices Service Possible service No interference in Ensures business availability crashes day-to-day business continuity
  • Target TARGET SECURITY MANAGEMENT CONCERNS -Exhaustive security control LARGE and regulation application ACCOUNTS (LOPD, PCI, …) -Distributed office -Global DISTRIBUTED management Protection: OFFICE -Low bandwidth consumption Web, Email and Endpoints -24x7 SMALL AND -Lack of specialized resources monitoring to MEDIUM -Low IT budget reduce risks BUSINESS -Lack of security budget SOHO -No specialized personnel for security management
  • People’s Pains SMB CEO’s main concerns: Liquidity Reduce Fixed cost Increase Productivity Avoid data loss Ensure business continuity How does Panda Cloud Protection solve CEO’s concerns? Liquidity No need for Security infrastructure Investment Variable Costs proportional to number of employees Reduce Fixed cost Total cost in security can be decreased in almost 50% IT has reduces time in Security related tasks Increase Productivity IT is focused on Core Business Processes Data Protection Enforcement of Compliance Policy through full inspection Small of all HTTP and HTTPS traffic Business Ensure business continuity 24x7 active security service which does not interfere in CEO 21 the day-to-day business21
  • Main concerns: People’s Pains Improve Security in HQ, Remote Off. & Laptops Reduce mail server load Reduce Fixed & Operational Cost Reduce Time in Security and Focus on the business needs How does Panda Cloud Protection solve his concerns? Improve Security & Risk Management Proactive antimalware & firewall in PCs, Laptops & servers Centralized Security Management of the whole business Periodical Malware Audits for prevention Anti-malware for email Forget standalone security products in laptops Internet-bound traffic protection Reduce Email Server Load Less email traffic on the network Reduce Fixed and Operational Costs No Investment in hardware and software Less bandwidth & resource consumption Reduce installation time. Simply Install and Manage Focus on Business Needs IT Less Time in Security Management, updating/upgrading & RESPONSIBLE cleaning infections 22
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  • THANKS Thank you!