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Hootsuite enterprise


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  • 1. HootSuite Enterprise  Revolutionizing Social Communication for Enterprise Teams
  • 2. Revolutionizing Social Communication   The world’s best brands manage top social networks using HootSuite... II. Celtuce wattle seed
  • 3. Partnering with the Best   Charter  Member  -­‐  Cer<fied  Developer  Program   HootSuite  is  one  of  only  four  Charter  Members  of   LinkedIn’s  Cer:fied  Developer  Program   Exclusive  Launch  Partner   HootSuite  was  TwiNers  exclusive  launch  partner  for  their   Promoted  Tweets  product   Preferred  Development  Consultant   HootSuite  works  closely  with  Facebook  to  integrate  the   latest  func:onality   Launch  Partner  for  Google+  Pages   “[HootSuite  was]  selected  based  on  their  extensive   experience  helping  brands  and  businesses  manage  and   analyze  their  presence  on  social  networks.”  -­‐  Google
  • 4. Building Great Audiences   Average Twitter User Average HootSuite User …working together with the top
  • 5. Around the World
  • 6. HootSuite Enterprise   HootSuite provides sophisticated tools for desktop management and
  • 7. HootSuite Mobile   HootSuite has an enterprise-ready, industry leading desktop application... right-sized mobile …and applications running on all major mobile
  • 8. Unmatched Global Reach  With more than3 million of the worlds mostinfluential socialusers, HootSuitehas unmatched global
  • 9. Empowering Social Business   HootSuite is being Develop Researc nt   used across the   Sales social enterprise, me h  &     driving engagement in all facets of organizations. Finance  &   Accoun<ng
  • 10. Pillars of Social Business
  • 11. Pillars of Social Business   Op:ona Collabora<on   Message  Scheduling   ✔   Message  Assignments   ✔   Engagement     Use  this Geo  Targe:ng   ✔   Shared  Search  Streams   ✔   next  4   Bulk  Messaging   ✔   Advanced  Team  Permissions   ✔   To  go  de Real-­‐Time  Search   ✔   Enterprise-­‐wide  Scalability   ✔   Quick  &  Custom  Repor:ng   ✔   Limited  Permissions  seZng   ✔   Analy<cs   Security   30+  Drag  and  Drop  Modules   ✔   Secure  Profiles   ✔   Google,  TwiNer,  FB  &  Owly   ✔   HTTPS   ✔   Automated  Sharing   ✔   Financial  Compliance   ✔
  • 12. Engagement Streamline your social outreach and optimize your   brand visibility across social channels. •  Quickly find and interact with relevant conversations across all major networks •  Draft, review and schedule process for both instant and timed messages •  Search streams to track specific engagement types •  Message and task assignments for large, distributed
  • 13. Collaboration Coordinate social media activity   across your entire organization. •  Collaboratively post updates to multiple social networks via web & mobile •  Simple and robust controls to add or remove team members at any time •  Monitor and assign messages to various divisions for follow-up •  Scalable – Built to grow with your
  • 14. Security Industry leading tools to protect   your team and brand’s social assets: •  Role-based team profiles include permission management •  Secure cloud-based infrastructure and HTTPS connections •  Secure customer profiles help prevent messages reaching the wrong
  • 15. Analytics Track your campaigns across   networks and meet objectives. •  Over 30 social analytic report modules including Facebook Insights and Google Analytics •  Automatically send custom reports to multiple team members •  Leverage partner integrations to more digital marketing and analytics
  • 16. Integration Partners (API + SDK)
  • 17. Education & Customized Training         HootSuite   Professional  Services   Customized Training   Programs and Support. HootSuite  Enterprise  Training   Live Product-Specific   Training Sessions. HootSuite  University   On-Demand
  • 18. Overview: Support & Training   Onboarding and Training •  Setup: dedicated Account Manager •  HootSuite University: On-demand training •  Live Training: e.g. Using HootSuite for Customer Service •  Professional Services Ongoing Support •  Phone Support: Dedicated Account Manager •  Web Support: Tier-one Online Ticketing and Status •  Social Media Support: Support
  • 19. Professional Services   Let our team help your team succeed •  Ramp Up Social Media Management Capabilities •  Setup for Success with Dashboard Optimization •  Tailor ROI Measurement and Analytics Enhancements •  Solution-specific Team Training •  Add HootSuite as a Virtual Team Member(s)
  • 20. HootSuite University   Your online certification program and social media education center. Included: •  Online product training •  HootSuite Certification •  24 hour, on-demand educational
  • 21. Case Study   MTV •  Managing core accounts across the MTV portfolio •  Event-based teams for Music Video, Movie and Music Awards •  Resulted in topics becoming top trends worldwide and in specific geos •  Custom reports for various events and artists allowed deep trend
  • 22. Case Study   New York Public Library •  Build social brand for the library •  Increase social engagement •  Drive targeted traffic to web content •  Manage over 100 social media accounts with no dedicated staff •  Scheduling and workflow are fundamental to
  • 23. Case Study   Guggenheim •  Launched partnership with YouTube, Intel and HP •  More than 500K followers worldwide •  Connected online and offline actions •  Allowed team to support both campaigns and live events in real
  • 24. Case Study   Pepsi •  Managing successful global Facebook and Twitter accounts for Pepsi brands •  Event- and campaign- based engagement •  Higher productivity with limited resources •  Collaborative workflow for multiple products •  Ability to quickly act on or react to trends •  Measure and weight activity to inform
  • 25. Take Their Word For It   “HootSuite is recognized as one of the world’s top social-media management systems.” Profit Magazine HootSuite named in the top 10 tools for entrepreneurs in 2012 Forbes Magazine "HootSuite is an essential tool for managing social networks by allowing teams to efficiently track conversations and measure campaign results." Pete Cashmore,
  • 26. Resources @HootSuite
  • 27. Thank You!   Request a demo