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Look at the thesis statements and decide which one would be the best for an argument paper.

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Rate the Thesis

  1. 1. Rate the Thesis Choose the best arguable thesis
  2. 2. Right to Die • In spite of the laws on the books, people have a right to die when and how they choose. • People who are suffering from a terminal illness have the right to die a dignified death at their own hands. • People who help terminally ill patients die with dignity should not be prosecuted.
  3. 3. Marijuana • People who smoke marijuana for medical reasons should not be prosecuted. • Marijuana is not that bad a drug; it should be made legal in the United States. • Because of its documented benefits, regulated medical marijuana should be legal in the United States.
  4. 4. Immigration • The United States has enough people; the borders need to be closed to any more immigration. • The United States needs to control immigration, so that citizens from all countries have a fair chance of making it into this country. • We need to control immigration to secure our borders and protect our unity.
  5. 5. Education • America's public schools are neglecting the basics. • The underlying problem in the schools is that many students are disengaged from learning, in large part, because of what they are taught and how they are taught. • You get what you pay for, and too many schools are starved for funds. Public schools are expected to turn out high-achieving students, but many school systems are forced to operate on a shoestring.
  6. 6. Environment • We have made progress on environmental protection, but we can't let up now. • Because a safe and sound environment is the precondition for human life itself, environmental protection must take precedence over other public goals. • We certainly should protect the environment, but we need to take a careful look at the laws we have put in place to see that they are not costing us too much in money or jobs for the benefit we are getting.
  7. 7. Medical Research • Science thrives –- and humanity benefits –- when researchers are free to pursue knowledge and follow the trail of its discoveries, wherever they may lead. • Human life is sacred and should not be treated as just another laboratory in which to conduct experiments. • By manipulating genes, we will be "playing God" and attempting to circumvent the laws of nature that govern creation. • Scientists should learn how to treat diseases using stem cells and gene therapy. But they should never try to "engineer" the genes of future generations.
  8. 8. Crime • The underlying problem is that American society is too lenient with violent criminals, thereby encouraging lawlessness. • The United States has a serious crime problem because it is a harsh society. Unless we recognize corrosive social and economic forces that lead to criminality and take serious measures to address the causes of crime, we are unlikely to lower the rate of violent crime. • As a nation, we have relied increasingly on harsh sentences and incarceration as the punishment of choice for most offenders. What we have chosen to overlook is that most offenders emerge from prison more dangerous than they were before.