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  • Creative CV Zoe Hou 2013 Updated

    1. 1. My Experiences Creative strategist, PR Account Director, and journalist with over10 years of experiences in technology, FMCG, pharmaceutical, design and financial services relatedWHO industries. La Vie Magazine (2010- 2013) • No.1 Arts, Design & Lifestyle monthly magazine in the Chinese London & Taipei Speaking world • Published in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore ICL MSL (2006 – 2007, 2011-2012) • MSL GROUP Taiwan branch Taipei • Leading PR agency in the Greater China area with extensive operational experience across industries in different fields, such as public relations, event marketing, and digital marketing.WHERE American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (2007-2009) • The largest, most effective foreign business NPO in advocacy Taipei towards Taiwan & US government. National Policy Foundation (2005-2006) • Think tank of Kuo Ming Tang (the incumbent ruling party of Taiwan) Taipei Elite PR Group (2001 -2003) • The largest Taiwan originated PR Group in Greater China. Taipei
    2. 2. Things I’ve done add up to my capabilities Analyzing Planning Positioning WritingImplementing Interviewing Evaluating Branding Reporting Advertising
    3. 3. From Zero to full, within 10 days Mission includes:Comfort panicking Boost the confidence Taiwan GM of visiting global CEO Create a beautifully decorated venue Under with a magic wand Control! Lock the media Perfect deployment of the service team
    4. 4. The Result......
    5. 5. Happy client with a beautiful story to show off around the globe &Wonderfully established media relations!
    6. 6. Featured in Continental World
    7. 7. Communication objectives Communicate the new formula “Zinc” “remove dandruff and creates intimacy” Engage consumers and media in every possible way Please channel partner as much as possible
    8. 8. The 360 degree creative solution
    9. 9. 2006 Head & ShouldersTaiwan PR Campaign
    10. 10. Zinc Exploration Voyage Yacht cruise press conferencetargeting healthcare beat media with a zinc BBQ feast and professional endorser illustrating the wonder of Zinc against dandruff 25
    11. 11. Celebrity Endorser TVC making-of Celebrity endorser TVC making-of won various entertainment media exposure 26
    12. 12. On-line Crowdsourced Photo CompetitionAttracted more than 450,000 voters within 1 month 27
    13. 13. Grand Launch Press Conference 28
    14. 14. Consumer Event at Carrefour Online photo Competition Awarding ceremony Carrefour packed with crowds Patty interacts with consumers 29
    15. 15. Amazing Result Total PR value US$1,467,437, 30 times of investment. Engaged more than 450,000 on-line voters within a month. Virtual event engaged hundreds of consumers to attend Carrefour event and boosted sales. Maximized media exposure from healthcare, entertainment and consumer beat. 30
    16. 16. Set the communication standardtransform complex information into simple messages  Easy: advanced direct banking service with highly secured intuitive on-line banking  Direct: well-trained HSBC Direct specialist team come to users providing bank account initiation service  High: highest interest rate in the market
    17. 17. Regional HSBC Executives vowto provide convenient and direct service
    18. 18. Specialist Team shows high spirit
    19. 19. Media packed press conference
    20. 20. Champion Result As pilot in Asia Market, Taiwan launch is praised as the benchmark region-wide. Total PR value US$350,650, 10 times of investment. Engaged more than 200 journalists across TV, newspaper, magazine and on-line media.
    21. 21. What is AmCham? A non-profit, non-partisan business organization dedicated to promoting the interests of international business. The largest, most effective business organization in Taiwan. With more than 1000 members representing more than 500 companies. 26 working committees meet on a monthly basis to address advocacy issues.
    22. 22. What is AmCham White Paper? Assessment of Taiwan’s business climate Summarize AmChams recommendations to the Taiwan/US government and public policy issues AmCham’s most important annual advocacy tool to communicate with the Taiwan/US government
    23. 23. Engage & Advocatemy work as the Government Relations Specialist Engage and liaise with the Chamber’s 26 industry committees and hundreds of industry leaders Bridge relations with Taiwan/US government and the media at all levels Coordinate White Paper editing and production Organize 300+ advocacy activities/ meetings each year with industry committees and high-level government officials based around White Paper issues
    24. 24. Some major changes created Taiwan opened Taiwan/China direct flight US/Taiwan signed Government Procurement Agreement US government removed Taiwan from the Special 301 Watch List, validating the intellectual property right protection efforts of Taiwan Taiwan reduced the corporate income tax rate
    25. 25. La VieNo.1 Arts, Design & Lifestyle monthly magazine in the Chinese Speaking world Published in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore
    26. 26. As International Correspondent and Contributor, I report and critique on: Arts Design Architecture PhotographyBrand Movie Travel Dining
    27. 27. My Stories:London Features
    28. 28. Monthly Column: London Watch Introducing the arts, design, lifestyle in London
    29. 29. London Design Festival 2010 Origin, scale, history and impact
    30. 30. London Design Festival 2010Interview with Executive Director Ben Evans and various artists
    31. 31. London Design Festival 2010In-depth coverage of various exhibits across London
    32. 32. My Stories:TOP100 Taiwan Creative Leaders
    33. 33. Aspiring artists in animation, design, photography and arts.
    34. 34. My Stories:Interviews with Brands and Talents
    35. 35. Architect: Sir Terry Farrellon his design concept of the Souel Incheon International Airport
    36. 36. Fashion Designer Sean Chen & Architect Yiao-jen co-creation of SKIN project in London Fashion Week
    37. 37. Aroma Therapy Brand Founder: Chico Shigeta on her entrepreneurship and her beauty care philosophy
    38. 38. My StoriesShops & Artists
    39. 39. Louis Vuitton London Flagship Store brand, store design & installation
    40. 40. I Prefer Flagship Store creative concepts
    41. 41. Salvador Dali Exhibition in Taipei the curating concepts and Dali’s masterpieces
    42. 42. Salvador Dali Exhibition in TaipeiJames Sanders, Marketing Director, Stratton Foundation
    43. 43. Designer Tokujin Yoshiokaon his design concept “invisible form” and related works
    44. 44. TODAYNow, more facts about Zoë
    45. 45. Some brands I worked with
    46. 46. Some people I worked with
    47. 47. Companies I worked for Click Icon to link Account Director and Corporate Coach International Correspondent and Contributor Government Relations Specialist Senior Account Executive Asian Wall Street Journal Translator
    48. 48. Trained in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Click Icon to link Graduate Diploma in Psychology Certificate in Psychotherapy and Counseling Certificate in Filmmaking B.A. in Foreign Languages and Literatures
    49. 49. Bilingual Blogger Click picture to link
    50. 50. Social Media SavvyClick icon to see my page & posts
    51. 51. Favorite Talks Click picture for the talk Elizabeth Gilbert: Sir Ken Robinson: Alain de Botton: Your elusive creative genius Bring on the learning revolution! A kinder, gentler philosophy of success David Kelley: Sarah Kay: Brené Brown:How to build your creative confidence If I should have a daughter ... The power of vulnerability
    52. 52. InspirationsArgentine Tango Iyengar Yoga Tai Chi Jazz Reading Movies
    53. 53. TOMORROW “Tomorrow [noun]: a mystical landwhere 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.” ~ Sir Ken Robinson In the age of always-on conversation around the globe, GREAT IDEAs are shifting the future.
    54. 54. Let’s shift the future! Zoë Hou Cell: +886-988-086-908 Email:
    55. 55. CreditsMaster design and P2- P10 graphics by Han Lee @Haniboi