Toolbar and web 2.0 retention


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Toolbar and web 2.0 retention

  1. 1. Customer Retention & Real Time Communication tool.<br />Retain and acquire customers<br />… the smart way<br /><ul><li> A branded tool bar and a web 2.0 start page application
  2. 2. Retain your customers effectively
  3. 3. Communicate with your customers in real-time
  4. 4. A non intrusive way to connect to your customers
  5. 5. Learn more about your customer's internet habits</li></ul> Sell more smartly, effectively<br />Bottom Line:<br /><ul><li> Increased revenues
  6. 6. Customer loyalty
  7. 7. A new communication channel</li></ul>SIA iDeaTurf Consulting | |<br />
  8. 8. Your Need<br />The problem<br /><ul><li> Too many email communications
  9. 9. or intrusive phone calls
  10. 10. Seasonal promotions are good.. </li></ul>... but think of your competitors overwhelming the same customer too.<br />The result<br /><ul><li>Unsubscribes
  11. 11. Lost customers
  12. 12. Decreased customer loyalty</li></ul>SIA iDeaTurf Consulting | |<br />
  13. 13. The Solution<br />Customized Toolbar & Web 2.0 Start Page<br />SIA iDeaTurf Consulting | |<br />
  14. 14. How it works<br /><ul><li> Think of it as a one-time customer opt-in (in the context of email marketing)
  15. 15. Once installed, you have established a direct communication channel with your customer
  16. 16. Non-intrusive messaging gives the customer the choice to act on the offer/message
  17. 17. Through the analytics, know when to reach your subscriber best</li></ul>SIA iDeaTurf Consulting | |<br />
  18. 18. The Process<br /><ul><li> We give you a tailored, branded marketing page from which to promote your toolbar to your customers.
  19. 19. Upon download, your branded toolbar is position on your customer's browser (works with IE and FireFox)
  20. 20. Your customers have complete control over customizing your branded toolbar
  21. 21. Clicking on the 'MINE' button on the toolbar gives your customer access their customizable web 2.0 page
  22. 22. Your customers can select from RSS feeds, to email snapshots and live/dynamic messaging from you.
  23. 23. Complete localization available. Multiple languages support.
  24. 24. Geographic/local feeds capability
  25. 25. Facebook/Twitter/Calendar apps compatibility</li></ul>SIA iDeaTurf Consulting | |<br />
  26. 26. The Backend<br /><ul><li> To add a marketing message, it's as simple as selecting the date/time/locale/media type/message.
  27. 27. No more spam or design checks needed. No external dependencies
  28. 28. We love stats, and certain that you love them too. Active Loads, # of installs and many more</li></ul>SIA iDeaTurf Consulting | |<br />
  29. 29. The Engagement<br /><ul><li> Live Demo: Contact us to set up a live demo and to see in real-time the effectiveness of the toolbar.
  30. 30. Contact: Write to for any questions that you may have.
  31. 31. Short of ideas? We can help you kick-start the toolbar campaign through innovative ways.</li></ul>SIA iDeaTurf Consulting | |<br />