Xiaomi Mi 3 Maverick Detail Review


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As Xiaomi enters India with Mi 3, it's important to understand what it brings to a market which is dominated by Samsung, Nokia and Micromax.

When it come to hardware, the Mi 3 is a clear winner. Top of the line hardware at one-third the cost of a Samsung S5 is a no brainer. But what's really going to make it successful is the software it carries. MiUi V5, while inspired, is a clear winner; using the best of iOS and stock Android. It has something for both the Average Users and the Power Users.

For more details, check: IdeasMaverick Blog - http://www.ideasmaverick.com

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Xiaomi Mi 3 Maverick Detail Review

  1. 1. Xiaomi Mi 3 The ‘Maverick Detail’ Review
  2. 2. Lock Screen :| ‣ Shortcuts to the most used features: Call, Messaging and Camera! ‣ Double Tap on the centre, reveals the next screen
  3. 3. Music Player :) ‣ Double Tap on the Lock Screen to access Music Player! ‣ Simple controls for Play/Pause, Previous and Next
  4. 4. Home Screen :) ‣ Looks like a combination of iOS 6 (icons/folders) and Android (search bar)! ‣ Unlike in most Android devices, and like in iOS, there isn’t a back layer of apps. All installed apps are on the home screens. There’s no system of shortcuts. ! ‣ I like this way better [Personal Opinion]
  5. 5. Folders :) ‣ Folders have a similar look to iOS! ‣ You can add both apps and web page shortcuts to folders! ‣ The ‘full screen’ blur effect is far better than iOS 7’s boxed effect [Personal Opinion]
  6. 6. PageTransitions :) ‣ You can change the ‘effect’ on page transitions of the home screen! ‣ Screen shot shows the ‘Tumble’ effect, which gives the transitions a View Master feel! ‣ Page transitions on both iOS and Android are a basic slide, making it quite predictably boring
  7. 7. Contacts :| ‣ Searchable! ‣ Scrub-able with alphabets on the right! ‣ Maverick Detail: Shows the total contacts on the search bar and not towards the end of the directory (iOS stupidly does this to date)
  8. 8. Contact Detail :) ‣ Shows call log! ‣ Maverick Detail: Shows call specific details. Interestingly, shows the number of times the phone rang before the caller disconnected.
  9. 9. Edit Contacts :| ‣ Simple 5 field reveal-able form, as opposed to a uselessly exhaustive iOS or Android Contact details form
  10. 10. Calling Pad :) ‣ Basic Features: Speakerphone, Dial Pad, Additional Features Drop Out! ‣ Additional Features: As seen on first two rows on the screenshot! ‣ Maverick Detail: Record.
 That’s right, you can now record conversations. Expect more Comcast Customer Service like recordings to surface!
  11. 11. Call Settings :) ‣ Maverick Detail: Record all calls or create a custom list! ‣ What’s awesome is that it compresses these calls in MP3 format and uses up just 1KB/ second. So an hours’ worth of recording is just 3.6 MB. Basically, a user can record all their calls without utilising much space.! ‣ Expect more more ‘viral’ call recordings to flood Social Media, and well, more lawsuits
  12. 12. Camera :( ‣ When compared to S5 or iPhone, this is the only part that’s a little disappointing! ‣ Features like anyone else, with nothing exceptional to write about, except when you switch to the front camera…
  13. 13. Selfie Camera :| ‣ Maverick Detail: Predicts the gender quite accurately, but not much can be said about age. Clearly I’m not 28 :)! ‣ Just a nice little fun feature
  14. 14. Notifications :| ‣ Simple notifications and system toggles, are side by side! ‣ As in any Android, Notifications can be removed with a swipe! ‣ System toggles can be customised based on what you most use, making it quite handy
  15. 15. Home Screen Edit :| ‣ Moving Apps has never been easier. I would suggest using this any day instead of iOS’s lame hold, move and drop! ‣ Quick access to Widgets, Wallpaper and Page Transitions Effects as well! ‣ You can move page positions (like in most Android devices and unlike on iOS devices)
  16. 16. Power Panel :| ‣ Long press of the Power button gives you quick access to the most basic deice features! ‣ The one thing I still miss, is a simple physical switch to toggle between Silent and Ringer modes. I suspect Apple’s patented this :(
  17. 17. Themes :) ‣ The Killer Feature, where Xiaomi sets itself apart, enters the big league and kicks some serious a$$! ‣ Choose from a wide array of stable, fully-integrated themes! ‣ Maverick Detail: The level of detail in any of the themes you select will be astounding
  18. 18. Calendar :) ‣ Clean elegant look and feel! ‣ Love this more than I love the calendar on my iOS or stock Android OS
  19. 19. Clock :) ‣ The attention to detail on this one is fabulous! ‣ Maverick Detail: When on the selection, the device has a slight vibrate for every second of the ticking. Bring it close to your ears and you’ll discover the whirring and tick tock of old table clocks.
  20. 20. Alarm :| ‣ Under the Clock app! ‣ No jazz, Simple and elegant.! ‣ Loud alarm, with a ‘tap to snooze’ and ‘slide to silence’ options
  21. 21. Weather :) ‣ Graphical movement represents the weather in your area! ‣ Maverick Detail: Area level detail (where available, AccuWeather) and not a generic city-level detail! ‣ Love the look and feel of the expected forecast
  22. 22. Compass :) ‣ Maverick Detail: It’s important to note that MiUi follows an elegant combination of Skeuomorphic and Flat design principles! ‣ Shows, Lat, Long, Altitude and Atmospheric Pressure
  23. 23. Radio :) ‣ Maverick Detail: At first glance, you’ll think this is a Dieter Rams radio, but then you’ll realise it’s not! ‣ While MiUi has definitely been inspired by Apple, Apple’s Skeuomorphic design was in turn inspired by Braun’s Dieter Rams
  24. 24. Transfer :| ‣ Device to device transfer is easy! ‣ Maverick Detail: Device pairing is done using ‘audio’, making the process simpler and faster! ‣ Look and Feel is definitely inspired
  25. 25. Memory Management :) ‣ Simple icon based purge! ‣ Way better than multi-screen scrolling as in the case of iOS! ‣ Maverick Detail: Tap on the brush to purge all apps and clear memory
  26. 26. Security Management :) ‣ Maverick Detail: Visualisations are fantastic! ‣ Each section provides a detailed understanding of what’s under the hood! ‣ Allows users to change settings in order to manually better optimise their systems (essentially just for power users)
  27. 27. Data Management :) ‣ With data transfer on mobile devices having limitations, it’s important to manage your data! ‣ Maverick Detail: Personally love the depleting water level visual that shows how much data has been used and how much is left! ‣ Manage data transfer app wise after getting to understand which apps use the most data. WLAN stands for data over WiFi.
  28. 28. Power Management :) ‣ Maverick Detail: Provides you with both App level and Hardware level details of power usage! ‣ Unsurprisingly, it’s Screen, WiFi and Mobile Standby that use the most power (here in Singapore, we don’t make too many calls from our mobile)
  29. 29. Drive Management :| ‣ Simple interface which shows what kind of media is using up the most space! ‣ Not too impressed with the interface, but it does make it easy for users to access categories and remove files if and when needed