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Innovation in an Uncertain World
Robinson College, Cambridge, UK
22nd June 2012

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Booklet TVC2012

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  3. 3. Innovation in an Uncertain World“Empowering Innovators, Fuelling the Future” 3
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  5. 5. 22nd June 2012Welcome TVC2012 Delegates,On behalf of the Executive Committee and Cambridge University Liz  Williams  Technology & Enterprise Club (CUTEC), we would like to welcome you to President  the 9th annual Technology Ventures Conference (TVC).Since the Club’s inception in 2003, CUTEC has hosted the TVC in aneffort to connect entrepreneurs with the extensive network thatexists in Cambridge. The TVC showcases tech talent from young start-ups to established companies – spanning the spectrum of technologydevelopment. The conference brings together students, academics,investors and technology professionals to create new partnerships and Vivian  Chan  inspire future innovation. Chairman  This year’s conference, themed ‘Innovation in an Uncertain World’, aims toaddress the hesitancy in the global marketplace. Speakers and panellistswill paint a picture of the investment and innovation trends evolving asnations strive to build a sustainable future. Technology plays a key role in Alexey  Bannykh  human advancement, be it through healthcare, communications or the Director  of  Innova5on  way we interact with social media platforms. Technology is undoubtedlylinked to research and development, and in the current climate ofshrinking funds, the conference will serve as a platform for debate onhow we will continue to innovate and bring new technologies to the fore.We would like to thank our speakers, workshop facilitators, exhibitors,investor panellists and you for participating in the conference and shaping Claire  Thiveyrat  its impact. We are extremely grateful to our sponsors and advisors, who Director  of  Opera3ons  have kindly supported us in all our endeavours throughout the year. Neil  Rzechorzek   Director  of  Development   5
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  7. 7. ContentsTVC Schedule................................................................... 10Venue.................................................................................. 13Workshops........................................................................ 19Technology Start-up Showcase................................ 23Investors Panel............................................................... 24Diamond Exhibition...................................................... 26Speakers............................................................................. 31About CUTEC.................................................................... 43Executive Committee..................................................... 50Teams.................................................................................. 53Press Release................................................................... 62Sponsors............................................................................ 70 7
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  9. 9. Innovation in an Uncertain WorldOur future economies depend on cutting edge innovation to add value to society and to solve the biggestchallenges facing our planet. The continued support of research and development is essential, particularlyat a time when resources – both financial and otherwise – are increasingly under pressure. Yet, as Hewlett-Packard’s recent acquisition of Autonomy demonstrates, big business is still keen to invest in the opportunitiesbeing developed in high-tech clusters. Economic growth depends on those who can mobilize concept torealization, and create solutions with new technologies.For its Technology Ventures Conference 2012, CUTEC will aim to address how the current financial climate isaffecting the way new technologies are being developed and brought to market. Following on from TVC2011’shighly successful ‘Open Innovation’ theme, the conference will investigate other innovation models thatsucceed during lean years. TVC2012 will debate the importance of innovation in an uncertain world by lookingat investment strategies and the infrastructure for innovation, focusing on key sectors both within the UK andthe global economy.Topics to be discussed include: • What are the specific challenges of driving innovation in the current climate? • How are successive periods of financial instability affecting high-tech clusters such as Cambridge? • How do we encourage / support innovation with limited resources? • The role of disruptive innovation in generating growth • Innovation on a budget – leveraging efficiency to maximise potential • Is the UK investing enough on innovation? What do we hope to gain from the new Enterprise Hubs?Delegates will be inspired by lively debates and keynote speeches, highlighting the level of opportunity opento entrepreneurs within high-tech clusters. The conference will act as a forum for delegates to engage andconnect, ultimately enabling new relationships through networking that may prove key in future ventures. 9
  10. 10. TVC Schedule Session A - Main Auditorium | Session B - Umney Auditorium Time Session A Session B 08:00-09:00 Breakfast and Registration 09:00-09:10 President’s Welcome and Opening by Aled Jones 09:10-10:00 Morning Keynote – Julie Meyer 10:00-10:30 Speaker – Jack Lang Speaker – Ian Taylor 10:30-11:00 Coffee Break 11:00-12:00 Cloud Computing Healthcare Innovation Simon Bain Nick Sireau Richard Horning Alison Fielding Doug Clark Allan Marchington Natasa Milic-Frayling Mike Johnson (m) Greg Williams (m) 12:00-13:15 Lunch and Company Exhibitions: Technology Showcase and Diamond Exhbition10
  11. 11. Breaks and Exhibitions - Dining Hall | Workshops - Breakout Rooms Time Session A Session B13:15-14:15 Afternoon Keynote – David S. Rose14:15-15:30 CUE & iTeams Pitches Workshops 1, 2, 3 (Music Room) (see pages 19-22)15:30-16:00 Coffee Break16:00-16:30 Technology Showcase Finalists’ Pitches16:30-17:00 Speaker – Elizabeth Varley Speaker – Danielle Fong17:00-18:00 Global Investment CleanTech Brigitte Baumann Colin Campbell Mark Cheng Dominic Emery Gervais Williams Sebastian Schoefer Alan Barrell (m) Martin Garratt Martin Chilcott (m)18:00-18:20 Technology Showcase Winner and Conference Close 11
  12. 12. Guiding You Through the ChallengesBusiness Growth Team - Milton KeynesIn today’s global market place, you need the view from ground level and fromhorizon to horizon. You need a law firm that’s always looking out for youfrom every angle. That is why SNR Denton is here.Focused on eight industry sectors and with offices in key financial and commercial centres worldwide, we have the people,resources and vision to see what’s coming, where its coming from, and how to turn it to your advantage.At a local level, our Milton Keynes office houses a seven-strong Business Growth team. On hand to nurture your businessfrom its inception to your exit, our team will guide you through the challenges that any new business faces.For further information, please visit us today at the SNR Denton Business Growth 12© 2012 SNR Denton. SNR Denton is the collective trade name for an international legal practice. Attorney Advertising. Please see for Legal Notices.
  13. 13. Venue 13
  14. 14. RobinsonCollege Robinson College Robinson College Birmingham Peterborough Birmingham BirminghamPeterborough Peterborough M6 A11 A14 M6 M6 Cambridge A11 A11 A14 A14 A14 Cambridge A14 A14 Cambridge A14 M1 A1(M) A14 A14 M1 A1(M) M40 M1 A1(M) Ipswich A428 Ipswich M11 Ipswich A1307 M40 M40 A428 A428 14 A1307 A1307 M11 M11 A12 14 14 Hu M25 A12 A12 Hu Hu nt in gd M25 London M25 nt nt in gd in gd on M4 London London on on Ro ad M4 M4 M3 M23 M20 Ro Ro ad ad M3 M23 M3 M20 M23 M20 From DETAILED VIEW A428 Fro From m A1303 DETAILED VIEW DETAILED VIEW A4 A42828 A1303 A1303 A1303 A1303 Madingley Road Madin A1303 A1303 A1303 A1303 gley R d 13 Madingley Road Madingley Road Madin Madin gley R gley R Traffic Barrier: d d 13 13 Rd no entry e from north erforc Grange Road Traffic Barrier: Traffic Barrier: Rd d rce R no entry no entry A1134 Wilb e from north from north erforc Road Grange Road fo M11 Grange ilber Adam A1134 A1134 Wilb s Rd W Rd M11 M11 ster Cambridge River Cam Adam Adam s Rd s Rd University Sylve ter Rd d Library ster R Hersche Cambridge l Rd Cambridge River Cam River Cam Sylves University University Sylve ad Library Library West Rd Hersch H ns Ro el erschel Rd Rd Road ad Quee 12 West Rd West Rd ns Ro GraQue Road eens Quee 12 12 Sidgwick Avenue A1134 ng Grange Road Grange Road To A603 M11 Bart Sidgwick Avenue A1134 Sidgwick Avenue A1134 on R Barton Road To To oad A603 A603 M11 Bar M11 Bart A603 A1134 ton ROBINSON COLLEGE on R Barton Road Barton Road SPORTS GROUND R oad oad A603 A603 A1134 A1134 A603 ROBINSON COLLEGE SPORTS GROUND ROBINSON COLLEGE SPORTS GROUND How to find us - by road from the M11 1. Exit at Junction 12 onto the A603 Barton Road A603 A603 How to find us - by road from the M11by road from the M11 How to signs for Cambridge along Barton Rd 2. Follow find us - 3. Exit at Junction 12 onto 1. Exit at Junction 12 onto the A603mile after entering the city turn Road 1. Less than half a Barton Roadthe A603 Barton left onto 2. Follow signs for Grange Road for Cambridge along Barton Rd 2. Cambridge along Barton Rd Follow signs 4. Less mile half a mile after entering 3. Half a thanon the left is the College 3. Less than half a mile after entering the city turn left onto the city turn left onto (distinctive red brick building, opposite the library tower) Grange Road Grange Road 4. Half a mile on the left is the College left is the College 4. Half a mile on the14 Robinson College Porters’ Lodge Conference Office brick building, opposite the library tower) (distinctive red (distinctive red brick building, opposite the library tower) Grange Rd Tel. +44 (0)1223 339 100 Tel. +44 (0)1223 332 859
  15. 15. College History Birmingham M6 Peterborough A11 A14 A14 CambridgeRobinson College is the most recent addition to the 31 A14colleges which make up the University of Cambridge. It M1 A1(M) Ipswich M40owes its A428 foundation to the generosity of Sir David Robinson A1307 M11 14who founded Robinson Rentals, one of the first television A12 Hrental companies. He also owned ausuccessful racing stable nt M25 in Londonin Newmarket. His endowment is theo largest single gift gd nR M4ever accepted by the University. oa M3 M20 d M23The College has been a venue for residential and non- Fromresidential conferences and meetings since 1981 and DETAILED VIEW A428 A1303 overthe years has steadily grown inA1303 experience and reputation.A1303It is now considered by conference organisersyand delegates Madingle Road Madin gley Rto be one of the leading university conference venues in 13 dthe UK. Traffic Barrier: e Rd no entry from north erforc Grange Road A1134 Wilb M11 Adam s Rd ter Rd Cambridge River Cam Sylves University Library Hersch el Rd ad West Rd ns Ro Quee 12 Grange Road Sidgwick Avenue A1134 To A603 M11 Bar ton Barton Road Road A603 A1134 ROBINSON COLLEGE SPORTS GROUND A603 How to find us - by road from the M11 1. Exit at Junction 12 onto the A603 Barton Road 2. Follow signs for Cambridge along Barton Rd 3. Less than half a mile after entering the city turn left onto Grange Road 4. Half a mile on the left is the College (distinctive red brick building, opposite the library tower) Robinson College Porters’ Lodge Conference Office Grange Rd Tel. +44 (0)1223 339 100 Tel. +44 (0)1223 332 859 Cambridge Fax. +44 (0)1223 351 794 Fax. +44 (0)1223 315 094 CB3 9AN 15
  16. 16. College Map16
  17. 17. Dining Hall Map 17
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  19. 19. Workshops 19
  20. 20. Microsoft - Generation Gaps in the Digital Age Nowadays, it is common that businesses gain competitive advantage through adoption of technologies to improve their core business processes and practices. In fact, the pressure from technical advances is often painful and disruptive. Nevertheless, it is well understood and the companies plan formodernization as an essential aspect of the business lifecycle.However, recently, and rather unexpectedly, the pressure and disruption are emerging in a different guise - notfrom the engineering, or sales, or research arms of a company but from the workforce that is distinctly shapedby the digital revolution and the new social and communication practices supported by digital technologies.We are talking about generation Y, born in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. Members of this generation possess aninstinctive mastery of computing technologies that can be generally lacking in those born in earlier decades.As members of generation Y enter the workforce, they appear at odds with existing organizational structures,policies, and practices. While familiar with the latest computing devices, applications, and services, they findthe traditional work environments technologically outdated and their processes inefficient. This is particularlythe case with large corporations and other mature businesses.As businesses strive to employ the new talent and innovate, the question is how to leverage the unique skillsof generation Y. How can businesses deal with the disruption to their IT support, communication practices,and business policies? How quickly can they adjust and ensure that there is a common language betweengenerations Y, X, and those before?. At the same time, generation Y faces a challenge of finding the right fit anddemonstrating how its way of working provides value to businesses. How should individuals articulate theirpriorities and identify the best opportunities for employment? What level of compromise would they considerand what role would they want to play in reshaping the workplace?This workshop is aimed at facilitating the discussion about the generationgap that is brought about by the differences in technology adoption. Weshall invite participants to think about specific issues and brainstorm aboutthe steps we can take to ensure that different generations work alongsideeffectively and strengthen businesses. The workshop will be run by DrNatasa Milic-Frayling, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research. Natasa isalso sitting on the TVC’s Cloud Computing panel.Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation20
  21. 21. County Council - From an idea to a business plan‘I have an idea, but is it a business?’, this is aquestion frequently being asked by potential orcurrent entrepreneurs. To answer this question, oneneeds to consider the problem being addressed, theeffectiveness of the solution, size of the market, theresources required, any existing substitutions, revenuemodel, and cost structure. This workshop provides agolden opportunity for participants to learn about theart of business plan creation. We will work togetheron some current challenges that CambridgeshireCounty Council is facing, in the area of transportinformation, and using them as examples to practisehow to develop an idea into a solid business plan. Tim is the Co-founder Graham Hughes is of Cambridge Transport Service Director, Solutions Ltd, working on Strategy & Development addressing issues relating at Cambridgeshire with public transport County Council. He has using today’s information responsibility for the technology and software development of Transport systems. Policy across the County. Tariq Sadiq was elected as a Cambridgeshire County Councillor in 2009, representing a Cambridge city division, and stood for parliament in 2010. He has over 20 years experience in university administration and fundraising. 21
  22. 22. HM Revenue and Customs R&D Unit - Cambridge Research and Development Relief is a Corporation Tax relief that may reduce a company’s tax bill. Alternatively, some small or medium-sized companies may be able to receive their tax credit as a cash sum paid by HMRC. A business may only claim R&D relief if it is liable for Corporation Tax. HMRC R&D units provide free help and advice, to assist businesses understand if they are eligible to apply for R&D Relief, and what conditions an R&D project must meet to qualify. David Cullum and Suzanne Nield from the Cambridge HMRC R&D Unit will use this workshop to explain the scheme in detail, including what costs can be claimed for, and how claims should be submitted. Generic domain names... • are easy to remember • build credibility and market presence • improve the effectiveness • simplify SEO of PPC ad campaigns • create a valuable long-term asset
  23. 23. Technology Start-up ShowcaseTechnology Showcase is an essential part of the Technology Ventures Conference. It runs in parallel with keynotespeeches, the lunch break (peak visibility) and workshops throughout the conference day. Technology Showcaseprovides an opportunity for young and fresh companies to demonstrate their new and exciting technologiesto conference attendees from various backgrounds: business and technology professionals, entrepreneurs andscientists.All showcased companies are invited to compete for a prize of “The most promising start-up 2012”. The bestyoung companies are selected by conference attendees and professional investors to enter the Dragons’ Dencompetition at the final part of the conference. The prizes awarded will include £10k worth of consultancy from KPMG £3k worth of legal advice from SNR Denton Mentorship with Springboard founder, Jon Bradford A six month free membership at Ideaspace, CambridgeWe are looking for start-ups who are at the forefront of emerging technology applications, be it by the inventionof novel technology, or by opening up a niche market with careful application of an existing or recently realisedtechnology. 23
  24. 24. Investors PanelGervais Williams is an award-winning equity fund manager and theauthor of Slow Finance. He has worked in the City for 25 years, 17 ofwhich were spent at Gartmore, where he managed clients’ investmentsin small to medium sized companies. He is now Managing Directorof MAM Funds plc. Gervais won Grant Thornton’s Quoted CompanyAward Investor of the Year in 2009 and 2010. He is a member of theAIM Advisory Council, and on the Board of the Quoted CompaniesAlliance. In 2012, core ideas behind Slow Finance were submitted to theInstitute for Public Policy Research for its latest investigation on howto stimulate growth in the UK. Gervais is now working on Tomorrow’s Gervais WilliamsFinance, a partnership initiative with Tomorrow’s Company, exploring Managing Director of MAMkey concepts and best ideas that will help shape the future of the Funds plcfinancial sector.Since joining TTP Ventures, Clennell has invested in electronics andtelecommunications related businesses. He is currently an observer onthe board of ZBD. Clennell was also board observer with Alphamosaic,which was sold to Broadcom in September 2004 for $123m.More recently, Clennell has helped to establish The Carbon TrustEntrepreneurs Fast Track, delivered by TTP, which supports start-upand early-stage businesses in the low carbon sector. He has first classBA and MEng degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Clennell CollingwoodCambridge and has completed the year long Postgraduate Course in TTP VenturesDesign, Manufacture and Management (also at Cambridge).Charles leads KPMG’s technology practice in East Anglia whichincludes one of 5 National Centres of Excellence for supportingearly stage business. Charles joined KPMG in 1989 and has focusedprimarily on the technology sector throughout his career. He has beenbased in Cambridge for the last 10 years working with a wide varietyof businesses from very early stage startup companies to fully listedinternational organisations. Charles le Strange Meakin KPMG24
  25. 25. Mark Horne has a degree in Computing and Business Administration, is a fellow of the Institute of Marketing and completed the Advanced Management Program at Insead, France. Horne exited his Cambridge UK based global software enterprise (Quillion) in 2000 ( A Spin off from the enterprise sold to Oracle for c.US$75m as recently as 2011). 18 months later, in 2003 , Horne exited a “real time energy and resource management software” enterprise (Vidus), which he was both invested in and CEO of, after successfully acquiring the technology and core team from BT, through a Trade Sale to Nasdaq-listed@ Road for US$65m. Between 2005 and 2007 Horne invested in and Mark Horne advised 2 Dutch (2waytraffic and Direct Wonen) and 1 USA (BSG Inc) RenewMe Director technology companies and managed their funding and subsequent Energy4India BV Director listing onto the London Stock Exchange. The combined valuation at CTEnergy BV listing for the three small cap companies was >USD$680m. In 2007 Solar India Pte Limited Horne partnered with fellow investors and small/medium company Director high growth specialists in Holland and Monaco to target the global Magadh Biofuels Limited Cleantech market. Under the RenewMe banner Horne has started and Director invested in companies in Holland, Singapore, Cyprus, Switzerland and India. Chairman Cambridge Cleantech, co-founder and now sole Director of Cambridge Energy Forum, non-exec NW Brown and of several other companies, angel/VC and corporate finance, early stage business support, mentoring etc. Since qualifying as a chartered accountant Hugh has had a diverse career centred around finance, management and business development including 16 years in diverse roles with British Petroleum, 6 years doing international corporate finance and, since 2000, in the Cambridge technology/innovation community. Hugh now divides his time between consulting to early stage businesses and investment funds and engaging with cleantech activities and Hugh Parnell companies directly to help with their growth and development. FromChairman Cambridge Cleantech 2001 he has been involved in supporting environmental and energy technology companies as Chairman of business support organisation Cambridge Cleantech (formerly Envirotech Ltd) which inter alia made 3 promotional DVDs about energy and environmental businesses around the region for EEDA, co-founding and now running the Cambridge Energy Forum and co-founding the Cambridge Responsibility Forum. 25
  26. 26. Diamond Exhibition26
  27. 27. Diamond Exhibition Headquartered in Cambridge and employing 2,000 people worldwide, ARM Ltd is the world’s leading semiconductor intellectual property supplier. It designs the technology that is at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices. ARM’s comprehensive product offering includes 32-bit RISC microprocessors, graphics processors, video engines, enabling software, cell libraries, embedded memories, high-speed connectivity products, peripherals and development tools. MedImmune is the worldwide biologics business for the AstraZeneca Group. The company has about 3,500 employees and is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland with facilities in Pennsylvania, California, Kentucky, the UK, and the Netherlands. Our Cambridge presence is the result of integration with Cambridge Antibody Technology in 2007. MedImmune has one of the most robust pipelines in the industry with more than 120 biologics in the areas of infection, oncology, respiratory disease, inflammation, cardiovascular/gastrointestinal disease and neuroscience. Operating out of GrantaPark, MedImmune has major R&D site in the heart of the UK’s bioscience community in Cambridge. MedImmune has established itself as an innovator within the biotech sector as a result of several firsts: the first monoclonal antibody for an infectious disease; the discovery of the UK biotech’s first ever blockbuster drug; an important anti-TNF antibody that is now marketed by Abbott and the development and commercialization of a novel live, attenuated, needle-free influenza vaccine. MedImmune’s commitment to innovation has been demonstrated by our highly successful recent Open Innovation Event held with CUTEC in March 2011. 27
  28. 28. Diamond ExhibitionCambridge Enterprise Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of theUniversity of Cambridge, responsible for the commercialisation ofUniversity intellectual property. Cambridge Enterprise provides accessto angel and early stage capital through the Cambridge EnterpriseSeed Funds and Cambridge Enterprise Venture Partners, and offersbusiness planning, mentoring, and other related programmes. Over past four years, income from licensing, consultancy and equitytransactions exceeded £37 million, of which £30 million representsdistributions to University departments and academics.Cambridge Network was founded in 1998 and has tremendousexperience and knowledge of innovation and business withinCambridge. We work with companies that have created technologiesand products that have changed markets worldwide. Many industry-leading businesses were started in Cambridge and still have theirworldwide HQs here. With this strong history for excellence manycompanies (such as Pfizer, PA Consulting, Unilever et al) have offices www.cambridgenetwork.comin and around Cambridge, making the city a vibrant and dynamicplace for academic and business excellence. Recruitment Gatewayis the only single source for all graduate employment and internshipopportunities across the city and Silicon Fen.Domino Printing Sciences provides innovative solutions that deliverreal value for customers in diverse end markets. Domino has grownstrongly over the last 30 years to become a leading global supplier ofcoding solutions utilising a full range of products and technologies.The Domino Group is listed in the FTSE 250 share index on the LondonStock Exchange (share code DNO) and was named Company of theYear in the 2010 UK PLC Awards. The Group employs 2,200 peopleworldwide and sells to more than 120 countries through a global www.domino-printing.comnetwork of 25 subsidiary offices and more than 200 distributors.Domino’s manufacturing facilities are situated in China, Germany,India, Sweden, UK and USA28
  29. 29. Diamond ExhibitionITRM is a privately owned IT services company who provide technicalsolutions for all your business needs. Formed in 1999, we take adynamic approach to delivering the best possible service to ourcustomers. Our objective from the outset has been to build strongrelationships with clients based upon honesty and diligence. Oursolutions will both support and transform your business. Microsoft, we’re motivated and inspired every day by how ourcustomers use our software to find creative solutions to businessproblems, develop breakthrough ideas, and stay connected to what’smost important to them. We run our business in much the same way,and believe our eight business divisions offer the greatest potential toserve our customers.They are: Online Services Division, Server and Tools Business,Microsoft Business Solutions, Microsoft Office Divisi;on, InteractiveEntertainment Business, Windows Phone Division, Windows &Windows Live Division, and Skype.Microsoft Research is dedicated to conducting both basic and appliedresearch in computer science and software engineering. Researchersfocus on more than 55 areas of computing and collaborate withleading academic, government and industry researchers to advancethe state of the art. Microsoft Research has expanded over the yearsto thirteen labs worldwide and a number of collaborative projectsthat bring together the best minds in computer science to advance aresearch agenda based on their unique talents and interests. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation 29
  30. 30. Diamond ExhibitionPlastic Logic’s mission is to lead a revolution in the way peopleacquire, organize and consume information. We are using ourproprietary technology leadership in plastic electronics to createa range of products enabling immediate information access,organization and consumption. Founded in 2000 by researchersout of the Cambridge University Cavendish Laboratory, PlasticLogic has the world’s largest and most experienced team ofplastic electronics experts, with offices in Cambridge, England and development); Dresden, Germany (first state-of-the-art manufacturing facility); Moscow, Russia (second high-volume manufacturing facility currently under construction) andheadquarters in Mountain View, California (executive management,product engineering, sales and marketing). Plastic Logic has beenbacked for more than ten years by world-renowned investorsincluding Oak Investment Partners, Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd,Raptor Capital Management and most recently RUSNANO.30
  31. 31. Speakers 31
  32. 32. Opening Dr Aled Jones FRSA is the inaugural Director of the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI) at Anglia Ruskin University. The GSI’s research is focused around personal motivations and systems change set against the challenges of sustainability. Dr Jones also chairs a working group on climate finance within the Capital Markets Climate Initiative on behalf of Greg Barker, the Minister for Climate Change in the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Dr Jones was previously the Deputy Director at the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership and was Director of the Climate Leadership Programme and Chevening Dr Aled Jones Economics of Climate Change Programme (for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Director Office). He was a founding member of the ClimateWise insurance principles, was Global Sustainability facilitator for the P8 Pensions Group, 12 of the world’s largest public pension Institute, Anglia Ruskin funds working collaboratively to address the problem of climate change and University investments and set up the Banking & Environment Initiative. Keynote Speakers David is CEO of Gust, the international collaboration platform for early stage angel investing. Gust powers the global entrepreneurial economy by enabling qualified startups to get financed by the smartest investors. It is the official collaboration solution of the world’s leading early stage investment associations, providing knowledge and collaboration tools supporting all aspects of deal flow management, from pitch to exit. Gust currently serves over 35,000 accredited investors, 750 angel investment networks and venture capital funds, and 180,000 early stage companies in five languages and 92 countries, with more than 5,000 new companies each month using the platform to create customized investor relations websites. David is also an Associate Founder, with Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, of Singularity University, the Google/NASA-sponsored graduate program in exponential technologies, and as its Track Chair for Finance and Entrepreneurship has established one of the first academic programs on the future David S. Rose of finance. A serial entrepreneur and active angel investor, David has founded six CEO companies and funded over 80 others. Red Herring magazine described him as Gust the “Patriarch of Silicon Alley”, and Crain’s New York Business called him “the father of angel investing in New York”. He is currently Managing Director of Rose Tech Ventures, a seed stage venture fund; Founder and Chairman Emeritus of New York Angels, the most active angel investment group on the East Coast; and Chairman of Egret Capital Partners, a middle market private equity firm.32
  33. 33. Julie is the well known founder & CEO of Ariadne Capital, co-founder andManaging Partner of the Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs (ACE) Fund, founder ofEntrepreneur Country and co-founder of First Tuesday. Julie founded AriadneCapital in 2000; Ariadne backs entrepreneurs in the digital health, mobile money,broadcast media and entertainment, and smart cities ecosystems. Ariadnepioneered the model of “Entrepreneurs Backing Entrepreneurs” as the newmodel of the financing of entrepreneurship, and Ariadne’s investment frameworkis “Ecosystem Economics”. Most recently Julie founded Entrepreneur Country, acommunity for leading and emerging entrepreneurs, investors, the media and Julie Meyercorporate partners who service the start-up industry. She sits on the Boards of Founder and CEOINSEAD, Medikidz, Vestergaard Frandsen and Jellybook. Ariadne Capital SpeakersElizabeth is a communicator, connector and entrepreneur with a background intechnology, content and events. She is Co-founder and CEO of TechHub - thespace bringing together the global technology startup community, with itsfirst launch in London’s Silicon Roundabout in 2010, and soon-to-be openingsin Latvian capital Riga (February 2012), Prague, and San Francisco. AmongstTechHub’s other projects, Elizabeth is currently working with the UK PrimeMinister’s Tech Team, the Mayor’s Office, UKTI and the Technology StrategyBoard to support tech start-ups in the UK via the Tech City project. Elizabethhas previously worked with small business advice site Smarta, with Germinationon the SHINE unconference for social entrepreneurs, and headed the team for Elizabeth Varley Co-FounderTwestival London in 2009-2010. TechHubJack Lang is a serial entrepreneur and business angel with high-tech and internetcompanies based in Cambridge, where he is Entrepreneur in Residence, Fellowand affiliated lecturer at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge,an affiliated Lecturer at the Computer Lab and a by-fellow of and Director ofStudies in Management at Emmanuel College. Recent ventures include an ultra low cost computer and Moviestorm which makes 3dAnimation, and co-Founder of Artimi, (now vbeam) which is making the nextgeneration of wireless chips. Previously he was founder of Netchannel Ltd, anearly Interactive TV company which was acquired by ntl: where he became ChiefTechnologist. Before that he was founder of Electronic Share Information Ltd, Jack Langone of the first online brokerages, acquired by E*Trade Inc. He is author of “The Raspberry PiHigh Tech Entrepreneurs Handbook” (FT.Com/Prentice Hall 2001), He has otherinterests in molecular gastronomy and fireworks. 33
  34. 34. Danielle Fong is a writer, advisor, inventor, engineer, scientist and a promising young entrepreneur. named her one the top “30 under 30” to watch in the Energy industry. Danielle is the Co-founder and Chief Scientist of LightSail Energy – a cleantech company developing compressed air energy storage systems. Since inception, LightSail has developed an influential profile in the cleantech industry, gathering experts in thermodynamics, engine development, fluid dynamics, power electronics, and control theory. The potential of its technology has attracted significant attention from such notables as Bill Gates and Vinod Khosla Amongst other projects and venture involvement, Danielle is also a mentor for the Thiel 20 Under 20 fellowship, as well as an advisor to several start-ups in greentech and physical technologies. Danielle Fong She is a regular guest contributor to the Women 2.0 blog and was a featured Co-founder and Chief Scientist speaker at the Women 2.0 PITCH Conference & Competition 2012. Danielle LightSail Energy confirmed her unconventional nature at an early age. She enrolled in Dalhousie University when only twelve years old. She graduated with focus in physics and computer science at seventeen, and was awarded a University medal. She then performed graduate work in nuclear fusion at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, but found in entrepreneurship a more profitable manner of funding her research meanwhile satisfying her ambition. Ian is a former MP who now is a non-executive director of or advisor to several companies, mainly in the technology, environment and security sectors. His hands-on experience encompasses business, Parliament and charitable organisations. He is currently a member of the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council which inter alia supports research and provides a broad range of scientific and technical expertise and facilities in space and ground-based astronomy technologies, microelectronics, wafer scale manufacturing, particle and nuclear physics, alternative energy production, Ian Taylor radio communications and radar. Ian was a Member of the UK Parliament Chairman for 23 years until standing down at the May 2010 General Election. He was Living PlanIt Minister for Science and Technology at the Department of Trade and Industry during 1994 - 1997 in a Conservative Government, and subsequently chaired the all-Party Parliamentary and Scientific Committee which includes the Parliamentary Engineering Group.34
  35. 35. Cloud Computing PanelSimon is the Chief Architect of Simplexo’s software, a highly respectedfigure in the structured mark-up industry and a frequent spokesman onXML applications. He developed his software development expertiseand special interest in XML whilst with SoftQuad. There he was involvedwith the launch of XML, working closely with its creators and he helpedmanage a number of SGML and XML integration projects for variouspublishing companies throughout Europe. Subsequently, whilst developingSimplexo’s core technology, he has provided technical consultancy services,XML training and managed software projects for a number of well-known Simon Baincompanies and local authorities, including IBM and Bedford County Council. Chief ArchitectSimon was formerly a member of the Board of the UK Sun User Group prior Simplexoto that company’s acquisition by Oracle Corporation.Richard Allan Horning is a member of SNR Denton’s Corporate Practice andVenture Technology/Emerging Growth Company Group. He represents a widespectrum of technology clients, from the classic “garage-based” start-up tolarger companies in Silicon Valley and around the world. Richard specializesin counseling high technology companies in all stages of developmenton domestic and international issues, including financing growth anddevelopment; securing, protecting and licensing intellectual propertyrights; supply and distribution relationships, including antitrust and unfaircompetition considerations, and dispute resolution affecting technology Richard Horningdriven industries including international arbitration of technology focused Corporate Practice anddisputes. Horning is a past President of the International Technology Law Venture TechnologyAssociation Executive Committee of the Intellectual Property Section of SNR Dentonthe State Bar of California and in recent years he was selected by his peersfor inclusion in the International Who’s Who of Internet and E-CommerceLawyers 2009 and as Northern California Intellectual Property Super Lawyerin 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. 35
  36. 36. Dr Natasa Milic-Frayling is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge. For the past 14 years at Microsoft, she has been leading an inter- disciplinary team, exploring innovation opportunities in information and communication systems. Natasa’s passion is in redefining personal computing and engaging industry, consumers, and policy makers in a dialogue about the impact of digital technologies on the society. She advocates a principled approach to innovation that empowers individuals to shape their roles in the digital society. Fort the past 5 years, Natasa has also led research initiatives in digital preservation. She is involved in the EU SCAPE project, working on scalable cloud-based services for long term access to digital content. Dr Natasa Milic-Frayling Natasa has PhD in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to Principal Researcher joining Microsoft, she was Director of Research at Claritech Corp., a spin-off Microsoft Research company from Carnegie-Mellon University in the area of information retrieval. Natasa is actively collaborating with academia. She facilitates business internships at MS Research for MBA students and serves on the Advisory Board for the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship programme at the University of Cambridge. Doug Clark is Cloud leader for IBM UK & Ireland – his mission is to help clients seize their full business growth potential and agility using cloud. Doug has over 10 years of UK and International experience in the IT industry, having predominantly worked with clients in Communications, Utilities and Industrial Sectors. Doug is part of a global team in IBM shaping and implementing the Doug Clark IBM Cloud Strategy. He leads a specialist team of business development, Cloud Leader solution and technical architects spanning IBM to support the ambitions of IBM our customers. Prior to IBM Doug had 17 years international management experience in business consulting in PricewaterhouseCoopers and as a client in various blue chip corporations across CPG and Healthcare, holding director level roles in sales, distribution and process improvement. Doug has an MBA and a degree in Biochemistry. He is an active member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Greg Williams is an award-wining journalist, author and speaker. Currently Executive Editor of WIRED in the UK, he spent a decade working in New York City. He is the author of four novels and has edited a collection of sports Greg Williams writing for Penguin. He has written for numerous newspapers and magazines Executive Editor and appeared on the BBC and CNN, among others. His personal website is Wired
  37. 37. Healthcare Innovation PanelAllan Marchington is responsible for Life Science investments at AppositeCapital. Apposite is based in London and invests on a global basis inhealthcare and related areas, including both healthcare services and lifesciences. Apposite has over $200M under management and typically leadsinvestments rounds with between $1m to $20m investments. Allan is aBoard member of Ambit Biosciences Inc., Ambrx Inc., Sotera Wireless andSerentis Ltd. Allan was formerly a medicinal chemist at Pfizer, SandwichUK. In 1997 he left Pfizer to start his own company Cambridge DiscoveryChemistry, which he grew to over 130 staff. In July 2000 Millennium Dr Allan MarchingtonPharmaceuticals Inc. bought the company in cash and Allan moved to the PartnerUSA to join the Millennium Management team with responsibility for all Apposite Capitaltechnology Investments and European operations. In 2003, he returned tothe UK joining Abingworth Management and in September 2005, Allan withhis Partners founded Apposite Capital.Mike Johnson has a background as Managing Director of two manufacturingcompanies - Soundcraft Electronics and Combined Optical Industries Limitedand latterly with Carclo plc where his remit was to network to bring newtechnology to the Group which led to the founding of a highly successfulstart-up company – Conductive Inkjet Technology Limited.He holds a First Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering and hasstudied an MBA. Having worked as a consultant with MRCT for two years, hehelped to develop and gain approval for a new 10-Year Strategic Plan. Thekey change is that as well as working to commercialise the IP for the MRC, Mike JohnsonMRCT is offering this service to others. In December 2011 he was appointed Director of CorporateDirector of Corporate Partnerships to build productive partnerships with Partnershipstechnology and funding organisations both nationally and internationally. MRC TechnologyHe has a broad commercial perspective across a range of business sectorsthat help broaden thinking and approach so ensuring delivery of the MRCTstrategy. 37
  38. 38. Dr Nicolas Sireau is Chairman of the AKU Society, a medical charity that works in partnership with the Royal Liverpool University Hospital to find a cure for AKU, a rare disease affecting his two sons. He is a founding member of the international AKU coalition, which brings together leading research institutions, biotech companies and patient groups from across Europe and North America in order to find a cure to AKU. He is a former Director of GenSeq, a bioinformatics company. He is a fellow of the Ashoka Fellowship of Social Entrepreneurs and of the Royal Society of Arts. Dr Sireau’s previous Dr Nicolas Sireau career was in international development, where he set up SolarAid, an Chairman award-winning social enterprise bringing solar power to Africa. He is the AKU Society author of ‘Make Poverty History: Political Communication in Action’ (Palgrave Macmillan 2009), ‘Microfranchising: How Social Entrepreneurs are Building a New Road to Development’ (Greenleaf 2011), and ‘Rare Diseases: New Models of Entrepreneurship’ (Greenleaf, forthcoming). He has written two novels - The Somali Doctrine and Black Coke - under the pen name James Grenton. Alison is the Chief Operating Officer of IP Group plc, a non-traditional venture capital company, which provides resources and expertise to transform technical innovations from UK academia into successful businesses. Ali has extensive experience in creating, investing in and building high growth science-based companies across a wide range of sectors. She co-founded Techtran Group Ltd, a commercialisation services business and was its COO when it was acquired by IP Group in January 2005. Previously, she worked at McKinsey & Co, where she consulted primarily to the pharmaceutical and health care sectors, and at Zeneca plc in R&D. Ali is a trustee of Care Alison Fielding International UK, one of the world’s three biggest aid agencies working Chief Operating Officer with 82m people in 87 countries, and also of UnLtd, a pioneer and leader in IP Group plc supporting social entrepreneurs in the UK.38
  39. 39. Global Investment PanelProfessor Alan Barrell has spent almost 30 years in senior executive positionsin technology-based industries and has become one of Cambridge’s mostarticulate promoters of entrepreneurship. He is Entrepreneur in Residenceat the University’s Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, and a VisitingProfessor at the University of Bedfordshire School of Graduate BusinessStudies, Xiamen University and the Shanghai College of Science andTechnology. More recently, he was appointed as International ResearchFellow at Laurea University of Applied Science, Entrepreneur in Residenceat McMaster University and Guest Professor at Tohoku Fukushi University. Professor Alan Barrell Entrepreneur in ResidenceProfessor Barrell currently chairs the East of England NHS Strategic Centre for EntrepreneurialInnovations Council, Health Enterprise East Limited and the Senior Advisory LearningBoard of the National Consortium of University Entrepreneurs (NACUE), Judge Business Schoolwhich has recruited more than 40,000 members since its formation less University of Cambridgethan a year ago. Professor Barrell is also a member of the investor groupsCambridge Angels and Sophia Business Angels and has previously chairedthe Cambridge Enterprise Conference and works closely with a numberof Science Parks and Innovation Centres in Cambridge, elsewhere in theUK and overseas. He received The Queen’s Award in 2006 for EnterprisePromotion and was conferred the Honour of Knight First Class, Order of theWhite Rose of Finland by the President of Finland -in Februrary 2011.Gervais Williams is an award-winning equity fund manager and the authorof Slow Finance. He has worked in the City for 25 years, 17 of which werespent at Gartmore, where he managed clients’ investments in small tomedium sized companies. He is now Managing Director of MAM Funds plc.Gervais won Grant Thornton’s Quoted Company Award Investor of the Yearin 2009 and 2010. He is a member of the AIM Advisory Council, and on theBoard of the Quoted Companies Alliance. In 2012, core ideas behind SlowFinance were submitted to the Institute for Public Policy Research for itslatest investigation on how to stimulate growth in the UK. Gervais is nowworking on Tomorrow’s Finance, a partnership initiative with Tomorrow’s Gervais WilliamsCompany, exploring key concepts and best ideas that will help shape the Managing Director of MAMfuture of the financial sector. Funds plc 39
  40. 40. Brigitte is the Founder and CEO of Go Beyond Ltd., a Business Angel and serves on a number of selection and investment committees in Europe including the WEF’s Tech Pioneers and is a Member of the Präsidium of KTI, the Swiss commission for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Brigitte is President of the Board Emeritus of EBAN, the European trade association for Business Angels and Seed Funds and chairs Young Presidents Organization’s global Angel Investing interest group. Brigitte has 15 years of experience in bringing new technologies to market in the US and Europe. She was the CEO and Brigitte Baumann Director of iWORLD Group, a VC backed, global developer of mobile content. Founder and CEO She came to iWG from American Express Corporate Services, where she held Go Beyond Ltd the position of Senior Vice President and General Manager Internet. There she launched a variety of new internet businesses including online travel (strategic partner of, e-Procurement, online servicing of cards and online payment. Mark is the Senior Advisor on Social Finance and UK Director of Ashoka - the world’s largest association of leading social entrepreneurs - and the Founding Director of Chelwood Capital. Since joining Ashoka’s Support Network in 2007, he has assisted many Ashoka Fellows in raising investment for social causes, in areas including micro-finance, renewable energy, conservation, healthcare and education. Mark is also advisor to several international Ashoka initiatives such as Globalizer, a program for Fellows expanding their work into multiple countries. Mark is founding Director of Chelwood Capital, Mark Cheng a social investment firm that supports mission-driven organizations. He Founding Director has more than 15 years experience in finance, having previously worked Chelwood Capital at Deutsche Bank and AMBAC Assurance. He serves as Board Member and Trustee for several social enterprises, including two set up by Ashoka Fellows - Sight of Emotion, which works with blind people, and Partnerships for Youth Empowerment (PYE) Global, a leading youth-development charity. Mark is also a business mentor for the Emerge Venture Lab, an incubator for UK student social ventures.40