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If Dating Men is a Game, These are the Rules
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If Dating Men is a Game, These are the Rules



Published in Education
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  • don't make yourself available unless he had asked a few days before. refuse the date for the same day. The unobtainable is always more exciting, because men want things they cannot have. Men are born to respond to challenge. Take away the challenge and their interest wanes. Always be mysterious The man must take charge. He must propose. "I'm free 4 days from now, why don't you think of a place you'd like to take me."
  • 1. Long winded. Talkative. 2. They have very limited interest. Their lives are boring, predictable and confined to their house and office. 3. try to cling to them, restrict their movement, change their behaviour and dressing (makeover), impose curfew, remove their football buddies 4. They are a negative outlook towards life. You don't feel any excitement with them. They generally complain and whine a lot. Sound cynical or depressed. Counsellor & patient relationship 5. They have a one-sided view of life and not tolerable about diversity of views. Black & White
  • 1. get personal/emotion. attack an issue. not a person. Read between line 2. Limited interest= boring. Nothing to talk about. Men need companionship 3. too much 'I' and 'me'. Hypersensitive. World revolves around her 4 They are physically out of shape. Men love a trophy to show off. Men loves beautiful spouse 5. too much home work. (life revolve around home and work). Get out and mix around. Don't hide in the cubicle/office.
  • Get out. Lots of socialising take place in tennis court and running tracks.
  • man who loves a woman does not find ways to make her feel bad Gambling, drinking, sex addiction breaks a marriage. Bad temper leads to violence Judge a man by the company he keeps (story of Lucia)
  • 1. Dress well. No oily face and pimple. Look your best. 2. Feel good about themselves, not needy. Be exciting, interesting. 3. Have your own life. Do not depend on him to validate your worth. Have an opinion of your own. Go where the men are. Play games, then chill out. Take up some new interest/hobbies. Join a class or club.
  • 1. Have an opinion of your own. 2. Get out of the house. God dont' deliver a man to your door step Go where the men are. Play games, then chill out. 3 Be a good listener. Be a good conversationalist. Let him do the talking
  • They love chasing women who are busy. Men love independent women cos they leave them alone. Looks good feel good. Laugh and smile See the funny side of life Laugh at your own imperfection.
  • You are not desperate or anxious Making him wait will only increase his desire and create more passion when you finally have sex. Men want to see u a lot, and sometimes every day in the beginning, then grow very bored very fast.
  • Don’t try to change his life. Don’t check his email, evidence of mistress. Don’t push your interest He wants you to make him feel good, not inadequate.
  • Capable of living with or without him


  • 1. If Dating Men is a Game, These are the Rules By Sam Choo The Rules
  • 2. Scope
    • Benefits of the Rules
    • Strategies
    • Miss Wrong/Mr Wrong
    • What attracts a guy/Miss Right
    • The Art of Dating
  • 3. Scope
    • Can you change a man?
    • Gifts men give
  • 4. Benefit of the Rules
    • Give your more attention
    • Feel crazy about you
    • Treat you like a queen
    • Don’t take you for granted
  • 5. Your Strategy
    • Be in control of your schedule - Give a man a free hand and he'll run it all over you.
    • Seem unattainable - Play hard to get
    • Let him take the lead
  • 6. Why Miss Wrong has no dates
    • Talk too much
    • Have no life of her own
    • Desperate
    • Negative outlook towards life
    • One sided view of life
  • 7. Why Miss Wrong has no dates
    • Get emotional
    • Limited interest
    • Too much I, me, not you.
    • Physically out of shape
    • Too much home-work
  • 8. Too much home-work?
    • Santa Claus do not deliver bf to your house!
    • Show up at parties, dances and social events even if you do not feel like it.
    • Sports
  • 9. Mr Wrong
    • Critical of you
    • Vices – addiction
    • Violent
    “ Judge a man by the company he keeps”
  • 10. What attracts a guy?
    • Look or personality?
    • Women in fashionable, sexy clothes in bright colors
    • Feminine (long hair)
    • Makeup
    • Smells good
  • 11. Miss Right Gets the Date
    • Dress well
    • Feel good, not needy
    • Have your own life. Take up new interest
  • 12. Miss Right Gets the Date
    • Have an opinion of your own
    • Get out and mix around
    • Be a good conversationalist. Good listener
    • Being fun, positive and humorous
  • 13. What is a Wow Girl?
    • It's the way you smile (you light up the room),
    • pause in between sentences (you don't babble on out of nervousness),
    • listen (attentively),
    • stand (straight) and
    • walk (briskly, with your shoulders back).
  • 14. Wow Girl
    • Be happy & busy
    • Fulfilled, full and independent life
    • Can laugh at your own imperfection
  • 15. The Art of Dating
  • 16. How to be Picked Up?
    • Maintain Eye Contact
    • Smile
    • Approachable Body language
  • 17. If he's never asked you out…
    • Then he is not interested
    • He is not ready for relationship
  • 18. Don’t
    • Don’t date men who don’t want you
    • Don’t use sex to make men love you
    • Don’t pay for anything on the first three dates
    • Don’t talk for more than 10 mins
    • Do not accept last minute offers
    • 1 st & 2 nd date no more than 5 hrs
  • 19. What are you doing Tomorrow?
    • I don't know, I'd thought about [insert fun activities]
    • I know of a good restaurant that serves terrific [insert delicacies], shall we?
  • 20. On Dating
    • Dating is not a therapy session
    • Do not date men for more than 2 years.
    • If it's been more than a year, see less of him and think about dating others.
  • 21. Can you change a man?
    • Don’t tell him what to do
    • Don’t try to change his life
    • Don’t check his email
    • Don’t push your interest
    • He wants you to make him feel good, not inadequate
  • 22. Gifts Men Give
    • Love objects - Flowers, jewellery, poetry and trips
    • Practical gifts – sweat suits, books, toasters
    • Men give love objects when they are in ____
    • Men give practical gifts when they l__ you, care about you like a s___ but don’t really want to m_____ you.
  • 23. Gems
    • You don’t need a man to be happy or complete
    • Capable of living with or without him
    • There are plenty of fish in the sea – find the right place & use right bait
    • Predator (hunter) or butterfly (attracts)?
  • 24. Q & A 1. He seems interested but at the end of the convention or social gathering still don't ask for my telephone number. 2. Met at a social gathering or official function. At this age, I readily say yes to men asking me out. So already don't pose difficulties to them. After one dinner or one outing, (during which, both seem to enjoy ourselves. endless conversation. all smiles ) but a lot of times, I don't get asked the 2nd or 3rd time. We have not even really known each other yet ! No temper thrown, no unpleasant things happened. No serious or sensitive issue were discussed. No chance to offend them yet. Places they brought me are also normal non-expensive place.