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Colour of the Year (2000-2012)
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Colour of the Year (2000-2012)



Published in Lifestyle , Business , Technology
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  • 1. Colours of the Year Since 2000 to 2012
  • 2. According to Pantone, Cerulean Blue is thecolour of "the sky on a serene, crystal clearday".
  • 3. The colour was chosen as consumers were seenas seeking inner peace and spiritual fulfilment inthe new millenium
  • 4. This colour was drastically different from the sky blueCerulean that was chosen the year before.
  • 5. It was more exciting, refreshing and feminine
  • 6. True Red was a different variation ofthe previous years reddish colour.
  • 7. True Red was chosen to symbolise the impactof the September 11 attacks
  • 8. 2003 saw the return of a blue hue.
  • 9. Pantone chose the Aqua Skycolour as a cool colour wasmeant to restore hope andserenity.
  • 10. Orange became the hipcolour, according to Pantone.
  • 11. The colour orange was given atouch of exoticism
  • 12. 2005 saw a reversal to a blue colour again.
  • 13. But this time in a more calming shade
  • 14. Instead of red, blue or orangehues, Pantone chose a neutralcolour.
  • 15. The neutral shade symbolisedconcern over the economy.
  • 16. After a neutral shade, its backto a red hue again.
  • 17. Chilli Pepper was chosen for its"pizzazz and sophistication".
  • 18. Back to blue but this time witha tinge of purple.
  • 19. The mix of purple and blue suggestsdependability and magic.
  • 20. Mimosa yellow remainsprevalent in todays clothesand accessories
  • 21. The colour was chosen becauseit is warm, cheerful, and sparksimagination and innovation.
  • 22. It was a return to turquoise in2005
  • 23. The colour was chosen because it is aninviting, luminous hue inspiringsoothing thoughts and tropical water.
  • 24. The pink hue is extremelyfeminine but not too over thetop.
  • 25. Honeysuckle was chosenbecause it is uplifting andoptimistic.
  • 26. Orange has grown in popularity amongdesigners and consumers.
  • 27. The reddish orange Tangerine Tangowas chosen to provide the energyboost needed to recharge and moveforward.