Andrew Chow shared some insight    Andrew Chow    “If content in Social Media is    the King on your chess board,    then ...
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Andrew Chow Speaker One Sheet


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Andrew Chow Speaker One Sheet

  1. 1. Andrew Chow shared some insight Andrew Chow “If content in Social Media is the King on your chess board, then conversation on social media is Queen.” Like . comment . share 52 16 what people are saying about andrew“@Andrew is an #articulate and #entertaining speaker who really helped ourteam to #think outside of the box and #explore what is possible.”Alison TurnerAssociate Director, Marketing and CommunicationsJones Lang LaSalle awards & andrew’s accolades programs 2012 May HR Professionals Enneagram Spirit of Service Award Building rapport for B2B Business 2010 August in Workplace Successful Entrepreneur Award Communication MICE Industry 2008 October Management Understand Gen Y Spirit of Enterprise Award (Honouree) Leadership and EXPLORING Coaching CXOs 2007 September Singapore Business Events Award - Breakthrough Public Relations Most Innovative Marketing Initiative Sales in service (Finalist) industry Social Branding & Media Customer Service 2000 December for Xtralite Display Systems Conversational Asia Best Distributor Award Marketing andrew in the media Regional Press AFP | Discovery Channel | German TV | Business Times | The New Paper | Zao China Daily | Manila Times | NTV 7 | The Bao | Shin Ming | Wan Bao | Urban |Magazines Star | New Straits Times | Malaysia BFM Berita Harian |HR Magazine | Shape | Her World | 89.9 |Female | CLEO | 8 Days | I-Weekly | Traditional MediaU-Weekly | The Prime | Lifestyle | Healthy Online Channel News Asia | Channel 8 | ChannelTimes | IS Magazine | POINT | Vintage RazorTV | Stomp | OMY | BlogTV | U | Radio 938live | Love972 |Point | Spring || SME | |
  2. 2. key Jones Lang LaSalle | Ascendas | AEG Star | Star Cruises | Beyond Beauty | NetProfit Quest | Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore | Singapore Telecommunications Limited | Singapore clients National Employer Federation | Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce | Singapore Institute of Management | Management Development Institute of Singapore | Social Development Unit | Espressoul Café | Caliber Link | PIAS | SACEOS | ST701 | more client testimonials“Andrew is knowledgeable and “Many I spoke to appreciate “Andrew is a gifted teacher andpassionate about Social Media your presentation and found it mentor. Not only because he Branding. He walks the talk not only practical but sincere as has many years of experience and integrates much of social you shared your experiences. in Social Media, but alsomedia into his lifestyle. He is an Years ago, I have organised because he knows a variety ofexcellent trainer and consultant Personal Marketing seminars creative teaching methods to who has a fertile mind full of with other speakers on Personal teach and you just couldn’t miss ideas and imagination. He is Branding, but yours takes anything he taught. He is always also fun to work with.” the cake.” encouraging and positive to me.” Daniel Ang Mervin Yeo Lucretius GohExecutive Director of Lutheran BNI National Director, Regional Channel Sales, Community Care Services Singapore INQ Mobile books by special andrew keynotesRomancing The Media 88 Essential Secrets for 7 Great Life Lessons from Entrepreneurship For Your Business Achieving Greater Success At Work Excuse Me? Are You a Brand? What Do Dating and Media Publicity Have in Common? Are You My Type? The Convergence of Diversity in Media Ideas are Cheap, Implementation is Expensive Your Personality Determines Your Wealth brand charity Contact us today ambassador involvement Richard Gavriel Learnathon 2011 Speaker Management Dignity Kitchen 2011/2012 +65 9066 2033 or MTE Charity Concert 2012 Andrew Chow Love Cheng Family 2012 +65 9777 1818