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8 Ways to Ruin your Business Lunch
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8 Ways to Ruin your Business Lunch


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  • 1. 8 Ways to Ruin Your Business Lunch
  • 2. #1 - Picking the wrong restaurant
  • 3. Make sure to check what your guest likes to eat and if he/she has any dietary restrictions. Also make sure you match the type of restaurant to the client you are hoping to impress.
  • 4. #2 - Forgetting to make a reservation
  • 5. Minimise or eliminate any form of waiting time. Make sure you have reservations and arrive early to confirm the table is ready. In addition, Pachter also suggests that you build a relationship with restaurant staff by becoming a regular. This way, you get better perks which may help you impress your clients further.
  • 6. #3 - Not being in charge
  • 7. As a host, make sure you help guide your guest to a good seat and allow your guest to be served first. In addition, Pachter also says: "Don’t have the check come to the table; you can arrange payment with the restaurant beforehand.
  • 8. #4 – Failing to keep the table balanced
  • 9. Be sure not to make your guest feel alone. If he/she wants to have soup, you should also order an appetiser to match the course. Pachter also suggests that people should order something they like and know how to eat instead of experimenting with new dishes at a business meal.
  • 10. #5 – Using your utensils improperly
  • 11. If you are not sure about how to use your fork and knife correctly, make sure you memorise and practise the rules of table etiquette beforehand
  • 12. #6 – Taking your guest’s bread
  • 13. Pachter has a simple method of helping people remember which dish and glass is theirs. All you have to do is remember the 'BMW' acronym, and remember that the “B”, which stands for bread, should be on your left. “M” in the middle stands for your meal, and “W” on the right stands for your water.
  • 14. #7 – Not making or facilitating small talk
  • 15. Help to keep your guest interested by constantly bringing up topics he/she can relate to. As host, it is your job to make sure that conversation keeps on flowing and doesn't end up in an awkward silence.
  • 16. #8 – Getting drunk
  • 17. The worst thing to do at a lunch is to get drunk. Know your limits and stay sober.
  • 18. ideasandrew