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What does Global Solutions offer you & the purpose of this document      Fast facts & what can Singapore offer you?      T...
At Global Solutions, our highly-experienced consultants support    people with local knowledge, these documents contain in...
Population                                                                 SINGAPORE GDP (2010 estimate)                  ...
What can Singapore offer you?                                                         Pubs, Clubs & Nightlife             ...
Animal, Birds & Aquatic Life                                                    Famous DistrictsJurong Bird Park is home t...
Gardens and Parks                       Singapore is one of only two cities in the world to have a signi cant area of     ...
Changi Airport                                                 Taxis /Cabs                                                ...
Trains                       The MRT now consists of ve lines travelling north-south, east-west,                       nor...
Although Singapore has a small land area, sub-markets have evolved             Although the East Coast is seen as the main...
Cost                       Singapore’s lack of land translates into an expensive rental for real estate. Rental for an apa...
Deciding whether to ship your household goods to Singapore is entirely up to the individual and their situation. The mostc...
Banking                                                                      Singapore Post Pte Ltd                       ...
Singapore’s well-established healthcare system comprises a total of 13 private hospitals,    Prices vary between medical c...
Singapore has a well-regulated tax system, and personal income tax        Non Residency Statusrates are generally lower th...
Drivers License and Insurance                       If you are residing in Singapore for less than 12 months, you are not ...
A child starts studying at Primary One at the age of six and studies for six   Chatsworth International School            ...
Where are you going?                      For any further questions on any of the information you have read here, please c...
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Global Solutions are looking for Recruiters to relocate to Singapore!

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  1. 1. Where are you going?
  2. 2. What does Global Solutions offer you & the purpose of this document Fast facts & what can Singapore offer you? Things to do, places to see Getting there & around: Singapore airports & public transport Living in Singapore: where to live and what it’ll cost you Moving your stuff: freight and shipping Getting organised: banking, post, phone & internet Looking after yourself, healthcare and gyms Tackling tax, drivers licenses and car insurance Learning in Singapore: early education, primary and secondary schoolsNB: All monetary values represented in this document are in local currency and are correct as at June 2010.All local prices are subject to fluctuation and may not necessarily reflect exact values. Where are you going?
  3. 3. At Global Solutions, our highly-experienced consultants support people with local knowledge, these documents contain indispensableyou through every single stage of the recruitment and relocation information on everything from banking to transport. Think of yourprocess. Not only do we have a dedicated international arrival document as a practical bible for getting around.relocation team, but our business is positioned strategicallyaround the globe so we can o er informed and intelligent advice We give you the information you need to make your move, the facts youon local markets. need to settle in and we hope you recognize that our pledge to your placements goes far beyond recruitment.Your market overview: helping you make thedecision to move Purpose of this documentAs part of our unique service, we o er acomprehensive and up-to-date overview of your intended This document is a comprehensive guide to living in Singapore; wemarket. Packed with vital facts on everything from the local encourage you to read it carefully and set aside some time to considernightlife to predicted pay packets, this document is designed to your decision from all sides, always remembering that Global Solutionshelp you make the big decision about whether to move, and is here to help.where to. What’s more, we always support our specialistknowledge with one-on-one advice and guidance.Once you’re armed with the facts, we’ll work closely with youuntil you are placed with the right agency from our globalportfolio of clients.Your local arrival document: helping you makethe moveOur commitment doesn’t end when you get the job. To ensureyour move is as seamless as possible, we have prepared detailed‘local arrival’ documents for each of the cities we recruit foracross Europe, North America, The Middle East, Asia, Australiaand New Zealand. Written by local Where are you going?
  4. 4. Population SINGAPORE GDP (2010 estimate) Geography4.839 million $US 194,918 million Singapore, a small island with over 60 surrounding islets, is located in Southeastern Asia. Its land area is 647.5 square kilometers. It is linked toSize Currency Malaysia by two causeway bridges, while Indonesia is just a quick ferry trip693 sq km (268 sq mi). The local currency is Singapore dollars and cents. away. Thailand and the Philippines are a short plane ride away. As of June 2010 - £1 British Pound = SGD$2 and 1 Euro = SGD$1.70Religion For current exchange rate, please see www.xe.comBuddhist, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Taoist, and Confucian Useful Numbers Language Visa - 1800 110 0344 Asia Collect: 65-345-1345Climate Malay is the national language. Chinese (Mandarin), Malay, Tamil and English Ambulance - 995Like most of Southeast Asia, Singapore is generally hot and humid. It is are the o cial languages. English is the language of administration and Fire Brigade - 995warm and humid year round, with the temperature almost never widely used for business dealings. Singlish -- a Singaporean version of Police - 999dropping below 20°C (68°F), even at night, and usually climbing to English that has its own grammar -- is also widely used. Call Assistance (International) - 10430°C (86°F) during the day. Humidity is high, generally over the 75% Call Assistance (Local) - 100mark. Non-emergency Ambulance - 1777 Government & Parliamentary Singapore Immigration and Registration - 6391 6100 The parliament is unicameral; executive power nominally rests with theNovember and December is the rainy season. June to August is Singapore Tourism Board - 1800 736 2000 president but e ectively lies with the prime minister and the Cabinet.considered to provide the most comfortable weather, but even then itrains often. Where are you going?
  5. 5. What can Singapore offer you? Pubs, Clubs & Nightlife Raffles Hotel - Afternoon Tea - Ti n Room - Not so much a restaurant but aSport Singapore after dark is a city of contrasts - sizzling hot and relaxingly chilled out. memorable experience all the same and something which should not beIn the realm of spectator sport, football is king. Singapore has its own Sundown is one of the most captivating and seductive times of this busy missed. If you enjoy history, elegance, or just afternoon high tea, then theprofessional football league, known as the S League. Launched in 1996, the nation. Watch the buzz of city mellow and meld with the crimson hue of the Afternoon High Tea at The infamous Ra es Hotel is a must. The hotel o ers twoleague now consists of 12 teams competing with each other in stadiums evening. Our city lights signal the start of a great night ahead. varieties, one in the Ti n room, which is the one we recommend and another inaround the country. In 1998, 2004 and 2007 the Singapore national football the billiards room. There is a very strict dress code so do dress appropriately toteam became the champions of the Tiger Cup, the premier football competition Enjoy a nice cold beer against the de nitive skyline and waterfront avoid disappointment and reservations are strongly recommended. Thein South-East Asia. Most venues have an array of large at screens showing promenades. As the tropical heat eases into a comfortable serenity, give in to Afternoon High Tea consists of teas, co ees, and a bu et line up of a goodsports from around the world. the beckoning of happy hour and enjoy great down tempo music. Or head on selection of hot and cold food. down to some of the world’s hippest clubs and bars and gyrate to the sounds of street-cool hip-hop, soulful R&B and pulse-pounding techno. Chijmes - Another must in Singapore this converted convent area isShopping magni cent, especially at night and something you should not miss when inWhen Singaporeans tell you that shopping is the national sport, theyre only If partying 71 oors above the ground doesn’t sweep you o your feet, the Singapore. It houses a whole variety of restaurants including Japanese,half joking. Shopping ranks right up there with eating as a favourite pastime. chocolate- avoured cocktails will. An out-of-this-world experience, the American - Tex-Mex, French, International, Chinese and the list goes on. SomeMany visitors to Singapore come with a view to seeing the sights rather than underwater theme Aquadisiac is a playground for the wild and wacky. And who restaurants here are open air allowing you to dine in these beautifulgoing on a bargain-hunting binge, yet somehow they always end up leaving can forget the iconic Zouk with clubs, a wine bar and blistering live bands. Then surroundings in the heart of Singapore under the stars.with an extra bag or two. theres Ministry of Sound which has won numerous industry awards. Boat Quay and Clarke Quay - Every seen the famous pictures of theThe famous Orchard Road features mall after mall of glitzy clothes, shoes, Singapore skyline with the tall skyscrapers and the small shop houses by the Restaurants & cafeselectronics goods, furniture, rugs, cosmetics, etc. Theres always a big sale going river? Well; those small shop houses make up Boat Quay and a bit further along Many people travelling to Asia for the rst time are sometimes concerned abouton somewhere, the people all around you are laden with shopping bags - it’s is Clarke Quay. Both are pretty much the same although Boat Quay does house eating on the street or at hawker centers, but you need not be. Even inimpossible not to join in the fun. more bars. Both though o er riverside dining with Indian, Thai, Chinese, neighboring countries such as Thailand etc it is generally very safe to eat on theWhen youre tired with going from shop to shop, theres always a cosy cafe International food etc available. Another must. street, mainly because street vendors tend not to freeze, refreeze etc they knowsomewhere where you can take a break and have a relaxing cuppa. Starbucks, exactly what they can expect to sell in one day and plan for that with theCo ee Bean & Tea Leaf and Spinelli have all made their way here, or if you freshest ingredients. In Singapore the government takes this to another Resorts World Sentosa – Opened in the rst quarter of 2010, Resorts Worldprefer a home-grown cafe theres always Delifrance, The Co ee Club or Prima extreme and insists on cleanliness, they have very strict hygiene laws and if the Sentosa is Singapore’s premier entertainment venue. It is the country’s rstDeli. There are even malls with shops that o er foot re exology massages to hawker is not respecting them they will be rapidly closed down and ned. integrated resort with key attractions including two casinos, a Universal Studiossoothe your poor aching feet - and prime them up for more street-pounding! theme park and the world’s largest oceanarium. The S$6.6 billion resort is built Below we will give you a guide to some of the best restaurants and hawker by Genting International and occupies 49 hectares of land and employs overIf youre a shopaholic, you may want to time your visit to Singapore to coincide centers in Singapore to give you an idea of where to go when you are there. So 10,000 people. Only a short taxi ride away from the city, Resorts World Sentosawith the mid-year Great Singapore Sale, when it seems that the whole island is you know, most hawker centers will have pictures of the food they serve so it is an experience not to miss.going at a discount. All major shopping centres and boutiques mark down their can be a great place to experiment. The more modern food courts will alsoprices during this period, which can last for up to a month. You may do well to normally have people that speak some English, which will also help you making Check – www.rwssentosa.om ght the crowds and shop right at the beginning of the Great Sale - shoppers in a decision. Hawker centers and food courts tend to be very good value andthe know say thats when the best buys are to be had. could be described as an Asian fast food joint but with only fresh produce that (Following in RWS’s path, The Marina Bay Sands also opened its doors in 2010. is actually good for you! The Sands is a high spec entertainment destination o ering luxury accommo-In the street markets and small shops selling tourist wares such as Chinese seals dation, shopping, dining, world class entertainment and convention andor painted fans, we recommend that you bargain for all youre worth. In the exhibition facilities)department stores and boutiques, of course, prices are xed. One exception is Newton Circus - Hawker Centre - Perhaps the most famous of all the hawkerthe electronics stores at shopping centres like Lucky Plaza or Far East Plaza - centers and especially popular with late night revelers. As with all hawker Check – www.marinabaysands.comhere a general rule of thumb is to start haggling for that digital camera or centers there are many di erent stalls to choose from o ering a wide variety ofpersonal digital assistant at a price about 25% below that being o ered. food. This hawker centre is one of the oldest and is open air so it can be a littleNeedless to say, credit and charge cards are accepted virtually everywhere. sticky if you prefer the comfort of air conditioning. Raffles City - Hawker Centre - Granted these new and very popular air conditioned varieties of hawker centers should probably be better described as Food Courts but for our purpose we stick with hawker centre as they run on the same concept with the di erence being that they are in luxurious shopping malls and are fully air conditioned. This one at Ra es City is excellent and a great way of experiencing a hawker centre in complete luxury. Where are you going?
  6. 6. Animal, Birds & Aquatic Life Famous DistrictsJurong Bird Park is home to over 8,000 birds of 600 species from all over O the beaten track, Changi Village shows a more relaxed side of Singapore.the world. Located adjacent to the Bird Park, Jurong Crocodile Paradise The local beach has clean sand that attracts shermen and bathersincludes over 2,500 crocodiles in a landscaped setting, with underwater alike-especially at weekends.viewing areas and a breeding enclosure. In Chinatown, amidst narrow streets of picturesque shop houses andIn its jungle setting, Singapores renowned open zoo, the Singapore restaurants brimming with life, the temple idol carvers, herbalists,Zoological Gardens is a haven for both animals and visitors. More than calligraphers, traders and trishaw drivers pursue a way of life that has2,000 creatures are housed in landscaped enclosures, with rock walls and changed little for generations.streams replacing cages. Geylang, traditionally the home of Singapores Malay, Arab and Indonesian communities, is alive with market stalls and bustling crowds, particularlyArts, Cultural & Museums during Muslim festivals. Neighboring Katong is a quiet residential areaThe Singapore History Museum is an architectural gem with each of its formerly colonized by wealthy Straits Chinese families or the Peranakans.two levels re ecting a di erent order of Greek classical architecture. The Many of Katongs new apartment blocks have spectacular sea views, whileChangi Prison Chapel, with its thatched roof and outdoor pews, is a the older Peranakan homes, once seaside villas, now stand back from thereplica of the original built by Allied prisoners of war in World War II. The sea. Parkway Parade is the place to nd shopping bargains, but Katong isMuseum, which also features a souvenir shop, records the daily life of the best known for its wonderful eating houses.prisoners through a display of photographs, paintings and sketches. Where are you going?
  7. 7. Gardens and Parks Singapore is one of only two cities in the world to have a signi cant area of primary rainforest within its boundaries - the other being Rio de Janeiro. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, an 81-hectare reserve, only 12 kilometers from the city centre, contains more species of plants than the entire North American continent. Fort Canning Park is a park rich in history - a sacred site where early Malay kings settled and the spot Sir Stamford Ra es chose to build his own bungalow, Singapores rst Government House. Fort Canning Centre, which dominates the park, is now a venue for the arts. East Coast Park, located o the East Coast Parkway, is a favourite play area for Singaporeans, either at the beach or in the parklands where bicycle riding is much enjoyed. Hire a bike or go windsur ng, eat at one of the many ne seafood restaurants or enjoy yourself at the various leisure attractions. These include everything from a bowling alley to a golf driving range. Mount Faber o ers a panoramic view of the harbour and neighbouring Sentosa Island, as well as a large measure of tranquillity. It is also a place to catch the cable car to Sentosa. Located in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the National Orchid Garden is the largest orchid display in the world and features over 60,000 orchid plants. It also houses the famed "VIP Orchids" named after visiting Heads of State. Spread over 52 hectares close to the centre of the city, the Botanic Gardens combine both primary jungle and manicured gardens which together hold thousands of species of plant life, including many rare specimens.Where are you going?
  8. 8. Changi Airport Taxis /Cabs Public Transport in the City of SingaporeSingapore Changi Airport is a busy modern airport located You can catch a taxi to any destination at the taxi stands at Singapores main public transportation networks are theat the eastern tip of Singapore some 20 km from the city. It the Arrival Hall. This service is available 24 hours daily. A buses and trains (MRT) and taxis.was recently voted the best airport in the world by the typical fare will cost between $16-24 and surchargesWorld Business Awards for 2010. Check (generally another $3-5).www.changiairport.com Buses The bus system covers all of Singapore with sometimes more than one bus plying the same route. Bus services areTo and from the airport: Trains (MRT) regular and inexpensive and most of the buses are Budget rides to the city and other parts of the island canPublic Buses air-conditioned. Bus fares vary according to the distance be made on the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) travelled. You must have the exact fare ready as all busesBus terminals are located at the basement of Terminals 1 services. The MRT station is located in Terminal 2 and is are One-Man-Operated where the driver does everythingand 2. Information on bus services is available near the also accessible via the Skytrain from Terminal 1. It takes and does not give change. It is therefore, important for youbus stands. You need to prepare the exact fare for buses as about 27 minutes to reach the city. The typical fare for a to know your route and fare beforehand. The bus guide is ano change will be given. The typical fare for a journey from journey to the City will be below $2.00. Trains run at 12 good source of information and it is available at all leadingthe Airport to the City will be below $2.00. Buses operate minute bookstores.from 6am to midnight (daily). intervals from 5.30am to 11.15pm daily. Where are you going?
  9. 9. Trains The MRT now consists of ve lines travelling north-south, east-west, northeast, downtown and the recently opened Circle Line which links them all and is the premier line for drop o at the business district Suntec City. The MRT service is fast, modern and air-conditioned. It operates at regular intervals of three to eight minutes from as early as 5.30 am to 12.30 am daily. Travelling on the MRT is relatively cheap with fares ranging from $0.70 to $2.20 on each line. You can buy stored value passes, called ezLink fare cards, for multiple trips or a single value card each time you travel. The ezLink fare card can also be used on buses operated by Singapore Bus Services (SBS) and Trans Island Bus Services (TIBS). Tickets are sold at all stations and costs are clearly displayed above the ticket machines. Taxis Taxis are widely available. Rates are reasonable and standard among all the ve taxi companies in Singapore. Taxis will stop at taxi stands where orderly queues are formed and anywhere else that is safe and does not violate tra c rules. The taxi fares are set out below: $2.40 ag down for rst 1 km $0.10 for every subsequent 240m up to 10km $0.10 for every subsequent 225m after 10km $0.10 for every 30 seconds of part there of that the taxi is detained. Surcharge of 50% of the fare from midnight to 6amWhere are you going?
  10. 10. Although Singapore has a small land area, sub-markets have evolved Although the East Coast is seen as the main area for English, Australian, City, Raffles Place, River Sideover time as a result of location. For example, the residential districts of Irish and New Zealand expatriates there is also a generous mix of local There arent many condominiums or apartments to choose from ifBukit Timah, Holland Road, the Tanglin district and Orchard Road can be Singaporeans making it a vibrant international location. you are looking to stay within walking distance of the Singaporeconsidered as a local market within the residential market in Singapore. Business District. Further up north is the Singapore River. Along theRa es Place is generally regarded as the prime market for o ce space Orchard, Bukit Timah and Holland vicinity river there are several condominiums worth considering as it is stillwhile Orchard Road is the prime location for retail space. Districts 9 and 10 within a stones throw away from the Shenton area. Expatriates loveEast Coast Vicinity – Districts 15 & 16 – Expat Central to stay in this area as there are many restaurants, pubs and clubs Orchard Road constitutes the main shopping district of Singapore along the river and the Mohamed Sultan Road. Check new condoMost Singaporeans regard East Coast Park as a favourite play area as it is and major department stores, hotels, boutiques and dining and developments in Robertson Quay.full of activities such as bowling, cycling, windsur ng, canoeing, entertainment venues are located there. It is the equivalent of Ginzaroller-blading and sail boarding. Families can also hold picnics here while and Roppongi in Tokyo and Oxford, Regent Streets and Piccadillyenjoying the beauty of the park. Other leisure attractions include the East Circus in London.Coast Tennis Centre and the Laguna Golf Course. Eating outlets are alsoavailable around the parks vicinity. The residential precincts in this district are found on Cairnhill to the north of Orchard Road, and Killiney, Grange and River Valley to theExpatriates choose to live in the east coast because it is away from the south. Grange Road and River Valley Road are sprouted withhustle and bustle of city living, and the east o ers more choices for food condominiums and are one of the most desired residential areas inand the privilege of having the sea close by. Some apartments in this Singapore.district o er a panoramic sea view and most condos are a 10-15 minutewalk to the water. District 10 is the picture of leafy surburbia with well scrubbed dwellings on generous (by local standards) plots of land with ready access to schools, both local and international. Where are you going?
  11. 11. Cost Singapore’s lack of land translates into an expensive rental for real estate. Rental for an apartment in the heart of downtown Orchard Road (prime top end of the market), the shopping district, can cost as much as $6,000 for a cosy 1,300 sq ft 3-bdrm apartment. Rentals for bigger apartments, of, say 2000 to 3000 sq ft, can go beyond the $9,000 mark. What it’ll cost you – e.g. East Coast Living (The Bayshore, Bayshore Park, Mandarin Gardens) Cost of Living - Singapore (Weekly) 3 Bedroom Apartment Expense Type Share House (per room) 1 Bedroom Apartment 2 Bedroom Apartment / House Rent $400.00 $600-700 $700-800 $1000-1200 Bills $50.00 $60.00 $70.00 $100.00 Travel $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 Entertainment $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 Mobile Expense $30.00 $30.00 $30.00 $30.00 Food Expense $70.00 $70.00 $70.00 $70.00 TOTAL Weekly $610.00 $820.00 $980.00 $1,360.00 TOTAL Annually $31,720.00 $42,640.00 $50,960.00 $70,720.00 NB: The above costs are indicative only and may di er from area to area within the nominated city. Customarily, rental markets uctuate 10% - 30% within a Local Area Network and increase approximately 5% - 10% annually. Figures accurate as of May 2010 Here is a further breakdown of prices by speci c residential locations for 3 beds. Condo Name District Location Rental 3 bedroom ($) Astrid Meadows 10 Bukit Timah 7,000 to 11,000 depending on size Balmoral Residences 10 Bukit Timah 8,000 Costa Del Sol 15 East Coast 4,500 to 5,500 Country Park 16 East Coast 3,500 Duchess Crest 10 Bukit Timah 7,000 Four Seasons Park 09 Orchard 11,500 La Crystal 09 River Valley 4,000 Mandarin Gardens 15 East Coast 4,200 Queens 03 Queenstown 4,500 Regency Park 09 Orchard 12,000 Sommerville Park 10 Bukit Timah 4,000 to 7,500 depending on size Villa Marina 15 Siglap 4,200 Yong An Park 09 River Valley 6,800 For further information on the cost of living in this city, please email Adam@global-solutions.com.sgWhere are you going?
  12. 12. Deciding whether to ship your household goods to Singapore is entirely up to the individual and their situation. The mostcommon form of shipping used is sea freight. This normally takes around 8 weeks from England to Singapore.If you do not want to ship over your furniture etc, but if you will have more than the allowed baggage weight of the airline,tea chests and cartons of various sizes are available. A standard tea chest is approximately 60cm high, 40cm wide and50cm deep and will hold up to 30kg.It is worth shopping around to see what the best deal is for you. Be aware that some prices include customs duty etc, andothers don’t. It is also worth noting that if you are travelling to a country with a permanent visa (and sometimes with atemporary visa), the baggage allowance is increased. It is worth discussing your options and allowances with your airline.Allfreight Internationalwww.allfreight.co.uk Where are you going?
  13. 13. Banking Singapore Post Pte Ltd Internet Tel: 1605 or 1800-222-5777Banks and hotels can change money and most shopping complexes have Internet is o ered in many hotels. Cafes, shopping centers, Fax: 6225-2053a licensed money changer. Most banks open from 9.30am to 3pm on subway stations and public library also o er free related Web: http://www.singpost.com.sgweekdays and 9.30am to 11.30am on Saturdays. To open an account in Internet facilities. If you have your own laptop, you canSingapore, you will need copies of your passport, employers letter, and a connect with the Internet at many emporiums or cafes.statement from a bank in your home country. Most of the major banks in Phonesthe world are represented here. Singapore has extensive facilities of When you get set up in a residence, an internet connection Home telephone line - You need to go to Comcentre at Killiney Road personallyautomated teller machines (ATMs) and a cashless payment system called can be signed up for as part of your digital TV package. Costs if this is the rst time you are applying for a line. Documents needed - originalNETS for your paying convenience. If you plan to stay in Singapore for an per month, depending on your choice of channels plus passport, employment pass and the signed Tenancy Agreement for veri cation.extended period, you should use these facilities. internet connection range from $60-90 per month. For existing customers, you can apply online at http://www.singtel.comPost Cable TV or Singapore Cable Vision (SCV) - You can apply online at http://www.starhub.comAll mail in Singapore is usually delivered by the next working day at sometime in early to late afternoon --through a network of more than 1,300 For the latest Singapore digital TV o ering, check -postal outlets around the island. Singapore uses a six-digit postal code. http://mio.singtel.com/miotv/The basic mail service is run by Singapore Post (SP), a subsidiary ofSingapore Telecom. For enquiries on postal and other services, contact: TV licence – Your TV licence can be paid at any Singapore Post O ce. Documents needed are a photocopied passport, employment pass and a signed Tenancy Agreement. Where are you going?
  14. 14. Singapore’s well-established healthcare system comprises a total of 13 private hospitals, Prices vary between medical clinics but you can expect to pay between $40 - $50 for a10 public (government) hospitals and several specialist clinics, each specializing in and consultation alone. A visit to the dentist for a regular "check up" may cost from $30 upwardscatering to di erent patient needs, at varying costs. for a child and $40 and above for an adult.Patients are free to choose the providers within the government or private healthcare The best advice is to ensure that you and your family are covered by a medical insurancedelivery system and can walk in for a consultation at any private clinic or any government either through your company or privately.polyclinic. For emergency services, patients can go at any time to the 24-hour Accident &Emergency Departments located in the government hospitals. For keeping t most condos have their own gym facilities but in case your accommodation doesn’t have this, check the following link:Most hotels have their own doctor on 24-hour call. Contact the Front O ce or RoomService for assistance. For an ambulance, dial 995. www.sg tness.comForeigners seeking inpatient services can choose to be warded in single-bed rooms,two-bed rooms and four-bed rooms of private hospitals. They will only have a choice ofsingle (A class) rooms or two-bed (B1 class) rooms in government hospitals. Medical feesin government hospitals are relatively lower than in private hospitals butnon-Singaporeans will pay a 30 percent premium over the fees charged to the locals. Where are you going?
  15. 15. Singapore has a well-regulated tax system, and personal income tax Non Residency Statusrates are generally lower than in other developed countries. All Non-residents are taxed only on income derived from or accrued inexpatriates working in Singapore are liable to pay Singapore income Singapore. They do not have to pay taxes on foreign income receivedtax ranging from 3.5% to the top rate of 20% (over SGD $320K) in Singapore. Also, they are exempted from income tax if they work in Singapore for 60 days or less in a calendar year. Non-residents areResidency status taxed at either a at rate of 15 per cent on employment income,Under the Singapore tax laws, income tax is chargeable on the without personal reliefs, or the residents graduated rate, whichever isincome of any person, which is statutorily extended to include higher. In addition, non-residents are taxed a at rate of 27 per centindividuals, a company and a body of persons. on non-employment income derived from Singapore.Other sources of tax revenue include Property Tax, Goods and For further information on income tax, please see The Inland revenueServices Tax, Stamp Duties, Estate Duties, Private Lotteries and Duties Authority of Singapore’s website: www.iras.gov.sgon Betting.Residents are taxed on income derived from or accrued in Singapore,and on income derived from outside Singapore and received inSingapore. Where are you going?
  16. 16. Drivers License and Insurance If you are residing in Singapore for less than 12 months, you are not required to convert your foreign driving license to a Singapore driving license. You may drive in Singapore with a valid International Driving Permit issued by a foreign Automobile Association. If an International Driving Permit is not available, an o cial translation in English is required. For foreigners on Employment Pass / Dependant Pass/ Student Pass/ or Work Permit and residing in Singapore for more than 12 months or if you are a Singapore Permanent Resident, you are required to convert your foreign driving license to a Singapore driving license in order to drive here. If you convert your foreign license within 12 months from the date you rst entered Singapore, you only need to pass the Basic Theory Test, which familiarizes you with Singapores Highway Code. After passing your Basic Theory Test, you will need to submit your application in person at Tra c Police Department, No. 10 Ubi Avenue 3 with the following documents: ‧Result slip ‧Passport ‧Identity Card ‧Valid foreign driving license ‧A certi cation from the licensing Authority of the date of test ‧Extract of driving License record from the Licensing Authority if your License does not have the date of rst issue ‧A translation of the driving license if it is not in English Applications for conversion of a foreign driving license for Singaporeans are not normally granted unless they have stayed in the foreign country continuously for six months, and the foreign license was obtained during this period. Every user of a motor vehicle in Singapore must have in force an insurance policy which provides him or her with indemnity for legal liabilities arising out of death or bodily injuries in connection with the use of the motor vehicle on the road. It is illegal to drive or be in charge of a vehicle on a public road without a motor insurance policy.Where are you going?
  17. 17. A child starts studying at Primary One at the age of six and studies for six Chatsworth International School Overseas Family School (OFS)years. He/she then sits for the Primary School Leaving Examinations The Chatsworth International School has an internationally-based FS provides a modern education in the English language for overseas(PSLE) before moving on to secondary school for another four or ve education program drawing from a wide range of education systems, families living in Singapore. Classes start from kindergarten to highyears. In secondary school, he/she can choose - based on his/her especially those from the United States and the United Kingdom. This school level.examination results to enter in the School Cambridge General school provides a full program here, from kindergarten to high www.ofs.edu.sgCerti cate of Education Ordinary (GCE Os) level examinations. school where students can choose to work towards the American High School Diploma or the British system of the IGCSE.In Singapore, there are many International Schools to choose from. It is For further information on education in Singapore, please see the www.chatsworth.com.sgcompulsory for foreign students studying here to apply for an annual Ministry of Education’s website: www.moe.gov.sgstudent pass from the Immigration Department. The following are justsome of the international schools available: Dover Court Preparatory SchoolThe International Community School (ICS) An English medium international school for children aged three to fteen years. Dover Court delivers a British based curriculum adaptedThe International Community School (ICS) is the only Christian to the needs of international students.international school in Singapore. ICS o ers an American-based www.dovercourt.edu.sgCollege Preparatory curriculum for students ages 4 through 18 aswell as an ESL program.www.ics.edu.sg Where are you going?
  18. 18. Where are you going? For any further questions on any of the information you have read here, please contact our offices directly and ask for one of our experienced International Candidate Managers. EUROPE AUSTRALIA HONG KONG SINGAPORELevel 2, 7-9 Lonsdale Gardens Level 4, 12 O’Connell Street 2912 Shell Tower, Times Square 8 Eu Tong Sen Street, Tunbridge Wells, Kent Sydney, NSW 2000 1 Matherson Street The Central TN1 1NU, United Kingdom Australia Causeway Bay, Hong Kong #21-81 Singapore 059818 Office: +44 1892 546366 Office: +612 8116 8986 Office: +852 2961 4696 Office: + 65 6225 1229