Zolkc - Ideagen event in WIT


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Presentation from Paul Savage, Zolk C at 1st Ideagen event in WIT 15.10.09

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Zolkc - Ideagen event in WIT

  1. 1. Paul Savage 15th October 2009
  2. 2. Using leading edge technology to create an amazing interpretive experience!
  3. 3. Zolk C origins – NTS look to technology • Large project to tell the story of the Battle of Culloden April 1746 • Very sensitive site, lots of passionate stakeholders • Large budget available but no clear method of interpretation identified • Battlefield was basically a field • Came to 3CS through Dr Willie Donnelly’s and Barry Downes’ network of commercial contacts
  4. 4. The TSSG is commissioned to report on how technology might provide a solution
  5. 5. The NTS release a commercial brief • Satisfy both the casual visitor and pilgrim • Discard interpretive boards - Keeping sites natural and original • Discover what their visitors are really interested in • Attract new, younger & niche visitors
  6. 6. Excellence was expected • BBC involved • Historians and interpreters • Video sample Zolk C is formed to bid
  7. 7. Technical Domain Knowledge Knowledge Product Development
  8. 8. The result is Culloden’s BFG (Battlefield Guide) Promotional video
  9. 9. The Culloden Battlefield Guide Winner of the 2008 Museum and Heritage Best Use of Technology Award
  10. 10. Jacobite Cruises – Audio Problems Private boat and bus tour operator on Loch Ness. Award winning tours with 100% satisfaction, audio quality disappoints. Zolk C will use GPS triggered audio
  11. 11. Neroche – UK Forestry Commission Pilot project to tell the story at Neroche near Taunton GPS triggered maps and “where am I?” for the OS shy walker Approach again shows the power of technology and content marriage
  12. 12. The Dunbrody Famine Ship project Funded under the Failte Ireland Capital investments scheme A €2.4mln project to update the visitor experience Zolk C will use technology to tell the story
  13. 13. Ros Tapestries Multimedia Guide First indoor interpretation project for ZolkC Rich audio and multimedia content to bring all aspects of the Ros Tapestry project in Wexford to Life
  14. 14. Snapshot of current activities • 6 live sites in the UK and Ireland by Q1 2010 • Actively pursuing 50+ opportunities • Italy targeted as a key market with EI business accelerator support • Live site in Canada in Q1 2010 • Projected revenues above €1Mln in 2009 / 2010 All customers to date are looking to work with us on an ongoing basis
  15. 15. Technical Domain Knowledge Knowledge Market CF-TD Knowledge Innovation Partnership Market Engagement +200
  16. 16. Questions? Paul Savage paul@zolkc.com +353 87 9087149