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Salesforce: How To Win The War On the Web
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Salesforce: How To Win The War On the Web


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Byron White's presentation to Salesforce at their headquarters in San Francisco, CA, September 22, 2011.

Byron White's presentation to Salesforce at their headquarters in San Francisco, CA, September 22, 2011.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. SalesForce: How to Win the War on the Web
    Byron White
    Chief Idea Officer
    Exclusive Presentation
    September 22, 2011
  • 2. Agenda
    How can you reach bigger audiences, driving awareness, pipeline, and product adoption?
    Create great content. So great, readers share it.
    We've brought in a content marketing expert to help us understand what we need to write about, at what frequency, and how to make sure it gets picked up in search. 
    Write about information customers want and need.
    Byron will provide real-world examples of low hanging fruit that just needs to be optimized, as well as new opportunities we might explore. 
    Let’s do it.
  • 3. Content Marketing
    is a Team Sport
    Brand You
    Is the Secret Weapon
    The Content
    Marketing Revolution
  • 4. What isContent Marketing?
  • 5. It’s the art of listening to your customers’ wants and needs
    Search Box
    Social Media
    Web Analytics
    Keyword Popularity
    Customer Service
  • 6. And the science of delivering it to them in a compelling way
    RSS Feeds
    Printed Books
  • 7. It’s catching readers orbiting at high speeds
    Information Portals
    RSS Feeds
    Social Networks
  • 8. With information they want and need
    Love It Metrics
    Time on Site
    Repeat Visitation
    Send to Friend
    Post to Network
    Link to Page
  • 9. It’s testing campaigns to learn what works best
    A/B Testing
    Multivariate Testing
    Eye Track Testing
    Segmentation Testing
    Geo Target Testing
    Usability Testing
    Content Testing
  • 10. And finding the most efficient path to engagement and sales
    The Trust Pipeline
    Score Engagement
    Qualify Lead
    Evaluate Intent
    Induce Trial
    Motivate Purchase
    Get the Sale
    Correlate Assets to Sale
  • 11. Content Marketing is a Team Sport
  • 12. The Six Step Content Marketing Workflow
  • 13. Step 1 The Content Plan
    Research Summary
    Competitive Intelligence
    Keyword Filtering
    Content Analysis
    Organic Market Share
    Content Asset Allocation
    How much content?
    How frequently?
    How good is it?
    What distribution channels?
  • 14. Competitive Research
  • 15. Keyword Research
  • 16. Keyword Silo Development
  • 17. Market Share Analysis of Keyword Silos
  • 18. Content Research
  • 19. Content Analysis
  • 20. Social Media Research
  • 21. Social Media Analysis
  • 22. Research Summary
  • 23. Additional Elements for Future Development
    Style Guides
    Customer Research
    Persona Development
  • 24. Step 2 Content Creation
    How good?
    + Customer Interests
    + Industry Expert Writers
    + Conversion Influence
    + Performance goals
    How much?
    + Distribution Channels
    + Topic Research
    + Publishing Research
    + Market Share Analysis
    How often?
    + Publishing Frequency
    + Channel Distribution
    + Customer Reach
  • 25. What is great content?
  • 26. SalesForce.comVideo Content A-
    What’s Now?
    Content/Design A
    Cloud Depth B
    What’s next?
    Predicting Sales Future
    Chatter Builds Trust
    Trust Builds Sales
    The Force is With You
    Dream Your Way to Success
  • 27. SalesForce Blog Content B
    Old Layout
    Layout and Design C
    Frequency + Volume A
    Rich Info Advice C
  • 28. SalesForce New Blog B
    What’s Now?
    Layout/Design A
    Lead Generation C
    What’s next?
    Contributor Volume
    Link Strategy
    Lead Generation
    White Papers
    Sunshine on a Cloudy Day
  • 29. White Papers and Case Studies C
    What’s Now?
    Information Rich
    Dry Tone and Style
    What’s next?
    Call to Action (Lead Gen)
    Information Design Rich
    Link Strategy
    Subscription Service
    Topic Spot On
    Purple Papers
  • 30. White Papers and Case Studies C
  • 31. Web Pages C
    Lead Gen Page
    See Lots of Demos
    Form Length
    What’s Wrong
    Test Form Size
    Right Column
    SalesForce Products
    Product Image
    No Motivation
    No Education
  • 32. Web Pages C
    Pricing Page
    Chatter Plus
    What’s Wrong
    Right Column
    Value Add White Paper
    Lead Generation
  • 33. Web Pages C
    Learn More Page
    Access Help Chat 10 Seconds
    Pulls away after 10 Seconds
    Transform Business with SalesForce Products
    Betterment Ideas
    Access Help Chat 24 x 7
    Transform Business with Value Add White Paper for Lead Gen Motivation
    48 Minutes not 48 Hours
  • 34. Sales and Marketing Integration C
  • 35. Sales and Marketing Integration C
  • 36. Email C
  • 37. Email Marketing C
  • 38. Email Marketing C
    What’s Now?
    What is the Cloud?
    Duplicate Content
    What’s next?
    Meta Descriptions
    Resource Center
    Conversion Enabled
    Internal Link Building
    Predict the Weather
  • 39. Content Creation Recommendations (HELP)
  • 40. Step 3 Content Optimization
    The SEO Plan
    Competitive Intelligence
    Keyword Research
    Keyword Silos
    Market Share Timestamp
    Content Asset Allocation
  • 41. Keyword Universe (HELP)
  • 42. Product Keyword Silos
  • 43. Hot Topic Keyword Silos
  • 44. Golden Keywords
  • 45. Low-Hanging Fruit Keywords
  • 46. Low-Hanging Fruit Keywords
  • 47. Internal Link Building C-
  • 48. Inbound Link Popularity
  • 49. Keyword Maps (HELP)
  • 50. SEO Scoring (HELP)
  • 51. SEO Scoring (HELP)
  • 52. Step 4 Content Editing
    Advanced Editing Process
    Content Plans
    Topic Research
    Style Guides
    Writer Sampling
    Editorial Revisions
    Content Haiku
    Brand Infusion
    Fact Proofing
    Technical Review
    Legal Review
    Engagement Testing
    Delightful Confirmation
  • 53. Great Editors are required to develop great content
    “Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank piece of paper (screen) until the drops of blood form on your forehead.”
    —Gene Fowler
    “There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a keyboard and open a vein.”
    —Red Smith
  • 54. Great Editors know how to craft an engaging story
  • 55. Great Editors find your company’s Haiku and distinct voice
    Haiku: Japanese 3 line poem, 17 syllables
    Define the style and tone that delights readers
    Identify what type of content performs best
    Modify content assets for different channels
    Develop consistency within content assets
  • 56. Great Editors understand the sales funnel
    • Preliminary: Headlines, visuals, architecture and familial content.
    • 57. Investigating: Knowledge-seeking and trust-building opportunity
    • 58. Capability: Show how you solve problems and deliver on needs
    • 59. Action: Motivate sign up, download or buy
  • Great Editors Turn Complexity into Simplicity
  • 60. Great Editors Turn Complexity into Simplicity
  • 61. Great Editors Turn Complexity into Simplicity
  • 62. Step 5 Content Distribution
    Distribution Channels
    Off-Site Distribution
  • 63. Determine the right mix of content assets
    Printed Books
    Tip Centers
  • 64. On-Site distribution architecture (HELP)
  • 65. Distribution Channels
  • 66. Step 6 Content Performance
  • 67. A Sneak Peak at the Conversion Formula
    Conversion = (Content + Usability + Motivation + Incentive) - (Friction + Anxiety)
    Content: Are you earning trust with information customers want and need?
    Usability: Is your content and imagery optimized for conversion?
    Motivation: Do you have clear reasons to buy and not try the competition?
    Incentive: Are you offering any incentives, trial or reward?
    Friction: Have you identified potential resistance and reduced the pain points?
    Anxiety: Have you pinpointed the concerns and resolved the issues?
  • 68. Listing Positions
  • 69. Organic Traffic
  • 70. Content Downloads
  • 71. Sales Influenced by Content Assets
  • 72. Time On Site
  • 73. Return Visitors
  • 74. User Acquisition Cost
  • 75. Conversion Rates
  • 76. Brand Youis the Secret Weapon
  • 77. Tip #1: Get in tune with the paradox of choice
    • Too many choices with the new age of micro expansion
    • 78. New rules for complex decision making
    • 79. New meaning needs to be developed to find the best path
    • 80. New methodology needs to be formulated for big decisions
    • 81. New reward needs to surface with the right decision
    The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz
  • 82. Tip # 2: The Conversion Formula
    Conversion = (Content + Usability + Motivation + Incentive) - (Friction + Anxiety)
    Content: Are you earning trust with information customers want and need?
    Usability: Is your content and imagery optimized for conversion?
    Motivation: Do you have clear reasons to buy and not try the competition?
    Incentive: Are you offering any incentives, trial or reward?
    Friction: Have you identified potential resistance and reduced the pain points?
    Anxiety: Have you pinpointed the concerns and resolved the issues?
  • 83. Test “feel” words to improve conversion rates
    Employment Sell Words
    Entry Level Position
    Excellent Growth Opportunity
    Immediate Openings
    Leading Company Seeks
    Growing Company Seeks
    Team Player
    Strong Interpersonal Skill
    Financially Motivated
    Annual Performance Bonus
    Team Environment
    Financial Sell Words
    You’re Already Pre-Approved
    Cash Back Offer
    Be Debt-Free in Weeks
    Instant Financial Freedom
    No Annual Fee
    Pocket Extra Money
    Low Introductory Rate
    Fast Cash
    Start Saving Now
    Peace of Mind
  • 84. Test “sell” words to improve conversion rates
    Special Offer
    Exclusive Offer
    Limited Time Offer
    Click Here
    Right Now
    Instant Access
    Instant Download
    Free Shipping
    No-Fuss Signup
    Easy Signup
    Free Trial
    First Time Trial
    No-Risk Trial
    Risk Free Trial
    Buy After Review
    Test Drive
    Free Membership
    Free Subscription
    Join Beta Group
    Free Trial with Feedback
    Free Gift
    Pays for Itself
    Limited Availability
    As Seen on TV
    Solve X
    Stop Y
    All Inclusive
    Best Rated
    Tested and Proven
    Money-Back Guarantee
  • 85. Test both positive and negative sell words
    Positive Sell Words
    Highly Competent
    Negative Sell Words
    Mixed Up
  • 86. Tip #3: What’s your mantra
    Winning is Everything Green Bay Packers
    Think IBM
    Fun Family Entertainment Disney
    Save Babies March of Dimes
    Healthy Fast Food Wendy’s
    Kick Butt in Air and Space Air Force
    The Art of the Start, Guy Kawasaki
  • 87. Get in tune with customer 2.0 wants and needs
    2.0 Customers Needs
    • Info in a Hurry
    • 88. Access to Specific Things
    • 89. Personalization
    • 90. Authority Advice
    • 91. Relevant Content
    Customers Needs
    • Credibility, Belief and Logic
    • 92. Exposure to New Information
    • 93. To Laugh
    • 94. Mystery and Bravery
    • 95. Surprise and Delight
    Content Critical by Gerry McGovern and Rob Norton
  • 96. Hire great writers with great characteristics
    Passionate Voice
    Well Traversed
    Make Meaning
    Keep it Simple
    Less is More
    Short and Sweet
    Fresh Insight
    Results Driven
    Knowledge Seekers
    Deep Diggers
    Big Picture Thinkers
  • 97. Learn how and why to tell stories
    Great Stories --> Solve problems
    --> Teach us to be smart
    --> Offer surprise and delight
    --> Focus on “what happens next”
    --> Introduce great characters
    --> Are contagious
    --> Engage readers
    Sisomo by Kevin Roberts
  • 98. Learn why some stories get passed on and on
  • 99. Create informational content that sells WITHOUT selling
    Info Content
    Speaking Events
    White Papers
    Online Courses
    Press Releases
  • 100. Proven methodology delivers the conversion improvemement you demand
  • 101. Customer Research
    • Search Box. Track what prospects are looking for and what they find.
    • 102. FAQs. Review what customers ask for and the language used.
    • 103. Customer Service Reps. Learn the FAQsand knowledge requests.
    • 104. Customers. Speak with customers and learn the wants and needs.
    • 105. Analytics. Discover the source of traffic and navigational pathways.
    • 106. Surveys. Ask for feedback on your content, navigation and methodology.
  • Customer Personas
  • 107. Customer Personas
  • 108. Style Guide
  • 109. Competitive Research: Lots of Free Tools
    Free Research Tools
  • 110. Byron White, ideaLaunch
    Chief Idea Officer
    Twitter: @ByronWhite
    Phone: 617-227-8800 x 201
    “The only marketing left is content marketing.” Seth Godin
    Free 101 Content Marketing Tips Book Download