Article Distribution: Low Budget, Big Return - September 2010


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Let's face it, to compete these days you need to get the words out, and traffic in to your website. Content distribution is quickly becoming the best way to achieve these goals, with article distribution, press releases and more. But creating the right articles and distributing them to the right places, on top of tracking the ROI, seems impossible and certainly burdensome. Until now.

Join host Byron White and founder Chris Ellington for a webinar that introduces a new, super-simple way to create content, distribute content and track the success of the campaigns.

In this webinar, you'll see a live case study on how to post an assignment to a new marketplace called, how to quickly and easily distribute the approved articles to thousands of portals instantly through�all with just a few clicks, a few minutes and a few bucks.

Best of all, you'll see how to track the ROI of article distribution with new methodology and metrics that offer insights on performance measurement and delivery of the return you demand for your investment.

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Article Distribution: Low Budget, Big Return - September 2010

  1. 1. New Methods, Tools and Techniques that make Article Marketing EasyByron White, ideaLaunch Chris Ellington, DistributeYourArticles 09/30/2010 1 PM EST Create Articles Distribute Articles Track ROI Easily Easily Easily
  2. 2. Creating Great Articles is Now Fast and Easy
  3. 3. WriterAccess is a new marketplaces connecting clients and writers.
  4. 4. Find writers with the exact skill and proficiency you need for assignments.
  5. 5. Place content orders with fixed rates, writer levels, word counts and bonus pay.
  6. 6. Add in a few more details like required keywords and author instructions.
  7. 7. Simply approve your article or reject it with notes on what needs to be fixed.
  8. 8. And create „Love Lists‟ of writers that meet your specs, and “Hate Lists” as well.
  9. 9. Distributing Articles is Now Fast and Easy
  10. 10. Select the article you want to export from WriterAccess to DistributeYourArticles.
  11. 11. Review the article and custom any DYI requirements for the export.
  12. 12. Simply select the categories for article distribution that match the DYA interface.
  13. 13. Click submit and your article is instantly submitted to DYI for approval.
  14. 14. Track Article Marketing ROI Quickly and Easily
  15. 15. Create keyword silos for articles marketing used for SEO scoring and ROI goals.
  16. 16. Track improved monthly listing positions impacted by article marketing.
  17. 17. Track improved monthly listing positions for keyword silos targeted for campaigns.
  18. 18. Track overall increased traffic impacted from monthly article marketing.
  19. 19. Also track increased traffic by keyword silos developed for article marketing.
  20. 20. Track new sources of traffic from article portals and distribution sites.
  21. 21. Track increased time-on-site from pages featuring article marketing content.
  22. 22. Track possible improvements of conversion rates impacted by article marketing.
  23. 23. Track increased leads from content downloads related to article marketing.
  24. 24. Track increased sales from customers interacting with article marketing topics.
  25. 25. 101 Content Marketing Tips BookFree Book Download:
  26. 26. Byron White, ideaLaunch “Get the articles outChief Idea Officer and the traffic andTwitter: @ByronWhiteByron[at] results in. Easily.”Phone: 617-227-8800 x 201