September 2009 - Using Competitive Intelligence to Drive Content Solutions


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Join us for the monthly ideaLaunch Content Marketing Webinar 4.0 focused this month on how to use competitive intelligence to drive content marketing strategy. You'll discover how to reverse engineer the online marketing strategy of your competition, and how to develop content marketing strategy with that information to win the war of words on the web. Special Guest Mike Roberts, Founder and President of Spyfu, will offer some secret tips and advice for competitive intelligence. And host Byron White review the art and science of content marketing and how to track the ROI you demand. Don't miss this Content Marketing Webinar!

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September 2009 - Using Competitive Intelligence to Drive Content Solutions

  1. 1. Byron White Content MarketingFounderChief Idea Officer Webinar, Inc.Mike RobertsFounderPresident CompetitiveSpyFu IntelligenceSeptember 30, 20091 PM EST
  2. 2. Content Marketing Webinar v4 Putting Competitive Intelligence to Work for your BusinessWhat is content How is it How do you get ahead of How do you put competitive What are some marketing? different? the competition? intelligence to work? SpyFu tips?
  3. 3. What iscontentmarketing?
  4. 4. It’s the art of listening toyour customers’ wantsand needs.Listen Up Search Box Social Media Web Analytics Keyword Popularity Customer Service Questionnaires
  5. 5. And the science ofdelivering it to them in acompelling way.Content Assets Articles Tips and Advice Webinars Workbooks Widgets Live Support
  6. 6. It’s constantly testingcampaigns to learn whatworks and what doesn’t.Prediction Testing A/B Testing Multivariate Testing Eye Track Testing Segmentation Testing Geo Target Testing Usability Testing
  7. 7. And measuring readers’engagement and desirefor more.EngagementDownloadsTime on PageAction on PageRepeat VisitationSend to FriendSocial BookmarkTell a Friend
  8. 8. It’s catching readers thattravel at high speeds atthe right time and place.Anytime Content Desktop Applet Mobile RSS Feeds Podcasts Social Networks
  9. 9. With the new marketinguniverse of widgets,gadgets and apps.iPhone Apps Urban Spoon Amazon Kindle Sirius XM Flixter Fandango
  10. 10. It’s using content andknowledge as the newsales pipeline for leads.New Sales Pipeline Offer Content Accumulate Leads Score Leads Distribute Leads Induce Trial Score New Activity Measure Success
  11. 11. And using technology toscore leads that aremost likely to convert.SalesForce Scoring Free Tool Interaction Content Downloads Proposal Downloads Newsletter Sign Ups Widget Interaction Customer Logon
  12. 12. How is contentmarketingdifferent?
  13. 13. Traditional marketingpushes sales offers outthat people may not want.Traditional Media Direct Mail Print Advertising Trade Shows Banner Ads Radio Spots
  14. 14. Content marketingpushes content out thatpeople want and need.Content Marketing Assets Webinars Whitepapers Workbooks Widgets Articles
  15. 15. Traditional marketingtalks at people to drivesales and growth.We’re #1 Best Price Best Products Best Features Best Value Best Technology Best Service
  16. 16. Content marketing talkswith readers, providinginformation and answers.
  17. 17. Traditional marketingcenters the company onmarketing strategy.TraditionalMarketingStrategy
  18. 18. Content marketingcenters the customer onthe marketing strategy.ContentMarketingStrategy
  19. 19. Traditional marketinginterrupts customers withinfo they may not want.No-Permission Marketing Cold Calls Telemarketing Pop-Up Banners Run-Of-Site Ads Spam Email
  20. 20. Content marketing makeslife smarter, better, fasterand wiser.Info Earns Trust Pub Articles Shortcuts Answers Well-Told Stories Distinction Fast Solutions Simplicity
  21. 21. What are thebest competitiveresearch tools?
  22. 22. Competitive intelligenceresearch tools. Google Webmaster Tools
  23. 23. Competitive Intelligence Search Engine Hacks.Search Command Pages that link to your Indexed pages in your Google’s cache of your Pages similar to your Provides info about your site“tips” Pages on .edu sites that contain the term “tips”allinurl:content marketing Pages with content and marketing in URLallintitle:content marketing Pages with exact phrase content and marketing in the Pages on that aren’t on the www subdomain
  24. 24. Compare traffic and thepercent of market reach. Tip: Total up all the key players traffic to find total market share.
  25. 25. Compare PPC spend.Tip: Correlate ad spendwith overall traffic to helpestimate organic trafficvolume.
  26. 26. Compare authority statusin the industry.Authority Assets Speaking Events White Papers Webinars Podcasts Books Online Courses Informational Guides Press Releases
  27. 27. Compare listing positionperformance.Tip: Monitormonthly listingpositions of yoursite and yourcompetition.
  28. 28. Compare content assetpublishing frequency. Tip: Track growth of site maps pages and total pages indexed in the search engines.
  29. 29. Compare reach in thesocial media sphere.Social Media Platforms Twitter Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Plaxo Flickr Technorati
  30. 30. Compare conversationsin the social sphere.Social Research Tools
  31. 31. Compare the testimonialpower of persuasion.Tip: Test location ofpromotions includingoff-site. And try podcastand video testimonialsto get ahead of thecompetition.
  32. 32. Compare inbound linksupport for SEO.Inbound Link Tips Engaging Content Content Widgets Press Releases Directory Submissions Article Submissions Social Media Posts Blog Comments Partner Sites .Org Links .EDU Links
  33. 33. Compare internal linksupport for SEO.Tip: Buildinginternal links isfast and easyand can have bigSEO impact.
  34. 34. Compare Landing PageOptimization and Testingmethods and practice.
  35. 35. How do I putcompetitiveintelligence towork?
  36. 36. Develop a contentmarketing plan based onthe competitive data.Content Marketing Plan Scope of Project Competitive Review Content Asset Portfolio Service Description Production Schedule ROI Measurement Pricing
  37. 37. Start by gradingcompetitive performanceand assets strength. Content Asset Traffic PPC Spend Content Portfolio Content Authority Publishing Frequency Social Reach Social Conversations Testimonials Partnerships Internal Links Inbound Links SEO Strength SEO Performance Testing Methodology
  38. 38. Goal: Find insight you offer that your competition does not.Competitive Edge Tips Find Your Unique Value Uncover the Undiscovered Dig for Keen Insight Shed New Light Offer the Inside Scoop Raise Awareness Invent New Tools Develop New Methods Solve More Problems
  39. 39. Tip: Pinpoint opportunityto achive the ROI youdemand quickly.Opportunity Keywords Trend Reports Keyword Positions 10 to 50 Build Content Build Links Publish Consistently Track Content Impact Measure Content ROI
  40. 40. Establish GoldenKeywords to target forSEO strategy.Golden Keywords Top 150 Keywords 1/3 In Top 10 1/3 in Top 50 1/3 Not in Top 100 Evaluate Content Strength Build Internal Links Add Supportive Content
  41. 41. Tip: Crunch the data tofind the GoldenKeywords. Tip: Start by reviewing PPC price, search volume and listing position trends. But be sure to create content that readers want and need.
  42. 42. Goal: Improve listingpositions from SEOsuccess.Steps for Tracking Success Establish Keyword Universe Establish Priority Keywords Deploy Content Assets Track Listing Improvement Tie Content to Improvements Find Trends and Correlation Build on Momentum
  43. 43. Goal: Increase repeatvisitation from qualitycontent.
  44. 44. Goal: Traffic growth fromnew readers and fans.Measure Asset Impact Identify Keywords with Improvement Find Content Assets Examine Deployment Dates Examine Internal Link Strategy Examine Optimization of Pages Conclude Impact Measurement
  45. 45. Goal: Improved conversionrates from content testing.Improve Conversion Rates Test Copy Test Graphics Test Images A/B Testing Multivariate Testing Google Website Optimizer
  46. 46. Goal: Decrease of useracquisition cost from theright plan and strategy.Monthly Advertising Cost ÷ Monthly Sign Ups = Monthly User Acquisition Cost
  47. 47. Tip: Correlate improvedlisting position withcontent publishing dates.
  48. 48. Tip: Compare listingposition performance inthe search engines.
  49. 49. Tip: Measure contentmarketing ROI.
  50. 50. What can SpyFu How competitive help withintelligence does competitiveSpyFu offer? intelligence?
  51. 51. How can SpyFu help with your contentmarketing initiative?Competitive Intelligence is the tip of iceberg. Finding Your Gaps Prioritizing Your Opportunities New Keywords or Improve Existing? Tracking Your Success Optimizing Your Message
  52. 52. Finding Your Gaps: Highlighting ContentOpportunities with SpyFu KombatCompetitive Intelligence is the tip of iceberg. Finding Your Gaps Prioritizing Your Opportunities Tracking Your Success Optimizing Your Message Building Leads and Spotting Trends
  53. 53. Prioritizing Your Opportunities: Seewhere the clicks are coming from.Compeitive Intelligence is the tip of iceberg. Finding Your Gaps Prioritizing Your Opportunities Tracking Your Success Optimizing Your Message Building Leads and Spotting Trends
  54. 54. Prioritizing Your Opportunities: Improveyour current rankings or target newones?
  55. 55. Guess what? Lowe’s doesn’t need myadvice. They’re already executing on it.One Month Later…
  56. 56. Detour: Need Proof? SpyFu’s 3yrs ofcached SERPs has your back.
  57. 57. Case Study: What can Ace Hardware do? Ace Hardware has tons of opportunity to improve. They are getting maybe 5% of what they could be.
  58. 58. Case Study: Ace can make huge gainsfocusing on just a few subjects. Being competitive on these keywords could mean millions of visitors per day to Ace Hardware (roughly 10-20 times their current total unique visits.)
  59. 59. Case Study: Execute one subject ata time. SpyFu Filtering Tools.
  60. 60. How can SpyFu help with your contentmarketing initiative?
  61. 61. Optimizing Your Message: What adscan tell us about messaging that converts All these domains stuck with “$0” after testing it. 3 out of 4 of the top advertisers on this $10k/day keyword found “$0” works better than “Free”.
  62. 62. Optimizing Your Message: Avoiding legaltrouble. Brands that Sue. Dell is so persistent and legally sophisticated that they manage to prevent anybody from advertising on the keyword “dell” – at least they don’t for long…
  63. 63. Optimizing Your Message: Avoiding legaltrouble. Look before you leap. Samsung is a large brand with lots of resources, but it doesn’t seem to behave the same way.
  64. 64. CreateByron White, ideaLaunchChief Idea OfficerTwitter: @ByronWhite GreatFacebook: ByronWhiteByron[at]ideaLaunch.comPhone: 617-227-8800 x 201 ContentMike Roberts, SpyFuPresident and FounderMike[at]