Capturing Mindshare - October 2010


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To win the war of words on the web, you need a battle plan to capture organic market share. Creating volumes of SEO content and publishing it on the web is not the best strategy these days. You need competitive intelligence tools to drive the strategy. You need a vision on how to increase traffic and improve listing positions, and a roadmap for performance goals. Trying to put all these pieces together may seem difficult, if not impossible. Until now.

Join Byron White of ideaLaunch and Mike Roberts of Spyfu, offering two very different solutions on how to develop the strategy you need to capture mindshare -- the new measurement for success. Mike will discuss some new SpyFu technology solutions that offer the vision you need. Byron will discuss breakthrough content planning methodology including content curation, content plans and secrets that set the stage for performance goals.

These two different approaches will leave you with dozens of ideas, secrets and methods to hit the ball out of the park!

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Capturing Mindshare - October 2010

  1. 1. Monthly Content Marketing Webinar October 2010 Capturing MindshareByron White Mike RobertsideaLaunch SpyFu
  2. 2. The Content Planning Process to Capture MindShare
  3. 3. Evaluate the organic market share ofkeywords and traffic.
  4. 4. Evaluate the competitors contentmarketing tactics and strategy.
  5. 5. Curate the content on-site and off-site andthe social conversations on the web
  6. 6. Find the wants and needs of readers and customersSurveysPhone CallsSearch BoxSocial MediaWeb AnalyticsKeyword PopularityCustomer ServiceQuestionnaires
  7. 7. Use keyword research tools to help find the hot topics and develop keyword
  8. 8. The SEO plan guides optimization, SEOscoring and performance goals
  9. 9. The Content Plan guides contentcreation and development process
  10. 10. The Information Plan offers thearchitectural layout for SEO and content
  11. 11. The Executive Summary offers abenchmark for performance
  12. 12. Measure ROI and improved mind sharein a variety of ways.
  13. 13. Tagging the published date of content is required for measuring performance.Secrets to ROI Tracking Tag Published Date Track Link Phrases Build Keyword Silos
  14. 14. Track improved listing positionsimpacted by content deployment
  15. 15. Track increase in organic trafficimpacted by content deployment
  16. 16. Track increases in time-on-site andreturn visitors
  17. 17. Track increases in lead generationinteracting with content assets
  18. 18. Track increased sales impacted bycontent marketing
  19. 19. Free Content Marketing Tips book here: White, ideaLaunchChief Idea OfficerTwitter: @ByronWhiteByron[at]ideaLaunch.com617-227-8800 x 201Book Author101 Content Marketing TipsSpeaker Events 2010BrightTalkSearch Engine StrategiesPR Web ThriveInbound Marketing Summit28 Total Speaking Events