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What Is Content Marketing - June 2009
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What Is Content Marketing - June 2009


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It’s not just another buzz term! Content Marketing is the most effective way to grow your business. It’s the art of discovering what your customers need and want to know, and the science of delivering …

It’s not just another buzz term! Content Marketing is the most effective way to grow your business. It’s the art of discovering what your customers need and want to know, and the science of delivering it to them in a compelling and engaging way. Learn the secrets of creating great content and how to optimize it for both readers and search engines. Learn how to put A/B and multivariate testing to work improving conversion rates and maximizing ROI. Content creation, content optimization and content testing add up to content marketing.

This webinar is sure to add to your bottom line.

Byron White is your guide. He has more than 10 years of content marketing experience as the founder and Chief Idea Officer of idealaunch and LifeTips.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. June 24, 2009Byron White, ideaLaunch Content MarketingChief Idea OfficerWhat is Content Marketing?Content Marketing Essence WebinarContent Creation ProcessROI MeasurementContent Asset PortfolioTips for Success
  • 2. What is contentmarketing? It’s morethan just a buzz word.It’s the most importanttool in your marketingtoolchest these days.
  • 3. It’s the art of listeningto your customer’sneeds and wants.
  • 4. And the science ofdelivering it to them ina compelling way.
  • 5. It’s constantly testingcampaigns to learn whatworks and doesn’t.
  • 6. It’s a well-told story thatkeeps readers comingback for more.
  • 7. The essence of thecontent marketingrevolution is all aroundus in the form of words,motion andconversations.
  • 8. Traditional broadcastmarketing is necessaryperhaps, but limited. Cold Calling Direct Mail Print Advertising Trade Shows Telemarketing Banner Ads Radio Spots
  • 9. Content Marketing talkswith people, not atpeople.
  • 10. Content Marketing putsthe customer at thecenter, not the company.
  • 11. It’s important. “The onlymarketing left is contentmarketing.” Seth Godin All Marketers are Liars Meatball Sunday Purple Cow The Big Red Fez Small is the New Big The Moo Tribes
  • 12. Insight and advice tocustomers replacesfeatures and benefits. Earn Trust Add Value Be Honest Share Ideas Stop Selling
  • 13. Content becomes thepipeline for warm leads.No more cold calling! Measure Prospect Interaction Push Content Track Interest Points for Downloads Points for Conversations Points for Particpation Points = Trust = Sales
  • 14. Content becomesavailable to readers anytime and any place. Mobile RSS Feeds Content Widgets Content Gadgets Desktop
  • 15. Creating content for theweb is an art & science.You must now optimizecontent for readers ANDthe search engines.
  • 16. Start by researching yourcustomer’s needs andwants in creative ways. Keyword Research Social Media Sphere Talk and Listen Surveys and Polls Customers Customers
  • 17. Find the opportunity forcontent assets to drivetraffic and sales fast. PPC Price Search Volume Manual Weights Trend Report Traffic Report
  • 18. Optimize content aroundhot topics and keywordsthat appeal to the bots.
  • 19. Hire great writers thatknow how to get underthe skin of the reader.Inhabit the Target AudienceBuild CredibilityContagious Writing StyleSurprise and DeliteTeach us to be SmartPractice Writing HaikuFind New ValueWork Smart
  • 20. Score content SEO strengtheasily. Put technology towork for SEO. Score SEO Strength Pepper Rich Keywords Build Internal Links Find Low Lying Fruit Create Meta Descriptions Support SEO with Content
  • 21. You demand ameasurable return onyour investment forcontent marketing. Nomore guesswork.
  • 22. Improve conversion ratesinstantly with landingpage optimization. A/B Testing Multivariate Testing Google Website Optimizer Site Tuners Offermatica Optimost
  • 23. Readers decide whatheadlines, copy andgraphics works best. Fast!
  • 24. Track listing positions inthe search engines forsuccess measurement. Establish Keyword Universe Track Top 100 Listings Track Top 10 Listings Track Top Keywords
  • 25. Compare listing positiontrends with contentdeployment.
  • 26. Compare contentdeployment with trafficspikes.
  • 27. Study repeat visitation toyour website and time-on-site.
  • 28. Tips for ContentMarketing Successlearned by creatingand developing 18million wordsfor 500+ clients.
  • 29. Internal and external linksare essential for success.Get the most of link love. Link Popularity Support SEO Validate Content Justify Top Listings Big Beef Story
  • 30. Put the full power of socialmedia with conversations, notfollowers.
  • 31. Publish a printed bookand become an authority.
  • 32. Discover what you seethat your competitiondoes not see. Apply Your Expertise Position Your Company Find Keen Insight Shed New Light Offer the Inside Scoop Raise Awareness Progress Leads with Knowledge
  • 33. Find the essentiallycontested concepts andshare your insights. Follow Thought Leaders Find Topics to Debate Chime in Your Thoughts Contribute to Communities Put Your Ideas to Work Stay on Topic
  • 34. Social media posts andconversations offer theinsight you need.
  • 35. ContentMarketingAssetsPortfolio
  • 36. Articles translate yourexpertise and establishthe credibility you need. Knowledge Centers FAQ Sections Article Submissions Link Popularity Industry Journals
  • 37. It’s amazing what aprinted book can do.Authors are authorities. $172M Audio Books 2008 On-Demand Printing ISBN Authority Future Search Speaking Events Authority Validation
  • 38. The content marketingrevolution began withWhite Papers. Go Retro! Bit Stale Establish Expertise Make Understandable Infuse Personality Showcase Insight
  • 39. Video content is becomingthe mainstream forwallstreet and mainstreet. YouTube: 20 Hours/Minute Broadband Speed Hollywood Entertainment Sissimo: Site, Sound. Motion Viral Marketing Trade Shows Motion and Emotion
  • 40. Web readers are travelingat high speeds. eBookscatch them on the fly. $113M Sales 2008 Increase 68% 2007 Google Listings Whitepaper Steroids Email Required Easy Pass Around
  • 41. Microsites offer specifictopic focus and solutions,without the distractions. Talk the Real Talk Micro Communities Topic Focus Testing Platform Controled ROI
  • 42. Short, sharp, content richWebinars turn browsersinto believers. Thought Leadership Competitive Intelligence Authority Leadership Conversion Metrics
  • 43. The projections forpodcast downloads makethis media exciting. Internet Users Audience 9% 2008 11% 2009 13% 20010 14.5% 2011 15% 2012 17% 2013
  • 44. Slide presentations getconcise thoughts out tointerested prospects.
  • 45. Case Studies build yourcase to show exactlyhow your services help. Like Me Predict Future Find Similarities Compare Notes
  • 46. Translate your expertiseand point of view witheasy-to-understand tips. Measure ROI Improve Conversions Long Tail Keywords SEO Edge
  • 47. Byron White, ideaLaunch Create GreatChief Idea OfficerBlog: ByronWhite ContentFaceBook: Byron WhitePhone: 617-227-8800 x 201Cell: 617-775-5828