How to Price Quality Content


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How to Price Quality Content

  1. 1. Pricing Writing Services Content Marketing Webinar V34Byron White Special Casey Joseph, Casey Joseph Boston, MA 617-227-8800
  2. 2. What is What is How toContent Marketing? Quality Content? Price Writing Services
  3. 3. What isContentMarketing?
  4. 4. It’s the art of listening to your customers’ wants and needs Search Box Social Media Web Analytics Keyword Popularity Customer Service Questionnaires Geo-Targeting
  5. 5. And the science of delivering it to them in a compelling way Articles Blogs Books eBooks RSS Feeds Printed Books Newsletters Videos Web Widgets
  6. 6. It’s catching customers orbiting at high speeds Applet Desktop Events Information Portals Mobile Podcasts RSS Feeds Social Networks Video Portals
  7. 7. With information they want and need Downloads Deals Geo-Targeted Offers Interest-Targeted Offers Send to Friend Re-Tweet Likes Loves Repeat Visitation
  8. 8. It’s testing campaigns to learn what works best A/B Testing Multivariate Testing Eye Track Testing Segmentation Testing Geo Target Testing Usability Testing Content Testing
  9. 9. And finding the most efficient path to engagement and sales Score Engagement Qualify Lead Evaluate Intent Induce Trial Motivate Purchase Get the Sale Correlate Assets to Sale
  10. 10. It’s working with great writers that understand your goals Writing Style Tone of Voice Brand Influence Requirements Restrictions Conversion Goals
  11. 11. That know how to engage readers that want to learn MORE! Target Audience Motivators Current Events Pain Points Like Me Like You
  12. 12. What isQuality Content?
  13. 13. Creating Quality Content is Challenging “Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank piece of paper (screen) until the drops of blood form on your forehead.” —Gene Fowler “There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a keyboard and open a vein.” —Red Smith
  14. 14. Traditional Publishing Workflow
  15. 15. The Content Marketing Workflow
  16. 16. The Content Portfolio Articles Webinars Blog Posts Web Copy Brochures WorkBooks eBooks Video InfoGraphics Newsletters PodCasts Press Releases Slide Decks Surveys
  17. 17. Writing Styles Journalistic Headliner Broadcast Soft Sell Consultant Blog Academic Tech Wired Publicist Legal Simple Storytelling Social Melodramatic Objective Informal Groupie
  18. 18. Blog Writing Styles Insight Ambition Challenger Piggyback Life Brand Promotional WingFlap Announcement Link Video Photo Evangelist List Survey Thematic Guest Interview Event Live Response
  19. 19. Tone of Voice Authority Informative Academic Friendly Static Dramatic Straight Forward Compelling To the Point Animated Feed the Brain Touch the Hart Active Passive Personal Objective
  20. 20. Specifications and Requirements Brand Values Target Audience Voice and Tone Punctuation and Syntax Industry Jargon Style Selection Legal Requirements
  21. 21. Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research Google + Title Tags Attribution Meta Keywords Authority Sources Meta Description Social Popularity Links to Authority Sites Publishing Frequency Internal Links Analytics External Links to Authorities Conversion Enhancement Keyword Density Engagement and Circulation
  22. 22. Performance Goals
  23. 23. Developing Quality Content is Complex Find the Best Content Asset Mind Legal Restrictions Style Flex for the Audience Deliver Performance Goals Align with Brand Position Follow Workflow for Success Speak the Audience Language Offer Consistent Voice Tone Perfect Syntax/Punctuation Adhere to Requirements Meet Specifications
  24. 24. Biggest Challenge is Education and Training Traditional Curriculum New Curriculum Colleges and Universities Organizations, Online Institutions and Companies Journalism Content Marketing Creative Writing Search Marketing Poetry/Lyricism Inbound Marketing Search Engine Optimization PPC Advertising Marketing Automation Copywriting Conversion Analytics
  25. 25. Pricing Quality Writing
  26. 26. The 2013 Writing Price Guide
  27. 27. Three Methods for Pricing Writing Services Pay Per Word Pay Per Hour Pay Per Project Online Marketplace In-Office Out-Of-Office Easy Order Hourly Control Bids Required Low Rates Rates/Experience High Demands Light Instruction Style Guides Content Strategy Perception: Low Quality Perception: More Control Perception: High Price
  28. 28. Pricing Premium Writing Services Complexity Low Medium High Extreme SEO Experience Basic Experience SEO + Link Crafting Keyword Research Keyword Strategy Research Easy to Find Some Digging Difficult Interviews Required Target Audience General Experienced Industry Specific Micro Targeted Knowledge Level Basic Intermediate Industry Specific Advanced Writing Style Basic Proficient Advanced One-of-a-Kind Brand Aware Review Align Infuse Persuasion No Selling Scattered Mention Soft Selling Hard Selling Instructions Clear Workable Fuzzy Back and Forth Creativity Basic Creative Very Creative Brilliant Specifications Punctuation + Style + Tone of Voice + Restrictions Typical Projects Research Articles Creative Articles Stylistic Articles Technical Articles Fast News Stories Complex News Press Releases PR Strategy SEO Articles SEO Link Articles Meta + SEO Articles Meta + Image + SEO Consumer Products Tech Products Technical Articles White Papers Product Page About Page Signup Page Home Page Copy Per Word $0.03 $0.10 $0.30 $1.00 Per Hour $14 $32 $50 $75 Per Project $7-10 $50-500 $500-2000 $2,000-10,000+
  29. 29. Writer Experience for Premium Writing Services Experience 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star Test Scores Pass Pass + Tops Ace Basic SEO + Link Keyword SEO Experience Experience Crafting Research SEO Strategy Industry Industry Expertise Generalist Some Expertise Recognized Authority Experienced Published Author Portfolio Basic Intermediate Sophisticated Advanced Client Reviews Basic Unique Technical Creative Algo Performance C+ B+ A+ Per Word $0.03 $0.10 $0.03 $1.00 Per Hour $14 $32 $50 $75 Per Project $7-10 $50-500 $500-2000 $2,000-10,000+
  30. 30. Additional Costs in Pricing Premium Writing Services Editing Optimization Performance Managing Editor Keyword Research User Acquisition Cost Sr. Editor Keyword Optimization Conversion Rates Jr. Editor Keyword Density Organic Traffic Proofreading Internal Link Building Content Influence Original Verification External Link Building Content Path Analysis
  31. 31. Crowd Orders Price Per Word
  32. 32. Standard Orders Price Per Word
  33. 33. Premium Orders Price Per Project
  34. 34. Premium Orders Price Per Hour
  35. 35. Tips forPricing Negotiation
  36. 36. Motivation for Writers • Additional Compensation (Optional Bonus Post Delivery) • Professional Negotiation and Communication • Client Recognition • Peer Recognition • Public Recognition • Goals and Career Advancement • Algorithmic Scoring • Professional Communication • Respect • Fun/Smiles
  37. 37. Tips for Success with an Online Marketplace • Clear and Concise Order Instructions • Professional In-Mail Communication • Strategic Plan to Onboard New Writers • Positive Feedback • Constructive Feedback Professionally Crafted • Style Sampling Writers with the Same Order
  38. 38. Creative Brief Wizard
  39. 39. Style Guide Wizard
  40. 40. Master Instruction Wizard Coming Soon!
  41. 41. Byron White, ideaLaunchChief Idea OfficerTwitter: @ByronWhiteByron[at] “The only marketingPhone: 617-227-8800 x 201 left is content marketing.” Seth Godin Free 101 Content Marketing Tips Book