Building Leadership In The Clean Tech Industry


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Building Leadership In The Clean Tech Industry

  1. 1. Building Leadership in the Clean Tech Industry Clean Technology—providing innovative solutions for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and environmental remediation—has been the focus of widespread investor, government, and societal interest. Businesses large and small have been seeking opportunities to capitalize on the Clean Tech opportunity: Large corporations building Clean Tech presence or adopting "green" solutions, early-stage innovators seeking funding and market penetration, or investors optimizing their Clean Tech portfolios. Yet commercial success in the Clean Tech space has been elusive, in the face of a triple challenge of CONFUSION, UNCERTAINTY, and COMPLEXITY: • CONFUSION: The popularity of Clean Tech has attracted a large number of new entrants, some of whom have only limited insight into definitions, concepts, and constraints. This causes significant confusion and errors in judgment, especially where buying decisions depend on multiple criteria (technical, economic, environmental, social, and political). • UNCERTAINTY: Marketing in this space is very challenging, as demand is highly sensitive to external uncertainties (e.g., macroeconomic and political unknowns like oil prices and public policy). And pricing is a true art, as products’ value contributions often consist of a mix of tangible and intangible benefits with varying levels of certainty. • COMPLEXITY: Even for suppliers who manage to develop and position viable products, success is far from certain. Their strategy choices have to consider the complex interaction of multiple players, including buyers, channels, end-users, partners, entrepreneurs, equity and debt investors, industry associations, and government (local, national, and global). Tackling these challenges is no easy task. Start Man Consulting partners with our clients to do just that--by driving fact-based decision making, conducting objective evaluation of risk vs. return, and providing a strategic perspective. We bolster our clients' capabilities through in- house expertise in business analytics, B2B marketing, and competitive strategy/corporate development, as well as access to a network of professionals with complementary technology, finance, and legal expertise. We have helped early-stage companies to bolster their value propositions and business models to secure funding, worked with Power Purchase Agreement providers to fine-tune risk-return model, and supported the Department of Energy in reviewing funding applications. Our clients can benefit from: • Superior analytical resources for economic modeling, risk analysis, and decision-making • Creative, unconventional perspectives spanning the entire Clean Tech space • Access to the diverse set of business skills required for success in Clean Tech, including M&A, market positioning, pricing, operational excellence, and global expansion Clean Tech is an increasingly crowded space; differentiation, market acceptance, and sustainable growth are far from certain. But the opportunities are immense for those who can properly prioritize, focus, and execute. Start Man Consulting can help our clients to establish and sustain leadership in the Clean Tech industry. Bringing the power of business analytics to the Clean Tech industry © 2009 Strat Man Consulting. All Rights Reserved