IDCEE 2013: Dare to dream - Mark Tluszcz (Co-founder and Managing Partner @ Mangrove Capital Partners)


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Mark is the co-founder and CEO of Mangrove. He grew up in Africa and Egypt, went to university in the US and has lived in Europe for 20 years, integrating values of ambition, humility and open-mindedness along the way. He launched our firm in 2000 with Gerard Lopez and Hans-Jürgen Schmitz on the belief that talent is everywhere and that bold entrepreneurs should make more money than he does. This philosophy is imbedded in his firm’s DNA. Mark thinks entrepreneurs are the real stars and spends his time traveling extensively across the globe looking for the next big thing.

Mark is interested in weird ideas. In fact, the weirder, the better. He engages with entrepreneurs who want to disrupt the norm and change the world. He is critical, direct and impatient, yet always supportive. He currently serves on the boards of Nimbuzz, FreedomPop and Wix and have had the privilege of being involved with Skype until the company was sold to eBay for €2.5 billion.

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IDCEE 2013: Dare to dream - Mark Tluszcz (Co-founder and Managing Partner @ Mangrove Capital Partners)

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship Introduction to Mangrove Russia - Fall 2012 Dare to Dream 1 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  2. 2. Innovation Next wave of technology and innovation Next wave of technology and innovation Source: DataStream, Allianz 2 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  3. 3. Your Destiny Be part of the system 3 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  4. 4. Your Destiny Emancipate yourself… Take control of your life 4 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  5. 5. Dare to Dream If you can dream it, you can do it…. Walt Disney 5 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  6. 6. The Internet We are witnesses and participants in the most extraordinary moment in history 6 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  7. 7. The Internet The Internet Revolution started with the IPO of Netscape in 1995 7 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  8. 8. The Internet There are 2 billion Internet users in the world. There will be 3 billion by 2016 8 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  9. 9. The Internet If the Internet was a country its GDP would be bigger than the GDP of Canada or Spain and it would be growing faster than the GDP of Brazil (source: BCG) 9 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  10. 10. The Internet The Internet economy will reach $4.2 trillion by 2016 in the G-20 economies. This would make it the 5th economy in the world (source: BCG) 10 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  11. 11. The Internet In the last 5 years, Internet accounted for 21% of GDP growth in mature countries (source: McKinsey). 11 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  12. 12. The Internet 4 of the biggest market capitalizations in the world are technology companies: Apple, Google, Microsoft and IBM 12 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  13. 13. The Internet Small and medium businesses using web technologies grow, export and recruit 2x as much as others (source: McKinsey, after analyzing a sample of 4800 SMEs) 13 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  14. 14. The Internet 6 of the world 35 richest persons are Tech/Internet entrepreneurs: Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Sergey Brin & Larry Page (Google), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) Source: Forbes 14 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  15. 15. The Internet Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, Baidu, Linkedin, Ebay, Yahoo, Youtube, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Rakuten, QQ, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Skype 15 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  16. 16. A profound impact The Internet has a profound impact on all aspects of our life Commerce, communications, politics, finance, farming, etc…… 16 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  17. 17. The opportunity The Internet Revolutions is the ultimate opportunity. No other generation in the history of mankind has had such an opportunity 17 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  18. 18. Your Destiny The real benefit of this revolution is that it gives EVERYONE an opportunity to take their destiny in their own hands. 18 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  19. 19. Your Destiny As we move towards 3 billion people connected and the global middle class comes on-line, you are confronted by a choice. Be an actor or be an observer 19 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  20. 20. Dare to Dream Be part of the system 20 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  21. 21. Dare to Dream Emancipate yourself… Take control of your life 21 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  22. 22. Problems I want to solve 1.Usurping vocabulary: “Friend” 2.Quality of editorial 3.You can’t delete 22 MANGROVE Capital Partners
  23. 23. 31, Boulevard Joseph II - L1840 Luxembourg Phone: +352-262-534-1 - Fax: +352-262-534-20 Introduction to Mangrove Russia - Fall 2012 23 MANGROVE Capital Partners