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Brief corporate presentation of IDBI Intech Limited

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IDBI Intech Limited

  1. 1. IDBI Intech LimitedA Focused Solution PartnerPlease contact:Mr. Pramod Gosavi, +91 989 030
  2. 2. About IDBI Intech Limited Domain Experts with 15+ Years of Experience1000+ Strong Techno-functional experts Our Focus BFSI Technology Experts with 5+ years of average Industry Experience Clients Our Offerings Highly Process Oriented Products and Solution Accelerators Adopts Scalable Business Model Comprehensive IT Consulting Delivers Cost-Effective, High Information Security Consulting Quality Solutions Looking beyond the obvious!
  3. 3. Credentials Looking beyond the obvious!
  4. 4. Partners Looking beyond the obvious!
  5. 5. Presence Looking beyond the obvious!
  6. 6. Clients Looking beyond the obvious!
  7. 7. Offerings Financial Sector Focus Services Products• Comprehensive IT Consulting • i@Connect, Payment Middleware Solution • Enterprise Application Development • i-LMS, Lead Management Solution • Enterprise Application Management • Mobile Banking Solution • Independent Testing Services • i-AMS, Audit Management Solution• Information Security Consulting • i-IRAC, Income Recognition and Asset• Corporate Learning & Development Classification• Business Process Outsourcing • i-CFMS, Cash Flow Management Solution • i-BCM, Business Continuity Manager • i-LOS, Loan Origination Solution Looking beyond the obvious!
  8. 8. Comprehensive IT Consulting Web 2.0 SOA Cloud ConsultingSERVICES Enterprise Application Enterprise Application Independent Testing Services Development Management Enterprise Core Banking Business Data Document Information Application Support Intelligence Warehousing Management Management Integration Customer Business Enterprise Legacy System Migration & Relationship Process Resource Modernization Integration Reengineering Management Management Planning Looking beyond the obvious!
  9. 9. Information Security Consulting IDBI Intech is a CERT-In empanelled organization.SERVICES IS & IT Governance, Policy Managed Security Services Application Security Testing Design and Review Network Architecture and IS and Data Migration Audit Information Security Awareness Firewall Review Vulnerability Assessment and ISO 27001, BS 25999, PCI-DSS Business Continuity Penetration Testing Standard Consultancy Planning/Disaster Recovery Looking beyond the obvious!
  10. 10. Corporate Learning &Development BankingSERVICES Finacle Core Banking Solution Insurance Mutual Funds Wealth Management Information Security Awareness Call Centre Operations Looking beyond the obvious!
  11. 11. i@Connect • Next-Generation middleware connecting Core Banking System with Payment Networks • Enables STP • Highly Scalable, Portable, Interoperable, and Configurable SolutionPRODUCTS RTGS NEFT SFMS i-LMS, Lead Management Solution • Helps improve your business top line by improving the overall lead conversation rate • Enterprise-wide accessibility across multiple channels (mobile, web) • Real time reporting and executive level visibility thus promotes quick response and improved customer acquisition and relation Improve your lead conversion rate by using i-LMS Looking beyond the obvious!
  12. 12. Mobile Banking Solution • Across the world, mobile penetration level is poised to reach more than 95% by 2014. • Mobile Banking helps attract new customers and provide one more reason to your existing customers to continue business with you. • Our mobile banking solution offers comprehensive features including “Interbank Mobile Payment System (IMPS)” feature that offers both Person-to-Person (P2P) and Person-to-PRODUCTS Merchant (P2M) solutions. • Our solution can integrate with all core banking solutions and can be customized to support your requirements. i-AMS, Audit Management Solution • Helps plan and execute comprehensive auditing across departments. • Automates the entire audit planning and scheduling process. • Significantly improves the overall visibility at senior leadership level for timely action. • It enables the audit planning department to centrally allocate the resources available from the empanelment module for carrying out the audit. Looking beyond the obvious!
  13. 13. i-IRAC, Income Recognition and Asset Classification • i-IRAC is a comprehensive module to manage Non Performing Assets and recovery proceedings. • The module comes with readymade integration features with Finacle Core Banking Solution (CBS). • The solution is highly extensible and interoperable, and can be integrated with any other Core Banking Solutions or legacy systems.PRODUCTS i-CFMS, Cash Flow Management Solution • Cash Flow Management Solution (CFMS) is a workflow based web solution to help Asset Management Companies (AMC) serve their customers’ investment requirements instantly (reduced TAT). • The solution connects the branches that are spread across the geography to the Head Office (HO) or the Central Processing Unit. • Near zero latency in attending to customers’ investment requests. The fund manager is made aware of the requests posted by branches immediately, with no time delay. Agility and improved Turn Around Time (TAT) guaranteed. Looking beyond the obvious!
  14. 14. i-BCM, Business Continuity Manager • i-BCM (Business Continuity Manager) is an excellent solution to safeguard your business from IT infrastructure failure. It is a single click DR solution for MSSQL databases. • BCM (Business Continuity Manager) manages all the DR related activity without human intervention. It uses all the MSSQL transaction log process advantage without involving in any complexity, thereby providing additional security feature.PRODUCTS i-LOS, Loan Origination Solution • Enterprise-wide Imaging enabled workflow based solution to help improve the overall loan processing and servicing function. • Reduces the turn around time and improves the overall process capability. • Improves your top line and helps add highly satisfied clients. Looking beyond the obvious!
  15. 15. Case Studies Looking beyond the obvious!
  16. 16. South Indian BankObjective Client Overview Provide a tool for better monitoring of assets.  One of the earliest banks in South India Classification of Assets as per RBI norms and  First private sector bank in Kerala to open an help the bank in provisioning. "Overseas Branch”  642 Branches and ATM 522Problem Solution Robust application for throwing early warning  Early warning signals and alerts for Branches/ signals not available End users Provision not available in current system for  Robust system for classification of NPA as per capturing user based classification RBI norms. Calculation of Provisioning as per RBI norms not  Bank Management could get an overview of total readily available NPA, deterioration of accounts from one class to another and also total provision.  Tracking of NPA ageing and recovery made possible Looking beyond the obvious!
  17. 17. A Large Private BankObjective About the Client To provide an automated payment middleware  One of the largest private sector banks in India compatible with CBS  2,532 branches and 6,301 ATMs in India To facilitate NEFT/RTGS/SWIFT Transactions  Present in 19 countries without manual intervention  Offers a wide range of Banking Services & To support 24x7 service transaction Products  Supports a large volume of online transactionsProblem Solution Large volumes of online Transactions  Automated Inward and Outward Messages Long Office Hours and increase in TAT through i@Connect High cost to business  Web based application and available to all branches on installation Absence of Straight Through Process  Enables Straight Through Processing (STP)  i@Connect is capable of supporting 50,000 to 60,000 transactions per hour Looking beyond the obvious!
  18. 18. Central Bank Of IndiaObjective About the Client To centralize and streamline the loan origination  First commercial bank in India process across the different branches  The bank has pan India presence with 3656 branches and 178 extension countersProblem Solution Co-ordinations with Bank Officials across different  Centralization in all branches through i-LOS geographies for status of loan application  Verification of CIBIL reports was Standardized There was no uniformity in MIS reports issued by  Process was automated by i-LOS branches across India CIBIL reports not properly maintained Looking beyond the obvious!
  19. 19. Life Insurance CorporationObjective About the Client To explore untapped markets  LIC has the largest insurance customer base in To improve the rate of business development the world, and a dominant insurance player in India To provide improved buying experience for customers  Managed 43.5 million policies during 2009-10  Reaches to its customers through 2048 fully computerized branch offices, 109 divisional offices, 8 zonal offices,992 satellite officesProblem Solution Huge volume of inquiries from different sources  iLMS (lead management system) helps centralize A huge number of leads were getting dropped the process of managing leads because of poor lead management process  Improved lead conversion to 80% & TAT to 85%  Review Individual product performance through proper MIS  In just 8 months, LIC procured new business of 25.55 Cr INR under 8887 policies Looking beyond the obvious!
  20. 20. Thank You