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  1. 1. Project on brand Presented By Santosh Singh Bisht Reg no: 20972 Batch: AM (may/july)2011
  2. 2. What is brand...? The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a "Name, term, design, symbol, or anyother feature that identifies one sellersgood or service as distinct from those of other sellers."A brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color combination or slogan. For example, Coca Cola is the name of a brand make by a particular company.
  3. 3. IMPORTANT OF BRANDBrands are important because as humans we are trained to like the familiar. This startedwhen we were born and we latched on to our parents (or parental figures.) While somepeople chose to be thrill seekers and constantly seek out the unfamiliar, even those peoplelike to have some sort of concept of "home" in their lives.That concept of "home" can actually a brand. The concept of home makes up our core, andhow we think about ourselves. For example, I like Whole Foods Market, and the WholeFoods brand is somewhere between luxury and good for you and good for the earth -- sothis brand attachment makes me feel good when I shop at whole foods. I like the the Quorabrand because it is about people who like to think deeply about questions and also offertheir expertise on questions. If Quora was just a Q&A community with no branding at all itwould not have the same brand effect.Additionally, as Lidia Benvie-Ferreiros noted in her response to this question, brands areimportant because they allow consumers to form expectations about a brand. Ie if youpurchase a product from Tylenol vs. some random drug company you have never heardof, you will trust the product is of better quality that you are used to from that brand. Part ofthese expectations make sense -- a trusted company with a strong brand name would havea huge backlash if their product(s) suddenly werent of the quality their brand is known for --and part of them relate back to the concept of certainty, familiarity, and our "home"collection of products, places, and things that we collect through the years that define us.Brands are a huge part of this.
  4. 4. PRODUCT LINE Tanishq Diamonds Tanishq Platinum . Tanishq Gold Pure Finding your perfect piece of Platinums purity endows it From the traditional diamond jewelry is an with a brilliant white luster. harams, mangal sutras exhilarating and unique This helps to reflect the true and thalis to the more experience. As with any radiance of diamonds. fashionable significant purchase, it is Because it is generally 95% earrings, chains, bracele important that you make an pure (18 karat gold is 75% ts and rings, there is a educated decision. Cut and pure), platinum jewelry does lot to choose from at crafted with utmost not fade or tarnish and Tanishq. In India Goldcare, Tanishq diamonds come keeps its looks for a life time. has always been with a certificate of Rare associated with security authenticity, stating the Platinum is rare, the coveted and is the most valuablecaratage, colour and clarity of treasure of discerning form of investment. the stone, to enable you to individuals.. However, it has been know exactly what you are Eternal observed paying for .No gemstone Platinum jewelry is the that consumer is an expresses human emotions perfect choice for a lifetime easy target to several more powerfully than a of everyday wear. Platinum malpractices like under diamond and Tanishq does not wear away and karatage, under transforms these precious hold sprecious stones firmly valuation of the gold stones into breathtaking and securely.masterpieces, each unique and
  5. 5. About Tanishq Tanishq (Hindi: ) is a prominent jewellery brand of India. It pioneered the concept of branded jewellery andornaments in India. It is a division of Titan Industries Limited, a company promoted by the Tata Group, one of Indias largest conglomerates. The name Tanishq contains the word "Nishk" (meaning gold coin or necklace in Sanskrit), although the k has been modified into a q. "Tan" in Sanskrit/Urdu means body and "Ishq" in Urdu means love. Hence "Tanishq" which is becoming popular as an Indian baby name means "embodiment of love". "Tan" in Sanskritalso means to extend or to spread. Hence "to extend love" or "to spread love" are other meanings attributed to the name Tanishq.
  6. 6. Introduction Tanishq is Indias largest, most desirable and fastest growing jewelry brand in India. Started in 1995, Tanishq is the jewelry business group of Titan Industries Ltd - promoted by the TAT group. With a retail sales of 1200 crores last year and gunning for 2000 crores this year. Tanishq has set up production and sourcing bases with through research of the jewelry crafts of India. Located at Hosur, Tamil Nadu, the 1,35,000 sq. ft. factory is equipped with the latest and most modern machinery and equipment.
  7. 7. Tanishq collections:1.The diamond collection2.The wedding collection3.The zoya collection4.The fashion earring collection5.The kundan and polki collection6.The colours of
  8. 8. Introduction Tanishq introduced innovations like Karat meter, the only non destructive means to check the purity of gold. Tanishq also introduced professional retailing in the un-organized Indian jewelry bazaar, where women can shop with comfort and peace, without worrying about the purity of the jewelry they are buying, as well as, select from the best jewelry collections available in the Indian market. Tanishq has successfully taken on the challenge of transforming this frontier into a reliable consumer space by bringing to it all the virtues and benefits that branding offers
  9. 9. Segment - Jewellery  Tanishq targets the mid-premium segment in retail of jewellery business. (premium segment by ZOYA, mass segment by GOLDPLUS+)  Cater with ‘superior craftsmanship, design expertise, product innovation, and guaranteed quality’.  Gold jewellery in 22k pure gold, Also make platinum jewellery, with diamond and other precious stones.  Innovated karat meter, the only non- destructive method to check purity of metal and jewellery.  To promote glamour value of metals (gold) besides its status as a secure source of investment.
  10. 10. Tanishq to launch sub-brand for youth MIATata Group’s jewellery brand Tanishq, which recently launched a sub-brand ‘Mia’ for working women, is now looking at launching another sub-brand targeting the youth by next year. With over five million workingwomen in the country, ‘Mia’ was launched to tap the potential of thisgrowing segment. The collection is created for the women, who arealways on the go, engaged in various professions and have a well-established accessory ensemble, excluding jewellery.High on design quotient, light in weight, affordable and apt for today’smodern woman, Mia has over 100 designs priced at Rs 5,999 onwards.The collection is available across 130 Tanishq outlets in over 76 towns.The company is expecting about 30-40 per cent topline growth this fiscalcompared to FY-11, on the back of retail expansions. It also plans to openabout 10-15 stores every year, with a focus on Tier II and III cities, apartfrom strengthening its presence in the Tier I cities.
  11. 11. FUTURE Prospectus With a view to expand in the estimated INR 1,000 billion Indian jewellery market, Tanishq will come out with specific traditional collections to cater to brides from the regional communities. To maximise the Tanishq brand presence across regional markets in India. Large format outlets are intended to act as a one-stop solution and enhance sales. At present, Tanishq offers only standard jewellery in its wedding range. The brand is planning an expansion of its retail business in order to cross the INR 30 billion sales mark by the end of fiscal year 2010. The company will be opening a total of 17 more Tanishq boutiques in 2010 and its major focus will be on large format stores of over 4,000 sq ft, as against the currently existing ones which have an area of around 2,500 sq ft.
  12. 12. Tanishq - FormatTanishq – The Speciality StoreTanishq, the jewellery business of Titan Industries Ltd, is looking at other alternatives tocapture the market. Apart from the presence in high streets, the retail chain isembarking on pilot projects, involving presence in shopping malls and shop-in-shops inretail formats. The move comes in the growing popularity of such formats which areattracting footfalls, which Tanishq is looking to grab.
  13. 13. Tanishq – Store Layout
  14. 14. Tanishq – Store Layout
  15. 15. Tanishq – Store Layout
  16. 16. Tanishq – Store Layout
  17. 17. Pricing StrategyTanishq being a brand name of TATA,maintain a standard price for all of theirproducts. But being in a competitive marketwith lots of local as well as brandedcompetitors, Tanishq offers various attractiveprice schemes to allure customers.Here are some few pricing strategies which isfollowed by Tanishq:  Flexible Pricing  Market Skimming  Price Bundling  Competition Oriented Pricing  Price Lining
  18. 18. Location Strategy  Prime Locations for Merchandise  Value of space decreases further away it is from entry level floor  Highly trafficked areas  Store entrances /escalators/ main aisles  Near checkout counter  Highly visible areas  End aisle  Displays  Value of space decreases further away it is from entry  Special Considerations  Avoid the “butt-brush” effect.  Make merchandise accessible.  Allow a transition zone.
  19. 19. Tanishq news headlineTanishq launches Glam Gold 2010 CollectionWith a continuous effort to promote gold as a fashion accessory, Tanishq in association with AngloGold Ashantithrough World Gold ...Tanishq launches exquisitely designed diamond jewelleryDiamonds have always been the most desirable jewellery for every woman. Understanding the growinginclination and fondness for diamond ...Tanishq launches unique & timeless diamond jewelleryDiamonds have always been the most desirable jewellery for every woman. Understanding the growinginclination and fondness for diamond ...Classic Diamond Collection designed for wedding seasonNovember 03, 2009 (India)Wedding is a new chapter of everyone’s life; Tanishq, India’s most desired jewellery brand understands this.Known for its product innovation and desi...Tanishq launches its largest store in ChennaiTanishq, India’s only national jeweller and leading jewellery brand,unveiled its first “large format” retail store inChennai. Located conveniently on...Doubling of customs duty on gold is fair for retailer – Tanishq COOMr. C K Venkataraman, COO- Tanishq, Titan Industries Ltd comments on Union Budget 2009-2010: Excise Dutyon branded Jewellery has been beset with...Tanishq launches the worlds smallest ‘Bhagwad Gita’April 22, 2009 (India)Bhagwad Gita, which is the most scared and religious scriptures of Hinduism and also considered to be apractical, self-contained guide to life, can n...
  20. 20. MEDIA COVERAGE Personal communication channels  Display Media ‡Non - Personal communication channels  Event and Experiences Print Media [ Vogue, Femina, Cosmopolitian ]  Online Selling Business magazines for men’s collection  Fashion Shows Broad Cast Media  International Jewellery Fairs
  21. 21. Tanishq brand ambassadors New BrandAmbassador forTANISHQBrand Ambassador:ASINbrand ambassador ofTanishq is south Indianactress Asin. This isthe first time that aSouth Indian actor willendorse the brand.Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan havebeen roped in as brandambassadors for Tanishq, Tata’sjewellery brand.
  22. 22. Customer Service  Golden Harvest Saving Scheme  Purity Checks  Exchange Policy in Tanishq  Anuttara  Gift Vouchers
  23. 23. Thanks You