The ABC of Choosing a marquee for corporate events (an Event Professional's guide)
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The ABC of Choosing a marquee for corporate events (an Event Professional's guide)



The ABC of Choosing a marquee for corporate events (an Event Professional's guide)

The ABC of Choosing a marquee for corporate events (an Event Professional's guide)



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The ABC of Choosing a marquee for corporate events (an Event Professional's guide) The ABC of Choosing a marquee for corporate events (an Event Professional's guide) Presentation Transcript

  • Ian Mackenzie 07966 462460 / 01329 833950
  • ………………………………………………….Page 3 ………………………………………………….Page 4 ………………………………………………….Page 5 …………….Page 6 …………….Page 7 …………….Page 9 ……….Page 11 ……….Page 13 …………….Page 18 …………….Page 19 …………….Page 21 …………….Page 22 …………….Page 25 …………….Page 27 …………….Page 28 …………….Page 29 …………….Page 30 …………….Page 31 …………….Page 32 …………….Page 33 …………….Page 35 …………….Page 36 …………….Page 49 2 What we do & what we have Site work, management & support Size guide–how big is just right? And how strong is it? (how much weight can the frame support)? Ballparks & fag packets(couple of budget examples) How much will this COST? Anchorage–almost any surface but stake-able grass is by far the cheapest Floors–a range of options up to a raised & levelled cassette floor PVC covers–a range of more affordable external covers to the frame Hard panelwalls and glass are so much better (also for branding) Doors Lining–a wide range of styles & finishes to dress the inside Lighting–ambient/room lights, stage lights on trussing, flood lights… Furniture–basics from stock or anything you like sourced in Internalwalls–make it modular Incorporating a prominent feature Pagodas–receptions, annexes, catering, chilling… Walkways–a narrow addition with a wide appeal Heating–even for princesses with frosty toes Toilets–cabins, trailers, modular Accessories-generators, fencing etc A bunch of frilly pictures –showing various features you might like What’s next-and how about some event visuals? 2
  • There are many types of ‘marquee’ (and we can source any of them), for example…. But we own (meaning we can negotiate the price, under the right conditions) clearspan marquees: (some call them multi-spans or pavilions but they’re all the same; aluminium structures with A-framed roof s & PVC covers) SaddlespansStretch tentsBig TopsDomes…. We own 25m, 20m, 15m & 10m spans (on a 3m/4m leg, building in 5m bays) and 12m, 9m, 6m, 3m, 2m & 1.5m spans, which come on a 2.3m leg & build in 3m bay sections–but we have many different size extensions to make odd sizes too Oh and lots of Pagodas & walkway too! See 3 3
  • Big events need (and get) onsite dedicated project management and then during-event onsite support. Generally speaking, when you spend more than £25K on large structures or a complex setup we’ll include dedicated hands-off site management (a quick easy-to-find interface for your site manager) and have guys there onsite for the duration of your events, in case you need anything, for fast reaction. (That service is available for other conditions but we’d charge) 4 Click to return to contents page
  • 5 How many people, doing what, at what sort of event? •Standing buffet, standing concert or sat theatre style = ¾ m2per person •Seated to dine (or dancing) only = 1 m2(min) •Dinner/dance & bar area = 1 ½ m2per person (min) The grid on the right shows some sample sizes, allowing for catering and entrance areas but we can build anything Click to return to contents page Meters Feet Dinner or dance only Dinner & dance/bar Standing buffet or theatre seating 12m x 24m 40 x 80 200 120 250 12m x 30m 40 x 100 250 160 340 12m x 42m 40 x 140 400 280 530 10m x 30m 33 x 100 200 100 200 10m x 50m 33 x 167 350 230 500 15m x 25m 50 x 82 220 150 320 15m x 30m 50 x 98 300 200 400 15m x 35m 50 x 114 350 250 500 15m x 40m 50 x 130 400 300 600 15m x 45m 50 x 146 500 350 700 15m x 50m 50 x 162 600 400 800 15m x 55m 50 x 178 650 450 900 15m x 60m 50 x 194 750 500 1000 15m x 65m 50 x 210 800 550 1100 15m x 70m 50 x 226 900 600 1200 20m x 25m 66 x 83 300 200 400 20m x 30m 66 x 100 400 250 500 20m x 35m 66 x 117 500 300 600 20m x 40m 66 x 134 600 400 750 20m x 45m 66 x 150 700 450 900 20m x 50m 66 x 170 800 500 1000 20m x 55m 66 x 180 900 600 1150 20m x 60m 66 x 200 1000 650 1300 20m x 65m 66 x 220 1100 700 1400 A marquee’s dimensions should be given as width (at “gable end”) x length. So “20m x 40m” means the gable (triangle that’s the end of the roof), is 20m. It’s important to consider orientation as entrances on the gable end generally protect guests from rain fall (due to the slope of the A-frame roof to the sides). And the wider the span (gable end) the more expensive the marquee ?
  • 6 (Cos we want to do something like that!) (With something like these) Truss suspension points and weight-bearing strengths of 4 popular marquee frame sizes
  • 7 With the budget examples (above) in mind, let’s be honest that you choose a marquee (like this) because you want one or because it gives you an advantage, rather than beinga cheap alternative. Some advantages could include: Bespoke venue on demand –as you like it, where you like it, when … Customised/branded to your heart’s content (it needn’t be white & flappy!) Ensures privacy –it’s all yours Flexibility –as basic or fancy (comfortable, lavish, equipped) as you like I’m sure you know, but proper marqueesaren’t cheap. Here’s a couple of recent event examples: 1) Company party for 350 in a resort hotel’s grounds 15m x 40m marquee with adjoining bar, dance & chillout Fully dressed except no built floor (carpet on flat grass) Trailer toilets, generator & furniture included £16K 4) Lavish 70thbirthday party in Regents Park for 500 20m x 35m main marquee –dinner/dance Many pagodas and catering satellite areas £34K 3) Winter programme of corporate seminars Mini complex of well heated, insulated & presented structures in the New Forest for a fortnight’s events. £45K 6) Lavish charity fundraiser 30m x 60m main marquee with bespoke branding design and unique approach and several supporting structures including an ice rink cover, all VIP grade £75K 4-6 5) Company gala awards evening Main dinner/dance in 20m x 55m with adjoining complex, toilets & approach £75K 9-10 2) Canteen for 250 at Silverstone 15m x 35m main marquee –basic setup, on hard standing (concrete ballast) £9K
  • So what are those “right conditions” to negotiate the price? You’d be surprised at the price variation for the very same structures, setup in different places at different times in different ways…. It needs a quick explanation so you don’t think we’re making up the numbers. Our best case (and therefore most flexible on price/conditions) is a short event with a long/flexible build that’s booked well in advance and entirely sourced from our own (available) stock, out of season (so no conflicting events) but with good weather, based close to us in Hampshire, sited on flat level & well drained stake-able grass with unimpeded truck access right up to the build location. Happy days! If you take the same structures/setup and reverse all those conditions (high season, sourced stock, complex build at distance, on unlevel hard standing at a protected site with impeded vehicle access…) the price (due to our costs) can easily be >10 times higher, i.e. £80K rather than £8K. So the devil really is in the detail! Land type & gradient? Date? Location? Site & access details (after survey) Event nature, size, setup/style Rushed build? Meticulously prepared or many unknowns needing project management? Confirmed well in advance? 8 Click to return to contents page Using own stock or much of it sourced in? Branding? Accessories like HVAC?
  • People just love ball park prices don’t they  With a whole bunch of assumptions, here’s a rough guide on summer prices -but please, do check for each individual event as it could well be cheaper…. And hmmm, depending on those things I listed on the last slide, it might be more expensive too •‘Low leg’ (2.3m) marquees (bare tent setup) £5.50/m2 •‘High leg’ (3m) marquees (bare tent setup) £7.50/m2–upto 20m in span •Extended leg (4m) –extra £5/m2 •25m in span –from £10/m2; 30m in span –from £14/m2 •Timber floor and carpet -from £6.50/m2(for the board & batten system; levelled/cassette costs more) •Lighting and lining –from £7/m2 •= Approx £23/m2for a ‘dressed & furnished’ party grade marquee •= Approx £40/m2for a corporate grade setup(solid walls, glass, higher standard lining, lighting & dancing etc, furniture, more spacious, power, toilets etc) –but on a level surface and upto 20m span booked in advance 9 Click to return to contents page
  • A 30m x 50m, for example, area is rather expensive via a single-span marquee (as a ‘corporate grade’ setup that would be around £70K) but we could achieve the same area by joining together two 15m span marquees (at least £10K less). The main disadvantage would be having ‘legs along the middle’; specifically at 5m intervals. Here are some pictures to give you an idea… Externally you clearly see the two gables at each end and internally the legs are clearly an issue, though for most functions could be made a feature of and boxed and/or lined in, if the budget is a key issue. 10 Click to return to contents page
  • 11 Marquees come in all sorts of sizes and can be put up in most locations. The width of the structure and type of ground/surface sets the method of anchorage and can have a major impact on the price. Those horror stories about marquees blowing away – they got the anchorage wrong (or used a cheap marquee). Staking in to grass is the easiest (so cheapest) and ‘self repairing’ of the small holes that remain after removal. [BELOW] Otherwise, for the larger structures or longer events or ‘less summery’ weather, we need heavier weights, such as concrete blocks or water-filled IBC tanks (1 tonne each), tensioned-strapped to the legs, as ballast, which can look ‘prominent’ [ABOVE] On a hard standing/surface, the best (safest) is to drill and bolt down (holes can be capped or filled in) but most folk don’t like that, so for a narrow marquee where there won’t be much wind we can use leg-attached steel block weights and/or chain it to a nearby sturdy fixture. Click to return to contents page 11
  • 12 Some of the side walls (and their corresponding roofs) need strengthening by the use of bracing bars or wires. These are highlyvisible and will affect the choice of whether particular areas are ‘open’, glass or clear PVC (unless we try hard to hide them). For the 5m bay structures at least 1 in 5 bays (5m every 25m) need such reinforcement. For the 3m bay kit it’s at least 1 in 7 (3m every 21m), but if the weatheris bad or the structures will be out for more than a few days, more strengthening should be used. 3 quick diagrams of large and/or reinforced structures which illustrate this: To hide these outside (and allow the walls to be clear or off, unimpeded) we need to fit portal beams; thick metal reinforcing bars at eave level -this costs more and must be ordered in good time. Hiding inside would need very thick linings or perhaps false walls/panelling (or branded posters etc) to cover them. They are prominent, both inside and outside!
  • Even on a reasonably level surface, a built timber floor can cost the same as the marquee itself (much more if the floor is to be levelled) but there are several advantages: 1.Protects against the weather-the floor stays dry and it helps insulation too 2.Ladies in heels 3.Superior underfoot feel (or rather, anything else feels cheap) 4.Can create a level surface on uneven ground Click to return to contents page 13
  • Our REGULAR, interlocking board-and-batten timber floor systemis a series of 50cm wide (1m, 3m or 5m long) treated timber planks which slot in to an aluminium extrusion system around the perimeter of the floor area to keep them together. The underside of the planks are fitted with and/or laid on supporting joists (bearers/battens) and additional timber offcuts are used as packing under this to “spot level”, i.e. fill in, as best as possible using this technique, any dips in the ground to be covered. So this floor runs with the gradient of the underlying land and, due to bumps/dips, can be a little ‘bouncy’ in places (but extra packing can usually find a nice compromise). The floor raises the event about 2” from the ground and is absolutely ideal for 99% of most “respectable budget” events. It’s strong enough to support vehicles (if we know in advance to sufficiently pack it!) hardwearing and gives a great under-foot feel. It usually costs as much as the bare marquee itself (because it requires at least as much resource to transport & build…); as a general quick-calc guidance, allow for about £7.50/m2with a carpet cover. 14 Click to return to contents page
  • In situations where our floor won’t fit, for example the space is small, fiddly or you need a particular bespoke shape (in the shape of a heart if you insist ), we can build a made-to-measure PLY AND BEARER FLOOR, intended for indoor use and usually with OSB (pictures here show ply), from £18/m2(with carpet) or part thereof: A “DECKING” area is similar but designed for outdoor use so more presentable and made with ply wood (sometimes a slatted finish) and varnished/treated. From £24/m2(uncovered) 15 15 Click to return to contents page
  • A RAISED FLOORis appropriate for uneven ground when a nice and level, consistent, event floor is required. A sub floor/support, usually made from scaffolding or concrete blocks, is constructed to provide a flat & level surface and then the floor built on that, according to the size required and conditions. Bespoke staircases and ramps are almost always needed for these floors. This is a significantly more expensive option (approx £25-£80/m2) because it represents a significant construction project and usually at breakneck speed! 16 Click to return to contents page
  • 17 Plastic tiled floor (Rollatrac) Minimum (but still some) weather protection Functional but not beautiful, so guest areas need covering Great for catering tents (and walkways) Also for building up small shapes cheaply No floor at all –a “bare tent” The marquee’s just a big umbrella really! Fine as storage, outdoors/picnic style, country show, field kitchen... Or country fairs etc But not for the VIPs & aspiring Princesses Just carpet on the ground Any colour and, if you like, grade/thickness/texture So looks like a nice floor without the expense Feels like it is, but good for rustic theme or ‘tentyfeel’ Good budget option (only) when the weather is nice – otherwise you risk a soggy memory Especially on uneven or poorly drained ground Hessian / Coir matting Good for rustic theme, but this is used stock whereas carpet is always supplied new Actually quite a good carpet underlay Click to return to contents page
  • But could be clear PVC instead Or black PVC (or any colour you like) or a combination 18 Click to return to contents page Usually white, soft, lace-up Or no walls at all
  • 19 Single skin solid wall (ABS panel) Double thickness, cladded, cavity/strip walls Or just glass with PVC Click to return to contents page In fact even the roof can be solid (steel shown here)
  • 20 Click to return to contents page For best quality & full colour branding, we’d apply an all- round vinyl wrap Well the cheapest is to brand onto a vinyl sheet with eyelets to be hung by wire anywhere you like, inside or out Or that vinyl (or PVC) branding can be designed/cut to size to fit /affix onto our PVC covers (roof, gable, valance, walls, leg boxing, even on internal fabric linings) but as that’s effectively a permanent brand, we need to charge for new sheets/covers too. Recent examples: Southampton Boat Show, Windsor Triathlon We use a combination of these external branding techniques at West End Live, for example, in addition to intricate internal fabric lining & styling
  • 21 Without adding a “proper door” to your marquee, you can simply have an entrance/exit anywhere you like by just opening up one or more of the PVC curtain walls (removing, pulling back, rolling up…) But things look (and perform) a lot better when we install glass double doors Click to return to contents page
  • 22 No lining = you see the PVC and frame. Agricultural? Pleated lining Flat white lining Blackout lining (or any colour you like -it just costs more) Click to return to contents page 22
  • 23 Click to return to contents page
  • 24 Click to return to contents page
  • Chandeliers Up-lights; LED or with coloured gels Paper globes Fairy lights, rope lights, festoon lights And external –flood lights, sodium up-lights... Click to return to contents page 25
  • 26 Click to return to contents page
  • 27 Click to return to contents page
  • 28 Click to return to contents page As you can hopefully see from this floor plan excerpt, using internal partition walls we can create (lockable) ‘rooms’, to eave height or roof height, with an extra gable 28
  • 29 Click to return to contents page Staircases, flowerbeds, fountains, pergolas & trees can usually all be incorporated if the will is there! 29
  • 30 Click to return to contents page Or maybe just a gable-less bay to a building entrance or an open sided small marquee 30
  • Click to return to contents page 31
  • We stock 5 types of heater: 1.Very high capacity gas heater (with ducting unit to pump warm air in) with 4 x 47l gas bottles £750 2.High capacity gas heater (with ducting unit to pump warm air in) with 2 x 47l gas bottles £450 3.Diesel heater (with fuel and ducting unit) £450 4.New, high standard patio heater (indoor/outdoor) £185 each including gas 32 Click to return to contents page
  • 33 We source in any manner of portable toilet – from the simple, classic cabin portaloo to a complex of luxury toilets, showers and changing rooms in a bespoke marquee Click to return to contents page 33
  • 34 Click to return to contents page 34
  • And of course we’d be delighted to source in all the other bits you might need –generators, fencing, trackway, stage, signage… 35 Click to return to contents page
  • 38
  • 39
  • 40
  • 41
  • 42
  • 43
  • 44
  • 45
  • 46
  • 47
  • 48
  • Site survey, free expert advice and an accurate quotation, scale diagram of the site and proposed marquee with seating plan, maybe a set of visuals and/or 3D virtual tour CAD – “the movie of your marquee before it’s made” (the other marquee guys don’t have that) Please contact or 07966 462460 for an initial chat! 49
  • Here are some links to other useful articles & case studies we’ve made Our portfolio in pictures –examples & categories of our work (conferences/seminars, live events, festivals, hospitality/corporate, trade shows, CAD examples)* Trade shows & exhibiting, sponsors & sports events…* Festivals etc The ‘consumer’ (weddings, parties etc) ABC guide* Corporate Internal Communications / workshops* What we can do for Conferences What we can do for Schools, for example *Some content of the above guides are contained, superficially, in the portfolio Example of CAD planning: Company HQ event Just pagodas Quick guide & setup ideas for stallholders Our event rentals’ service basic flyer (mostly consumer) Our general structures’ basic flyer (includes warehouses) There’s lots more so please just ask! 50 Click to return to contents page Our link to online photo folders on G+
  • Thank you for looking! We hope this guide helped/helps when it’s marquee time for your events! We’d like it to be as useful as possible, so please get in touch with any suggestions for the content…. Drop me a line at Same address if you’d like to ‘stop me and buy one’