SESERV Introduction and Overview


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SESERV Introduction and Overview

  1. 1. Socio-Economic Services forSocio-European Research Projects (SESERV)European Seventh Framework CSA FP7-2010-ICT-258138 FP7- 2010- ICT- SESERV Introduction and Overview UZH, IT Innovation, AUEB, UOX, ALBLF, AOSAEGeorge D. Stamoulis, AUEB Concertation and Cluster MeetingFabio Hecht, UZH Brussels, Belgiumon behalf of the SESERV Consortium October 19-20, 2010 © 2010 The SESERV Consortium 1 Main Goals and Facts Bridge the gap between: – socio-economic priorities, and – the ICT research objectives of FP7 projects in Challenge 1 Bring the Future Internet community together with socio-economic experts Duration: 24 Months Total Budget: 1,077,037 € Total EU Contribution: 876,127 € © 2010 The SESERV Consortium 2
  2. 2. Overview Market/ Policy priorities/ Policy Business challenges Makers SESERV Future Internet Socio-Economic Topic Space Incentives Value models Accountability Research Participation models Challenges Real-time risk management Technical Solutions FP7 Support Projects Actions© 2010 The SESERV Consortium 3 SERSERV WP Overview© 2010 The SESERV Consortium 4
  3. 3. WP1 – FIA Sessions and Scientific Workshops Future Internet Assembly (FISE WG) SESERV Tussle Analysis broad specific Scientific Workshops© 2010 The SESERV Consortium 5 WP2 – Economic Future Internet Coordination Activities (1)Purpose: Increase awareness and coordinateresearch effort regarding socio-economic issues ofInternet architecturesTask 2.1: Addresses a wide range of incentiveissues and mechanisms (tariffs, collaborationpromotion) affecting – the Internet experience – the economic behavior of Internet stakeholders, and promoting efficient resource utilization in a self-managed way© 2010 The SESERV Consortium 6
  4. 4. WP2 – Economic Future Internet Coordination Activities (2)Task 2.2: Is interested in the coordination ofresearch activities centered at high-speed Internetaccounting mechanisms and effects – E.g. accounting data privacy vs. accuracy concernsFinal report consisting of white papers on: – Tussles arising in ICT – Incentives and their use in the Internet – High-speed accounting: Technology, effects, and trends© 2010 The SESERV Consortium 7WP3 – Social Future Internet Coordination Activities (1)Impetus: Technical decisions driving many futureInternet activities are not linked either to socialscience research, or social concernsIdentified a need to link: Technical developmentspolicy social goals and social reality – Task 3.1: Participation models – Task 3.2: Real-time risk managementGoal: Form a meta-Network, including interested: – stakeholders and – hubs of networks, constituted by companies, universities and/or governmental organizations© 2010 The SESERV Consortium 8
  5. 5. WP3 – Social Future Internet Coordination Activities (2) Methods: – Multi-round Delphi study in year 2 on key future internet themes raised in Oxford workshop – Contributions to FIA sessions on socio-economics (WP1) – Scientific workshop involving experts in the areas of technology, policy, social science, and economics (WP1) Final report consisting of white papers on: – Scope of social issues raised in current future internet projects – Key areas linking technology to policy and society – Trends for the social future Internet © 2010 The SESERV Consortium 9WP4 – Dissemination, Exploitations, Liaisons WP5 – Project Management WP4 goals to be achieved by means of – Task 4.1: External liaisons • Contacts and input from projects and expert groups • Concertation and clustering (as of today) • Discussions and FIA sessions – Task 4.2: Dissemination and exploitation • Studies, data access and dissemination • Seminars and scientific workshops • Information and communication activities WP5 runs coordination and administrative reporting © 2010 The SESERV Consortium 10
  6. 6. Therefore Please Contact SESERV!Check the Web site: Dr. Burkhard Stillerstiller@ifi.uzh.chOr contact any other partner:IT Innovation, AUEB, UOX, A-LBLF, ATOS© 2010 The SESERV Consortium 11 Thank you for your attention!© 2010 The SESERV Consortium 12