Keynote:  The Future Internet [Dewandre] :: SESERV Workshop
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Keynote: The Future Internet [Dewandre] :: SESERV Workshop



Keynote: The Future Internet [Dewandre] :: SESERV Workshop

Keynote: The Future Internet [Dewandre] :: SESERV Workshop



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Keynote:  The Future Internet [Dewandre] :: SESERV Workshop Keynote: The Future Internet [Dewandre] :: SESERV Workshop Presentation Transcript

  • Societal interface of the Digital Agenda for Europe Societal impact and policymaking Nicole Dewandre Adviser to the DG DG Information Society and Media European Commission
  • Outline
    • From sustainable development to information society: 2 lessons learned
    • Specificity of the digital transition
    • Expectations from the public sector?
    • Our related needs
  • From sustainable development to information society…
    • Electric speed […] has heightened human awareness of responsibility to an intense degree…
    • This is the Age of Anxiety …
    • Mac Luhan, 1964
  • Lessons learned in the SD context
    • Integration and diversity
    • Science and policy
  • 1st lesson: Integration & diversity Self (identity mechanisms) inclusive confident agressive defensive I><D exclusive dismissive I&D curious respectful If… If… Then… Openness & interoperability! Other (engagement with…)
  • 2 nd lesson: Science and policy Body of knowledge ICT Transport Bio- chemistry Social sciences Energy Material science Linkages / Boundaries / Processes Mental frame
  • 2 nd lesson: Science and policy
    • No trivial link from knowledge to action, …
    • Jumping over our shadow: can we really do it?
    • How do we manage collectively the fact that we can’t?
    • Is it what we address when speaking about complexity?
  • The specificity of the digital transition
    • Human/Artefact/Nature
    • Scarcity/Abundance
    • Reality/Virtuality
    From philosophy to common sense and politics… Collective learning Extended literacy 3 tectonic mental shifts
  • Expectations from the public sector/1 A balanced mix of classicism and radicality
    • Past-anchored
    • Future-anchored
    • Established
    • stakeholders
    • Grass-root
    • stakeholders
    • Mitigation &
    • preservation
    • Anticipation &
    • openings
  • Expectations from the public sector/2 Epictetus rather than Zeus Taking responsibility for what depends on us (subsidiarity with God;-) Zeus’ posture? Output-based legitimacy «  Look at what I do for you!  » «  It’s good for you  » Stoïc posture! No! Yes!
  • Expectations from the public sector/3 Interoperability in policy making
    • Between Global, European, national, local, but also…
    • Between organisations, individuals, and…
    • Between scientific disciplines, between science and policy, etc…
  • Expectations from the public sector/4 Which endorsement?
    • Strive for universal minimum access and reliability
    • Ensure that Europeans reap benefits from the digital transition
    • Mitigate commercial pressure on citizens
    • Nurture the European values in the digital era
    • Ensure European contribution to the global digital society
  • Our related needs, as public sector
    • Stakeholders to engage…
    • Digital social sciences to understand and sustain smart synthesis !
  • What about…
    • … Aiming at making portable devices a truly intimate part of ourselves?
    • After all, that’s what they are…
    • And that would dry out both (i) motivation for stealing them and (ii) fear of having them stolen!
  • Invitation : Platforms for Collective Awareness and Action
    • Supporting grassroot processes creating among citizens a 'collective awareness '
      • about the sustainability problems of the planet and the possible solutions, to be addressed at individual and collective levels
    • Based on the integration of online social systems , distributed knowledge creation and data from real environments
    • Brussels, 9/9/11 : 1st dialogue between civil society, citizens and institutions
  • Thanks for your attention Time to try the Age of Confidence? This is the Age of Anxiety Mac Luhan 1964