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    Eunice2012 Eunice2012 Presentation Transcript

    • Budapest, August 31, 2012 EUNICE 2012 The Design of a Single Funding Point Charging Architecture (SFP-CA) Christos Tsiaras, Martin Waldburger, Guilherme Sperb Machado, Andrei Vancea, Burkhard Stiller {tsiaras,waldburger,machado,vancea,stiller}@ifi.uzh.ch Department of Informatics IFI, Communication Systems Group CSG, University of Zürich UZH Motivation Requirements Components Architecture© 2012 UZH, CSG@IFI 1
    • Motivation Institution & federation expenses decrease – Cautious user resources requests – Unnecessary infrastructure replication avoidance User- instead of service-dependent funding accounts – A missing feature from Single Sign-on (SSO) systems – Not the case in the majority of federations today Inter-domain charging capability – Make sense for costly services • NOT for eduroam / YES for printing, Short Message Service (SMS), VoIP – Today this is a privilege only for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and banks Real-time service access decision making functionality – Today is mainly offered only by MNOs A Single Funding Point Charging Architecture (SFP-CA) as an add-on for SSO systems in federated environments is essential© 2012 UZH, CSG@IFI 2
    • Use case: SMS service @ ETHZ SMS offered by the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ) – SMS gateway – Agreement with an operator • The more SMS are sent the better the price per SMS is Assume that the University of Zurich (UZH) is willing to offer the same service – A second SMS gateway is needed • Infrastructure cost (purchase, setup, maintain) – A separate agreement with an operator is needed • Best case: The same price will be achieved Low SMS service load @ ETHZ – The existing infrastructure could serve all federation members – Better agreement with the SMS operator could be achieved!© 2012 UZH, CSG@IFI 3
    • SFP-CA Requirements user organization Virtual Virtual Funds Funds Account Account Interruption Service Trigger SMS: 10 BC Service Service Min: 0 BC Tariff Usage . . Map Constraints and . Limits© 2012 UZH, CSG@IFI 4
    • Virtual Funds Accounts (VFAs)  uVFA – One per user – Credits used to pay the requested resources – In postpaid solutions negative values are allowed – Created by users IdP  oVFA – Each organization has one oVFA for every other organization in the federation x oVFA(B) – If a user from organization A use ↑↓ resources at B then oVFA(A) ↓ and oVFA(B) ↑ oVFA(A) 0 oVFA(B) • If a payment has been done then ↓↑ oVFA(A) = oVFA(B) = 0 oVFA(A) -x • If oVFA(A) + oVFA(B) ≠ 0 then Charging Data Record (CDR) transfer error occurred© 2012 UZH, CSG@IFI 5
    • SFP-CA Components Organization  Service Provider Manager (SPM) – Service Providers (SPs) and users Service Provider Manager location-independent charging Charging Rate Manager SMS: 10 BC Min: 0 BC . .  Charging Rate Manager (CRM) – Support of event- and session- . Service Provider Identity Provider based services User  Account Balance Manager (ABM) Account – Support of prepaid and postpaid Balance Manager payment method  Charging Manager (CM) – Support of multiple organizations, Charging which belong on the same Manager federation Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) / Single Sign-On (SSO) System© 2012 UZH, CSG@IFI 6
    • Charging scenarios that can be handled by the SFP-CA The service is provided to the user by... his home organization a foreign organization which is charging... which is charging... an users home the user using a... ins dt titu hen organization, using a... tio use n w r s ill c ho ha me offline charging online charging rg e offline charging ... method method method - VoIP - VoIP - VoIP - Printing - Printing - SMS© 2012 UZH, CSG@IFI 7
    • SFP-CA Service Usage Organization A organization Organization B Constraints & Virtual Funding Account oVFA SUCL Limits Service Provider Manager Charging Interruption Rate Manager Service Tariff Service Trigger This domain does not offer a service Map Service Provider Identity Provider IdP User User Account user Balance Virtual Funding Account uVFA ABM Manager Charging Manager CM AAI / SSO System One-time interaction Service request Multiple times interaction© 2012 UZH, CSG@IFI 8
    • Summary & future work The SFP-CA enables the inter-domain charging functionality for federations – User & organization level The SFP-CA enables the real-time service access decision making – Grant access – Interrupt service The SFP-CA handles a large scenario set of charging requests – Local & guest users – Event & session based services – Offline & online charging SSO system + SFP charging mechanism => Efficiency Implementation of the SFP-CA (printing, SMS, VoIP)© 2012 UZH, CSG@IFI 9
    • Q&A© 2012 UZH, CSG@IFI 10