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Kevin Withnall VoIP In 5 Minutes with Asterisk
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Kevin Withnall VoIP In 5 Minutes with Asterisk


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. VoIP in 5 minutes - Kevin Withnall (ILB)
  • 2. Outline
    • Who ILB is
    • What VoIP is
    • Concepts to understand
    • The Good
    • The Bad
    • How VoIP can save money
    • How VoIP can add value
  • 3. Who ILB is
    • Running since 1993
    • About 10 people full time
    • Software Development
    • Network Maintenance
    • Carbon neutral for 6 years
    • I have dCAP #1360
    • Stated Company Goals
      • Community Welfare
      • Environmental Welfare
      • Staff Welfare
  • 4. What VoIP is
    • Any voice over IP networks
    • Asterisk, Skype, MSN, Google Talk etc
    • Using SIP, IAX2 etc
    • Uses Codecs to compress voice (G.711au, G.729, gsm, speex etc)
    • Simply converts audio to digital stream and sends as packets
    • Mostly covering Asterisk here
    • “ Its just software”
  • 5. What I mean by Voip
  • 6. Concepts to understand
    • Trunks
      • To Providers
      • SIP, IAX
      • ISDN (Pri and BRI)
    • Extensions
    • In-Line ISDN configurations
  • 7. The Good
    • Users don’t need to care what technology they are using
    • Least cost routing
    • Not locked in to technology, can use softphones, physical phones, mobiles etc
    • Foreign trunks
    • Features
      • FoIP
      • Voicemail
      • IVR
      • DISA
      • automated calls (alarms, evac systems)
    • Config your own system with a browser
    • MOH is easy
    • AGI, AMI – Integrate to your programs
  • 8. The Bad
    • Jitter
    • Non deterministic routing, latency, delays
    • Traffic Sharing
    • Spending the whole call saying ‘can you hear me now’
    • People are very intollerant of voice dropouts on ‘normal’ phones.
    • Relies on more SPOFs than traditional phone systems
  • 9. How VoIp can save money
    • MUCH cheaper calls
    • International Trunks
    • Free Branch to Branch calls
    • Easier to budget (a higher ratio of fixed costs)
    • Remote hosting of voip services, no traditional trunks needed
  • 10. How VoIp can add value
    • Not geographically important
    • Extremely scalable
    • Staff in remote areas with differing skill sets
    • Happier staff – work from home, flexible hours
    • Features. Anything you want to do, it can do.
  • 11. Conclusion
    • If Voice calls are costing you money, VoIP can help
    • If most of your costs are for other than voice, it may not help the bottom line directly
    • If you need a more flexible, future proof system, this can help
  • 12. Where to go next
    • Email me if you want to know more.
      • [email_address]
    • Download and install
    • Visit ILB for a demo
    • Come to an ILB ‘Telephony’ introduction evening.