Student Project: Vandalism

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Student Project: Vandalism

Student Project: Vandalism

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  • 1. warning Children under the age of 18 shouldn’t read this report, and the ones who read it should not imitate the actions done in it... Get ready to be amazed!!!
  • 2. Group vandals... The vandal are: Nicholas Lai Yap Soon Jimmy Leong Chuin Ming Tan Kuang Yee Kenny Lim Yong Jia Chin Chun Lim A good boy Innocence Good citizen Leader of the vandals The vandal>>>
  • 3. You have been warned.... Now... Introducing our project title..... vandalism
  • 4. Do you understand the meaning of.... Vandalism?
  • 5. Vandalism is...
    • deliberately mischievous or malicious destruction or damage of property: vandalism of public buildings.
    • willful or ignorant destruction of artistic or literary treasures.
    • a vandalic act.
    • the conduct or spirit characteristic of the Vandals.
    Most importantly.... a crime!!!
  • 6. The act of vandalism can happen... ANYWHERE!!! Anytime!!! And by anyone!!!
  • 7. Vandalism can even be commited by.... HIM!!!
  • 8. According to a police report... vandalism is the second most problems happening through out a year...
  • 9. Most of the vandalism are committed by .... Teenagers... why??? But...
  • 10. Teenages commit such crime because... Some of them felt isolated and lonely, which can often lead to violence. Or maybe some of them just do it for fun These are some of the examples...
  • 11. The sample of some video…
  • 12. Have any solution?? Yes / No
  • 13. The Solution is… 1. Having a program of activities which include diverting potential offenders to keep them occupied and raise their self-esteem. 2. Promote a sense of responsibility for, and ownership of, community resources and facilities through community and school educational and consciousness-raising programs. 3.Even providing legal outlets for graffitists to practice their art. Conclusion…. Actually, not all of the vandalism is stand for destroying. Vandalism , like graffiti, has his own history. The is actully a piece of art, the problem is the place they chose is not the right place to draw. So, we suggest the in change department can providing Legal outlets of graffitists for our future artists.
  • 14.