Scratch in the Classroom

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'Scratch' presentation notes from the 2008 ICTEV Conference.

'Scratch' presentation notes from the 2008 ICTEV Conference.

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  • 1. Scratch in the Classroom Darrel Branson Sunraysia Mallee Schools Net work
  • 2. How do we teach ... Creativity? Thinking & problem solving? Technological fluency?
  • 3. What is Scratch? “Scratch is a graphical programming language that lets you control the actions and interactions among different media.” Get it for free
  • 4. The main interface
  • 5. Creating scripts
  • 6. A video introduction to Scratch
  • 7. Your Scratch Project What will you create today? Design and create a project that you can share with the group!
  • 8. Scratch Cards
  • 9. Other resources The official website: Getting Started, Videos, Reference guide, Help screens, FAQ , Scratch cards Video tutorials by students Create the game ‘Pong’ in 7 minutes My Scratch links: Handouts & Background on Scratch
  • 10. Victorian Essential Learning Standards Design, Creativity & Technology ICT for Creating ICT for communicating Thinking Processes - Logical, Creative, & Metacognitive Maths - Position, number, angle, space, sequence, etc
  • 11. Technological Fluency Information and Media Literacy Skills Communication Skills Analytical, logical and creative thinking skills Problem Identification, Formulation & Solution Creativity and Intellectual Curiosity Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills Self-Direction Accountability and Adaptability Source:
  • 12. In the Classroom Whole class Small group Extension group Gifted and talented Students not engaged After school / Lunchtime activity Computer club Anywhere you have computers!
  • 13. Sharing Work Upload your projects Create a new user and share your projects on the Scratch website: Embed the project into a webpage, a blog, Moodle, anywhere! Download other projects! Pull them apart and see how they tick!
  • 14. My Scratching ... Blog: Other contact details Email: Podcasts: