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Collaborating with Moodle in the Middle years
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Collaborating with Moodle in the Middle years


A short presentation on using Moodle in the middle years for collaboration between different schools.

A short presentation on using Moodle in the middle years for collaboration between different schools.

Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. Collaborating with Moodle
    • Darrel Branson - ICT educator
    • Sunraysia Mallee schools network
  • 2. Sunraysia Mallee Schools Network 6 - I&E Clusters 33 schools in the North West of Victoria
  • 3. Sunraysia Mallee Schools Network Local Linux Server www.smsn.vic.edu.au Hosted linux server need2learn.net
  • 4. http://moodle.org Open source learning management system: Discussion boards, curriculum resources, polls, calendar, assignments, journals, wikis, questionnaires, quizzes and much more.
  • 5. Moodle benefits
    • A large user-base and good documentation and a very, very large support network of other teachers and educators.
    • Teacher/community driven.
    • Makes learning available at school and at home!
    • A protected online environment.
    • Everything is edited in a web browser.
    • Everything is logged.
  • 6. Moodle for teacher collaboration
    • Professional Learning with network teams
        • Assessment team, Restorative practice, Habits of Mind, New Tools & New Media ICT Group, Intel Teach to the Future.
    • Document repository
        • Resources, websites, documents.
    • Communication tool
        • Email, discussion boards, reflection journals.
    • Professional reading & discussion
    • Rich digital history of the learning
  • 7. Moodle for student collaboration
    • Online, protected space.
    • All learning is logged and recorded.
    • Provides a real audience for student work.
    • Takes advantage of the ICT’s to engage students.
    • Takes advantage of the social aspects of learning and interaction - forums, instant messages and chats.
  • 8. The Moodle Course
  • 9. Moodle Forums
  • 10. Attach documents to forums
  • 11. Online Curriculum
    • Giving access to curriculum at home and at school for students.
    • Allowing students to using ICT and elearning in their learning.
    • Allowing teachers to setup and get going in a short time.
    • Everything is done inside a web browser!
        • No HTML, FTP or coding!
  • 12. Contact Inf0rmation
    • Further info: [email_address]
    • Blog: http://www.smsn.vic.edu.au/ictguy
    • Podcast: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ictguy
    • Podcast: http://feeds.feedburner.com/edtechcrew