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Brazil eu collaboration

  1. 1. New Opportunities for the Brazil-EU Collaboration in ICT R+D+I ICT Forum – Brazil 4 November 2011 Idoia Bustinduy EMF - The Forum of eExcellence
  2. 2. • EMF is the Forum of e-Excellence.• Europes leading cross-stakeholders network promoting excellence in the digital economy.• Core membership=innovative & market-driven ICT and digital media companies (mostly SMEs).• Participation in more than 30 International pilot projects
  3. 3. ICT policy dialogue between Brazil and the EUEU-Brazil research cooperation has a long tradition, already starting inthe 3rd Framework Programme (1990-1994)INTER REGIONAL COLLABORATION:• EU-LAC Ministerial Forum on the Information Society, 14-15 March 2010 - La Granja Declaration• EU-LAC Ministerial Forum on Science and Technology, 14 May 2010 - Madrid Recommendations• 6th EU-LAC Summit: Madrid, May 2010• 7th EU-LAC Summit: Chile, June 2012
  4. 4. ICT policy dialogue between Brazil and the EUBILATERAL COLLABORATION• EU-Brazil S&T Agreement 2007• Third Steering Committee meeting of the EU-Brazil S&T Cooperation Agreement, 26/27 November 2009 Results: EC Delegation in Brazil - Brazilian Liaison Office with FP7 “BBICE”ICT PRIORITIES in EU and Brazil• EU: Digital Agenda, August 2010 (final version)• Brazil: Blue Book by the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2010BRAZIL IN THE EU-FP7 ICT WORK PROGRAMME• EU-Brazil Coordinated Call in “call 7”: Objective ICT-2011.10.1 EU- Brazil Research and Development cooperation
  5. 5. Ideas for an intensified ICT R+D+I policy dialogue• Intensify collaboration between key private ICT associations & clusters - academic & scientific networks.• Intensify the public-private collaboration at the occasion of key meetings AND in between.
  6. 6. Ideas for an intensified ICT R+D+I policy dialogue• Develop matchmaking methodologies and infrastructures(such as Ideal-IST and Pro-Ideal) to ensure that Brazilianand European R+D+I institutions become more closelyassociated.• Intensify collaboration between ICT NCP and the Pro- Ideal network of Project Angels. Collaborate!
  7. 7. Ideas for an intensified ICT R+D+I policy dialogue• Fully exploit the win-win potential of joint actions and coordinated calls for projects based on priorities identified on both sides. Participate!
  8. 8. How to collaborate practicallyThe Pro-Ideal tools:•Sustainable cooperation needs “capacitation”:•Through online information services (•Through a network of qualifiedpeople who can locally supportorganisations interested in EU R+D+Ifunding programmes and permanentlyliaise with partners in Europe and Latin America.
  9. 9. ICT Programme Wiki
  10. 10. ICT Programme Wiki• Call 8:Deadline 17January 201220 “Objectives” open• Call 9:Objective ICT-2011.10.3 : International partnership building and support to dialogues[scheduled 18.01.2012 until 17.04.2012]• “Horizon 2020” - New Framework Programme 2014-2020
  11. 11. Project Angels
  12. 12. Project Angels• Brazil: • 2 Project Angel with diploma • 3 Project Angels currently• Project Angels Summer SchoolTo be held within the new AMERICAS projectTarget group: Project Angels (to intensify knowledge) andnew to-be Project AngelsWhen? 2012/2013
  13. 13. How to collaborate practically• Join the Pro-Ideal platform Supporters network8 additional members have joined sinceJune 2011. Make the networksustainable and ask interested tocontinue collaboration.You? Register:
  14. 14. How to collaborate practically• ICT Interactive Master Classes (to develop project ideas)• Within the new AMERICAS project (start Nov. 2011)• Target groups: potential project participants from Academia and Industry• When? 2012/2013• Where to get info? PRO-IDEAL platform remains Info Tool with pertinent information for all interested in the ICT EU-LA dialogue  Blog/Wiki/Twitter
  15. 15. CONCRETE OPPORTUNITIES:• Become a member of the Pro-Ideal network: Draw on support available in our European network!• Participate in the Virtual ICT Dialogue Space:• Find out about project opportunities through studying ICT work programme and calls in the WIKI• Identify your R+D+I capacity through our online profiling tools• Obtain support from one of the Brazilian Project Angels• Join our AMERICAS events next year!
  16. 16. Muito Obrigada!Idoia Bustinduy