Heather Waikawa Using a Wiki to promote and share Tech Centre work
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Heather Waikawa Using a Wiki to promote and share Tech Centre work

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  • 1. How can a Wiki Site enhance collaboration between home & school? by Heather Whaikawa
  • 2. Firstly, what is a Wikisite? Well basically it’s a bit like a Bebo or Facebook!
  • 3. Benefits - Showcase our Centre - Children can contribute - Add pages as needed -Whanau can view children’s work - Write comments - Inform, entertains
  • 4. I have always wanted to showcase student work. We do some really cool stuff and we’re proud of their efforts.
  • 5. So... I decided to give it a go! I learned all I could about making a Wiki site
  • 6. Secondly, I had to learn how to use Keynote to present my findings. Which Beth said was soooooo easy!!! ( yeah right)
  • 7. Watching the movie....... 5 hours later !! I began to get the hang of it!
  • 8. All this effort just to present my Wiki site? But my knowledge & understanding increased immensely! (Ha Ha)
  • 9. Over the years we had tried several options...
  • 10. Many of which failed.....
  • 11. Miserably ! They were just too time consuming.....
  • 12. There had to be a better way?!!
  • 13. A Blogspot wasn’t going to do the job! (You have to scroll down looking for what you want....)
  • 14. With guidance from Beth..... And some PD, I learned that a Wiki site may do the trick.
  • 15. I think I’ve cracked it now!
  • 16. Now to get started.... (Remember Angel??)
  • 17. We have 4 areas in Technology ....So I started making pages.
  • 18. You guessed it....
  • 19. One page for
  • 20. Textiles
  • 21. Media Tech
  • 22. Hard Materials
  • 23. Food Technology
  • 24. Plus...... Our Juniors
  • 25. Year 4, 5, 6 Technology
  • 26. It took sweat & tears from here!
  • 27. But I managed to insert colourful text
  • 28. Images
  • 29. Graphics ( this was really tricky!)
  • 30. And all the bits and bobs that make up a wikisite!
  • 31. Take a Look... http://mvtechcentrewikispacescom.wikispaces.com/
  • 32. To add a soundtrack: 1. Click Inspector in the toolbar, and then click the Document inspector button. 2. Click the Audio button. 3. Do one of the following: To add a song or playlist from your iTunes Library, click iTunes Library. Find the song or playlist you want, and then drag it from the Media Browser to the Audio well in the Document inspector. Note that if you make changes to the playlist in iTunes, the change won’t be reflected in your soundtrack until you add the playlist again. To add an audio file from the Finder, drag it from your desktop to the audio well in the Document inspector. 4. To make the song or playlist play through repeatedly while the presentation is running, choose Loop from the pop-up menu adjacent to the audio well. 5. To preview the song while you’re working on your slideshow, click the Play button below the audio well.
  • 33. At first I thought the Wiki was going to be too time consuming for all my photos, but all you do is use the 'Table' In Keynote, only put the effect on some of the turning pages, otherwise its too distracting. That a Screen shot is one the most useful bit of ICT I could possibly know. I use it HEAPS! (Shift + apple + 4). My wiki site is easy for kids to use. They love talking about their work and having their photo on the internet. I'm nearly ready to trial it with Nunguru School. I don't know as yet how safe it is, eg. can people go in and change text etc? So, I still have more to test and work out I must go into the internet before i present so that it flows staight into the hyperlink Music - this was challenging, but I went to the 'help' and just follow instructions exactly. It was cool. Kids love going into the site and talking about their own work!!