Aitsl ictev delegation october 2012


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  • In your information packs there is a copy of an infographic that outlines details about AITSL and its work.
  • In your information packs there is a copy of an infographic that outlines details about AITSL and its work.
  • In your information packs there is a copy of an infographic that outlines details about AITSL and its work.
  • Learn aboutLearn throughRole of principal in relation to standards
  • 2 TypesStaticDynamicIllustrations of practice are AITSL’s main investment in supporting standardsLearn aboutSee themselvesModules good teachingSort byCareer stageStandardDescriptorLike (based on your profile)Geolocation (coming soon)
  • More than learning from uswant all teachers to respond and engage through discussion and dialogue.
  • Not all onlinePilots – test implications of standards in real situations
  • Created summaries of PilotsImplications for action for:teachersschool leaderssystem leaders
  • Want more than resources. Want nation conversationSharingOur stuffYour stuffTheir stuff
  • The teacher Standards website and teacher feature are both shareable through:TwitterFacebookGoogle plusMore than 100 social media channels we’ve connected to them all.
  • Illustrations of practiceDownloadEmailCommon social media channels
  • Loaded our material into ItunesUThe world's largest repository of free educational contentSince launch 4 years ago 700 million downloads 
  • Youtube channel hosts all our promotional videos and animations
  • The National Professional Standard for Principals is a public statement which sets out what principals are expected to know, understand and do.The Standard aims to:define the role and unify the profession nationallydescribe professional practice in a common languagemake explicit the role of quality school leadership in raising standards for the 21st centuryIt is represented as an interdependent and integrated model that recognises three leadership requirements that a principal draws upon within five areas of professional practice.The Standard is represented as an interdependent and integrated model that recognises all good leaders share three leadership requirements which principals draw upon within five areas of professional practice.(Context) The Standard begins with the context of the school in mind and recognises the challenging and changing context in which principals work and the diverse settings and variety of situations which they face on a day-to-day basis.(Leadership Requirements) There are three leadership requirements:Vision and valuesKnowledge and understandingPersonal qualities, social and interpersonal skills(Professional Practices) Principals draw upon these leadership requirements within five areas of professional practice:Leading teaching and learningDeveloping self and othersLeading improvement, innovation and changeLeading the management of the schoolEngaging and working with the communityAgain, it is important to note that the leadership requirements and professional practices are fully interdependent, integrated and, although they are represented in a particular order in the model, there is no hierarchy.The outcomes, an environment that promotes high quality learning, teaching and schooling, which leads to “successful learners, confident creative individuals and active informed citizens” (Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians)
  • Some of the resources mentioned here were made available to principals at the Standard Roadshow held October – December last year.You can now access these resources on the AITSL website: click on: School LeadersRoadshowThe National Professional Standard for Principals is available on the AITSL website. It is also available in the form of an App for iPhone or iPad. This App is free so please visit the iTunes store to download the App to your device.AITSL is currently developing a360° professional appraisal tool for principals and school leaders that is directly linked to the National Professional Standard for Principals. The tool will cater to the needs of an individual principal as well as a more formal professional appraisal process. The tool will be available to principals and school leaders in July this year.A series of materials and resources is being developed to aid principals to know and understand the National Professional Standards for Teachers and to lead the implementation of the Teacher Standards in their school setting. These materials will be made available to principals this year.
  • Aitsl ictev delegation october 2012

    1. 1. ICTEV international delegation Keren Caple General Manager 8 October 2012
    2. 2. AITSL works with the education community to: Define and maintain standards Lead and influence improvement Support and recognise qualityWe don’t... Act as a regulator Produce educational resources for use by children Employ teachers Formulate the national curriculum
    3. 3.  Public statement Common understanding and language Intended for every teacher of every child Define the work of teachers and make explicit the elements of high quality, effective teaching in 21st Century schools Dual purpose – improvement and accountability Map career progression
    4. 4.  7 standards grouped into 3 domains • Professional knowledge – 2 standards • Professional practice – 3 standards • Professional engagement – 2 standards Each standard broken into between 4 and 7 focus areas Each focus area differentiated at 4 career stages (descriptors) • Graduate, Proficient, Highly Accomplished, Lead
    5. 5. Standards for Teachers -improvement Professional learning Peer coaching / observation Self assessment Career progression
    6. 6.  Relevant Collaborative Future Focussed
    7. 7.  Creating a culture of improvement, feedback and growth for all teachers within all schools Recognises the entitlements of teachers to receive feedback and support
    8. 8. Standards referenced: • One career stage • Multiple focus areasInformation about thelesson intentions Instructive – questions to prompt reflectionInformation about thestudents Information about the school context and Links to the Australian geographical location Curriculum where relevant
    9. 9. Standards for Teachers -accountability Graduate Accreditation of initial teacher education Registration Proficient Mandatory Re-registration Highly Certification VoluntaryAccomplished Lead Certification
    10. 10. RegistrationFull registration Evidence against the Proficient Standards Within 5 years of employment No less than 80 days of professional practice Suitability requirementsRenewal of registration 100 hours of Standards-referenced professional learning over 5 years Maintain proficiency and suitability
    11. 11. Certification of Highly Accomplished &Lead Teachers Recognise and promote quality teaching Provide an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their practice Provide a reliable indication of quality teaching that can be used to identify, recognise and/or reward Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers
    12. 12. Context: School, sector, community: socio-economic, geographic: and education systems at local, regional, national and global levels The standard for principals : The role in action Leadership requirementsProfessional practices Vision Knowledge Personal High quality Successful and and qualities, learning, learners, values understanding social and teaching confident interpersonal and creative skills schooling individuals and active Leading teaching and learning informed citizens* Developing self and others Leading improvement, innovation and change Leading the management of the school Engaging and working with the community
    13. 13.  interactive up-to-date repository of the latest research and best-practice in the field of school leadership development designed especially to support the learning and growth of leaders in Australian schools
    14. 14. • Matrix  School Leaders• Activity cards  Roadshow• Scenarios• iTunes Application:• 360 refelction tool• More resources to support the principal to Coming soon implement the National Professional Standards for Teachers
    15. 15. & U > Australian Institute for Teaching and School