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Jeopardy Review Game For Progressive Era

Jeopardy Review Game For Progressive Era






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    Jeopardy Review Game For Progressive Era Jeopardy Review Game For Progressive Era Presentation Transcript

    • Amendments Vocab Corruption Reformers Presidents /Vocab 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500
    • Group of corporations run by a single board of directors - similar to a monopoly
    • Trust
    • Allowed voters to select party candidates
    • Direct primaries
    • Process by which people vote directly on a bill
    • referendum
    • Two terms used when politicians give jobs to political supporters
    • Spoils System Patronage
    • When voters can remove an elected official from office
    • recall
    • New York City political boss found guilty of corruption and stealing millions of dollars, died in prison
    • Boss William Tweed
    • 1870s-90s marked by patronage, corruption, bribery and political scandals
    • Gilded Age
    • This person became President after Garfield was killed and began the Civil Service Commission
    • Chester A. Arthur
    • DAILY DOUBLE Person who bought votes, took payoffs, bribed others & gave jobs and loans to supporters
    • Political boss
    • Charles Guiteau shot this person because he didn’t give Guiteau a job
    • President James Garfield
    • Began in 1869; was organized to pass an amendment to give women the right to vote
    • National Women’s Suffrage Association
    • Organization that fought to ban alcohol because of the negative affect it had on the family and because women were banned form bars
    • Women’s Christian Temperance Union
    • He started the Wisconsin Idea and helped reform voting through primaries, referendums, initiatives, and recall
    • Robert Lafollette
    • Exposed meatpacking plants through The Jungle
    • Upton Sinclair
    • Broke up trusts, supported the graduated income tax, supported an 8 hour work day for government employees, against child labor
    • President William H. Taft
    • This President's plan was call the “New Freedom” plan
    • President Woodrow Wilson
    • The President lost public support when he raised tariffs and fired a Forest Service Official for selling wilderness land
    • President William H. Taft
    • “Trustbuster”
    • President Theodore Roosevelt
    • Federal Trade Commission & Federal Reserve Act
    • President Woodrow Wilson
    • Gave women the right to vote
    • 19th Amendment
    • Person who exposed corruption and other problems, usually through journalism
    • Muckraker
    • Agreement made to limit Japanese immigration into United States
    • Gentlemen’s Agreement
    • DAILY DOUBLE Amendment that allowed direct election of Senators
    • 17th Amendment
    • Amendment that banned the sale, transportation, and making of alcohol.
    • 18 th Amendment
    • Two reformers for African American rights: 1. supported actively fighting for equality 2. supported patience and learning a trade for equality
    • 1. W.E.B. Dubois 2. Booker T. Washington
    • Final Jeopardy Name all three Progressive Presidents in chronological order. (first and last name)