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Slides used at the #item3 workshops on useful cl

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Cloud Tools & Social Media Workshop

  1. 1. Useful Cloud Tools and Websites Paul Webster (Twitter : @watfordgap) 14th May 2012
  2. 2. Good Morning and HouseKeeping
  3. 3. “Social Media. They get all excited about gleaming technologyand clever gizmos. They talk in acronyms and begin sentenceswith: “Did you know you can..” The rest of us just want to get onwith campaigning, fundraising or service delivery. We want to talkabout the people we work with, the communities we’re in andthe issues we’re passionate about. We want to find and talk topeople who can help us get change, deliver services or make adifference”. Well, Social Media is about all that, telling stories and havingconversations, having a space to do that … it just happens that thespace is on a computer.(From ‘How to use New Media’ - Media Trust).
  4. 4. What we are going to do today• Introductions• Find out about social media and the cloud and why they are important• Planning social media use• Survey Monkey• Mail Chimp• Eventbrite• Some other useful webtools• Any Questions• Have fun !
  5. 5. What sort of technology grumbles doesyour organisation have?Time for manual tasksAccess to filesCost of mailingsOthers?
  6. 6. Social Media is .... . media rich, interactive, content served based on preferences,open for comments, conversations WITH visitors encouraged.Web 2.0=Social Media=New Media=Social Networking
  7. 7. Are you on Social Media? No? Probably – Yes! Have you checked?!Are you using Social Media? Does your organisation have a website … that is interactive? Have you got a blog? Do you use YouTube or Flickr? Are you on Facebook? Do you Tweet? Do you use web tools to improve organisational efficiency?So, What is Social Media?
  8. 8. Social Networking – the numbers• Of all the websites visited in UK, 2 are Social Networks - Google (9.5%), Facebook (6.6%), YouTube (3.5%), ebay (1.9%), WinMail (1.4%). Google = 91% of search traffic. (HitWise – Feb 2012)• 96% of aged 18-35 on one or more network• Of the 48.6 million adult population (ONS), 77% have a Facebook profile, 66% are YouTube users, 32% are on Twitter and 16% have a presence on LinkedIn. (Umph Sept 2011 – sample of 2,400 adults)• 50% of Facebook users view their page daily and (February 2012)• YouTube 2nd most popular way to search for content. 48hrs is uploaded every minute• One to watch? Pinterest visits up from 50k to over 300k in 1 month. (Nov 2011 Comscore)
  9. 9. Social Networking – the numbers • Average social network user is aged 37 • LinkedIn its 44, Twitter 39, Facebook 38 & Bebo 28 (typical user younger) • 52% of Facebook users are 18 to 34 yrs • However of active social networking users, 55% of those over 65 are on Facebook & 19% of all users are over 45 • 55% aged 18-34 check their social networks at least once a day (June 2011) • 30% check their status as soon as they wake up, 81% never turn their phone off (Aug 2011) So, its not a passing phase, but it is important that organisations direct effort to the right network(s) (From – Ofcom, &
  10. 10. Use of social networks is 23% of time spent on internet in UK, 159% increase in last 3 years. 76% of iPad users also have a desktop PC, but 9% bought one to replace their desktop / laptop Mobile web access will eclipse wired by 2015, 17% of UK households already use phone as primary web access Facebook mobile increased by 100% in last year Android OS use grown from 5% to 47% (Dec 2009 to Dec 2011). Apple is 30%, Symbian <5%. (ComScrore Aug 2011) Over 25 million Increase from 31% (2010) to 45% (2011) of people whosmartphones in use in UK connect to Internet from phone/tablet (ONS – Aug 2011) 51.3% of phone market (Ofcom Aug2011 / ComScore Dec2011) 59% access social network, 49% to buy, 12% to check-in 43% of users have downloaded an app Bite-sized learning & volunteering whilst commuting 70% would give up alcohol for a week rather than phone
  11. 11. What social media will do• Increases speed of communication – no faster way to (Action) spread your message and communicate your project updates than through social networking. Less of a financial cost but ‘expense’ may be the time• Widens message to people/groups that would normally (Awareness) be missed using more traditional methods – ‘viral’ campaigns hugely powerful creating awareness extremely efficiently• Deepens to build new and different networks – (Fundraising) communities of interest to bounce ideas off and share experiences, increase commitment and fundraising for campaigning activity. Start some conversations!
  12. 12. What social media will do• Generate on-line conversations and awareness about the (Change) organisation or campaign, a consensus of opinion or shared learning about ideas. Use RSS and Google Alerts to stay ahead of developments in your area of interest - build a ‘Listening Dashboard’, take a survey of member views and opinions• Joins together communities who are interested in the (Action) similar things, have the same likes or are striving for the same objectives. Facilitate and manage events, tell your supporters and networks about your work in a new way• Commoncraft Video explaining Social Media
  13. 13. What is The CloudRather than installing software on your computer, ahost runs the software and services are accessed viaa browser over fast reliable internet connections.Could be as simple as web-based email (like Hotmail or gMail), internetbanking, Google Docs or sites like Facebook, Doodle or Eventbrite.Advantages ConsiderationsSharing over dispersed network Speed & availability ofconnectionReduced capital & server costs Security & Data ProtectionRemote & flexible working Migration costsHost manages latest upgrades A new way to workData regularly & securely backed up ICT systems cant be seenSomeone else can worry about ICTSoftware and File Storage is rented
  14. 14. Types of services in the cloudThere are many services that can be accessed in the cloud - which isoften used as just a marketing term. (See Off-site, Remote, As A Service) Data backup tools Rackspace Mail & News reader feeds Google Mail & Google Reader File storage & sharing sites Dropbox Office suites Google Docs, Microsoft 365, Productivity services/tools Doodle, Scribd, Slideshare Learning in the cloud My Learning Pool, KnowHow NonProfit Web hosting 123.reg Telephones Virtual call centres & telephone systems Video & Audio conference Skype, ooVoo, GoTo Meeting
  15. 15. Its Relational not Transactional So, Social Networking“The Conversational Web”, not a Broadcast. is the leveller.Listen more than you talk – and interactLink and Share, and Share again – this keeps Increases INCLUSIONthe conversations flowing. Share other peoples and givesnews more than your own (maybe 10 to 1) Communities a voiceWere all “content creators”. Our message is asvalid as anyones – whatever size organisation.Our campaigning voice can be just as loudIncreased Reach - traditional reporting barriersbroken down and communities empoweredComment and Feedback – agree or disagree, asthis builds a community around a topicImmediacy - what took days, takes hours, whattook minutes takes seconds! Common CraftBe Helpful – Be Generous - Say Thank You - What is Social Media VideoShare and you’ll be amazed what you get back!
  16. 16. Inclusion – Voluntary Sector audience• Social networking shouldnt replace face to face communication• Although 77% of households are connected and 30.1million people access the internet every day (ONS 2011 / 2010), 8.4 million people have never been online• Of this, 31% in low income households and 45% have no post 16 qualifications• 75% in BME communities don’t use internet regularly• 43% put off using social media due to jargon• Away from populated areas broadband and even 3G access can be difficult (33% < 2mbps in Penrith & Borders)• 1200+ partners pledged to help people get online, find what they want online & then stay online. Resources to help become a Digital Champion
  17. 17. Supporting Groups OASIS was developed by @JohnSheridan• Know your objectives and what you want to say • How can we support your work better• Research where your audience are – do you know? • Survey and find out, work in spaces where your target audience are• Plan how to use the tools – have a strategy • Run an event?, e-bulletin update? Do ‘as well as’ what you do• Choose tool to match audience and implement • Look at what other organisations have done, what works elsewhere?• Sustain the conversation and say thank you • Encourage people to return, keep it new, links from websites
  18. 18. The best website for the job• Choose the way to convey message. – Audio → Images → Video – See Audioboo, Flickr, Pinterest, Bambuser, Youtube• Choose the context to engage with audience. – Blog → Facebook → Twitter• Choose a useful (FREE) tool/s to help streamline work – Finding out → Letting people know → Running events – See Survey Monkey, MailChimp, EventbriteCan be a simple choice - Sharing a policy document between trusteesCan be a strategic choice - Moving all docs to cloud and eliminating file server
  19. 19. Any Questions, so far?!Refreshment Break
  20. 20. Finding OutSurvey What it is - online survey website - drag and drop questions - simple tick-box or grids - multi-users
  21. 21. Finding Out Survey MonkeyWhat it does- generate graphs- download spreadsheets- event feedback forms- logic based on responses
  22. 22. Finding Out Survey MonkeyFree Version- Unlimited surveys- 10 questions per survey on 15 question types- 20 survey templates with Progress bar & Page numbering- 100 responses per survey- Collect via weblink, email, Facebook or embedPaid for Version - £24 per month- No limit to surveys, questions, limit to 1000 responses- Download survey responses- Cross-tabulate responses from multiple questionsOther ones to look at- Snap Surveys, Zoomerang, Lime Survey
  23. 23. Finding Out Survey MonkeyFeedback on how it has been of benefit to organisations- finding out more about what members needs are- as a post-event feedback system- useful graphs for presentations & funding bids- timesaving vs annual paper based survey- also see
  24. 24. Letting People Know MailChimp www.mailchimp.comWhat it is- mailing list management- e-bulletin design- engagement stats- segmented subscribers
  25. 25. Letting People Know MailChimpWhat it does- emails sent smoothly avoid spam- handles bounces automatically- use templates or build own- easy import from Excel- integration with social networks
  26. 26. Letting People Know MailChimpFree Version- 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month- Templates and Template Images including Merge Tags- Unlimited Groups and Segments- Offline and phone tools for stats and to collect new subscribersPaid for Version - £9.22 (1000), £18.45 (2500) per month (and larger)- Delivery Doctor and Inbox Inspector- No limit to emails (price bands for subscribers)- Enhanced targeting through subscribers social networks- Personalised Auto-responder when new people join listOther ones to look at- TinyLetter, ConstantContact, DotMailer, Mailblaster
  27. 27. Letting People Know MailChimpFeedback on how it has been of benefit to organisations- build & import lists of supporters & group / segment- sign-up forms to embed on website- template based design of campaigns & for re-use- track e-bulletins sent, bounced, opened and clicked- social media integration and reach measurement
  28. 28. Running Events Eventbrite it is- online event management- step by step process- free if event is free- booking, maps, tickets incl
  29. 29. Running Events EventbriteWhat it does- embed on website- attendee books online- send email reminders- link with Mailchimp- badges & check in lists
  30. 30. Running Events EventbriteFree Version- Unlimited events, Unlimited attendees- Invite and manage attendee bookings- Download attendee details and print reports- Print badges and sign-in sheets- Offline and phone tools for stats and to sign-in attendeesPaid for Version – No monthly fee- 2.0% of price + £0.65 per ticket- All versions have all featuresOther ones to look at- Meetup, Brown Paper Tickets, Amiando
  31. 31. Running Events EventbriteFeedback on how it has been of benefit to organisations- manual process of handling booking eliminated- attendance emails and reminders are automatic- badges and sign-in sheets printed- link into Mailchimp to contact groups of contacts- also use with Doodle to select a date
  32. 32. Other Cloud based tools and websites• Communication – Skype, Oovoo, ipadio, Screenr, Twitcasting• Organising Tools,, CoverItLive, – Doodle, for Productivity/Support• Collaboration – Google Drive, Dropbox, Huddle, Tom’s Planner• All-round useful – Jing, PDFCreator,, Scribd, Slideshare
  33. 33. New way to interact – a Quick Response from visitors – QR Codes Letting people know how to get involved in volunteering ... with - : Read with - (app) Works well for ... Bear in mind … - Direct to difficult web address - No major benefit on a web page - Print media & flyers - Check location has connection - FREE to create and use - Needs smart phone - Current buzz - Check link hasnt changed
  34. 34. My Learning Pool Cost effective e-learning for communities• Suite of 28 on-line e-learning training courses• Aimed at people running small groups & organisations• Suitable for individual charity workers & volunteers• Costs just £25 per person per year• Reduce time out of office and ensures consistent delivery• Interactive and engaging learning experience• Quiz and printable certificate on completion• Learn at own pace - progress tracked, revisit modules• Building block as part of blended learning
  35. 35. Social Media Surgery who want to see change +People who use social media =Organisations inspired in new waysof using technologyInformal (Tea & Cake too!)No Lectures, No Selling, Locally ledDerby, Nottingham, Your area next?
  36. 36. Measuring Success- Check how many times links are clicked if using Listen whats said about your organisation using Topsy- Monitor. Google Analytics, Facebook Insights &Wordpress page visits- Measure. Tweetreach, Twitalyzer, SocialBro, Visualize. Infographics on Visual.y, My Social StrandBUT …. real success is not just about the numbers- Tell stories of real people and real changes- Find out how people heard about you- Build relationships & success by joining in conversations- Social media presence an reflection of your organisation- Engage press, funders, authorities with pictures and video- Say Thank You!
  37. 37. Whats next in the Cloud?Bite-sized Consumption of learning & informationMobile Tablets & Phones is only growingVisual Image & Video based content dominateVirtual Google Glass – Virtual & ImmersiveSmart NFC Near Field Communication paymentsBut we should always ask, How is this relevant to thesector and how will it help work with communities
  38. 38. Reflection on Social Media tools• What ideas do you have for your use from this workshop?• How could your organisation use or make more of these websites?• How will you work more effectively using them?• What gaps are there in supporting groups?• Have you any UnAnswered Questions?!• How can we keep the conversation going?
  39. 39. Useful links and websites• ITEM3• DAIN Project• My Learning Pool• Social Media Surgeries• Charity Comms• KnowHow Non-Profit• Jargonbuster• ICT Knowledgebase• The Very Tiger Blog• Watfordgap Services• Workshop Resources• Charity Technology Trust
  40. 40. Paul Webster (Twitter : @watfordgap) Thank You